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Woman Believes She's An Elf And Helps Others Achieve 'Higher Consciousness"

As someone who regularly plays Dungeons & Dragons, I can definitely understand why someone would want to be an elf. As least as far as that game is concerned, they never need to sleep, they can see in the dark, and they're able to live for hundreds of years.

Much of that is obviously inspired by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, but they would be pretty handy qualities to have in real life.

Although one Illinois woman doesn't necessarily claim any of these elf traits for herself, her appreciation goes much deeper than simply wanting to be one.

Before she had any inkling that she was an elf herself, 36-year-old Kimberel Eventide was a spiritual teacher for about eight years.

Facebook | High Elven Wisdom And Love

But when she read and watched The Lord Of The Rings series, something about the elves in it touched her on a level higher than fandom.

As she told The Mirror, "I was called to it. I have always resonated with the Elves of Lord of the Rings, ever since reading the books and watching the movies I felt I belonged in Rivendell or Lothlorien and not with other humans at all."

While she sought to unpack these feelings of disconnection from the human world, she met a woman she described as a spirit guide.

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This woman apparently resembled Galadriel, a powerful elf in The Lord Of The Rings. Eventide said she was also a Pleiadian, which is supposedly an alien race known for having long blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair to tanned skin.

They're usually characterized as resembling Scandinavians, but many depictions of elves also fit the bill.

During the time she was meeting with this person, Eventide said she "received messages from her intuition."

Facebook | High Elven Wisdom And Love

From there, she was encouraged to to fully express her elf personality and now considers herself a Pleiadian starseed.

The Mirror summarizes this as "a person who has past memories and connections to other lives on other planets," but the "starseed" label usually denotes that a person is some type of healer.

She seems to take this implication seriously, as her mission–called Projectelvenstar–is to help others transform into elves.

Facebook | High Elven Wisdom And Love

In essence, she remains a spiritual teacher, but now her lessons are intended to make people become as wise as elves, as well as develop their heightened senses and extrasensory abilities.

Both her elf personality and her description of herself as a Pleiadian starseed are specific categories of a more general term called "Otherkin."

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Otherkin is a little less complex than some of this other terminology and simply describes somebody who sees themselves as a being that's not just a human.

This distinction is important to Eventide partially because she believes she can help others achieve higher consciousness even if they neither bear any resemblance to an elf nor have any specific desire to be one.

Although looking like an elf isn't necessarily the point of her mission, it's still something she likes to do.

Facebook | High Elven Wisdom And Love

As she told The Mirror, "I dress as a High Elf as much as I can in velvet, silk, ornate detailed, or nature inspired clothing. I have about five different types of elf ears and cuffs I wear, plus my own ears have a slight point to them so I don't always wear my ears."

Eventide also says that her friends and family have been very supportive of her elf personality, particularly her husband, whom she calls the Aragorn to her Arwen.

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This description is romantic, but it also refers to the fact that he doesn't consider himself anything besides a human.

As Eventide said, "He loves and supports me in this project. He does not understand it and does not watch many of my videos, but he knows who I am and loves me for it."

In addition to private Skype sessions with those interested in becoming elves, Eventide also expresses her beliefs and advice via Facebook posts and YouTube videos.

Facebook | High Elven Wisdom And Love

As she said, "I ultimately believe in Oneness and that we are all from the Prime Source of the whole Universe that is the Universal Mind."

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