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Woman Mocked On Tinder For 'Awful' Dress Becomes Asos Model

Tinder can be pretty hit or miss when it comes to the people on there.

In fact, there are some guys on the dating app (or at least one guy) who can be downright savage for no apparent reason.

As we recently reported, 20-year-old Thea Lauryn Chippendale found this out herself the hard way after matching with a particularly ruthless guy who had a lot to say about her dress.

In case you forgot or missed it, another woman was recently a victim of mansplaining.

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Yes, another case of unsolicited advice, opinion, and explanation by a man to a woman was documented in a Twitter post by 20-year-old Thea Chippendale.

The match, known only to use as George, offered Thea his completely amateur fashion advice.

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"Not gonna lie, you're a bit of a joke but that dress in the last photo is not doing any favors," he wrote in his first message to Thea.

He added, "Hope this helps."

And he even had the audacity to add a thumbs-up emoji. Ugh — what is with some people and their need to be just rude?

Thea wasn't about to sit idly by and let some stranger stranger 'mansplain' fashion to her.

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In her response, she called George out on his unnecessary comment and offered up what she assumed is likely the current location of his head to believe such a message would be O.K.

What an absolute QUEEN.

Of course, George had more to say about the dress because he clearly didn't say enough before.

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Even just reading his reply is enough to make anyone audibly groan.

Seriously, how could he have ever typed these ridiculous messages and then sent them?

One of Thea's Tinder photos featured her sporting the outfit in question.

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And apparently it was an open invitation for George to negatively comment about it.

I'm sure George didn't see what was going to come next from his comment.

After tweeting about the disastrous match, Thea's story quickly went viral with thousands of people supporting her.

One Twitter user offered up an explanation as to why George could have such hateful opinions on Thea's dress.

"His ex had that dress and wore it when she cheated on him," they wrote. "It's the only explanation here."

Solid theory, for sure.

Others weren't entirely pleased with how Thea worded her original tweet.

"Men are trash," she captioned the screenshots of her Tinder conversation on Twitter.

Some users were quick to call her out for generalizing "all men" to be the same.

But the point of the tweet wasn't to condemn the entire male population.

Instead the purpose of it was to simply point out the ones who need a serious attitude adjustment.

Like our friend George.

Now, a week after her story went viral, Thea's life has changed dramatically and entirely for the better.

Who would have thought that one Tweet about a crappy Tinder conversation could gain so much popularity?

I'm so glad it did!

UK online fashion retailer Asos, where Thea purchased the dress from, commented on the Twitter thread.

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The Independent reported that the British fashion retailer replied to her original tweet asking her to check her DMs so they could "talk".

As it turns out, that "talk" would lead to Thea becoming an ASOS model.

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She's featured on the Asos' website modelling the very outfit George previously tried to roast her for wearing.

Could that be any more perfect?

Here she is in the photo she posted on Tinder, the one that got such a passionate reply from George.

What's wrong with the ensemble? Absolutely nothing. It's a perfectly stylish pink lace mini-dress that she looks fantastic in.

Asos even tweeted out the new photo and included Thea's story so everyone can appreciate her triumph over George.

"Swipe right to see who had the last laugh," the caption reads.

In an interview with the BBC, Thea admitted she is "absolutely gobsmacked" by the incredible turn of events and "can't believe something so negative has turned into something so positive."

Twitter couldn't be happier that Thea is now rocking her dress for the world (and hopefully George) to see.

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One user praised Asos for their model choice and said the photo encouraged them to purchase a dress.

"She literally looks like a goddess in that dress," another user said.

"Men know nothing," the user continued.

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George certainly doesn't. The very woman he attempted to insult is now a model. That might be the best thing we've heard all day, and probably the worst thing he's heard all year.

This story has a very happy ending, and for that we are quite pleased.

One week ago, Thea was being bashed online by an overly opinionated and misguided man on Tinder.

Now, she's a model.

Take that, George.

h/t: The Independent