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Woman Suffers Potentially Irreversible Brain Damage After Going On Juice Diet

Extreme dieting may leave one Israeli woman with permanent brain damage.

Rushed To The Hospital

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The Daily Mail reports that an unnamed woman in her 40s was rushed to the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv after collapsing.

A Dangerous Diet

The woman may have permanent brain damage after an extreme juice cleanse where she only consumed juice and water for three weeks. When she was admitted, she was less than 90lbs.

Unlicensed Advice

The woman was using a system that was prescribed to her by an "alternative therapist." According to Israeli news outlet Ha Hadashot 12, "In Israel, no qualifications are required for someone to call themselves a therapist and start giving out health advice."

Permanent Damage

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She has been under surveillance for three days and doctors are worried that the damage might be permanent.

A Probable Condition

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While her exact condition has not been made public, the most likely case is hyponatraemia, which is water intoxication. This causes extremely low levels of sodium in the blood when dehydrated people drink too much water without replacing lost electrolytes.

Effects Of Diet Culture

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With the impossible standards placed on people to be thin, these extreme diets are becoming more commonplace. Hopefully, fewer people will be able to find less intense ways to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

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