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Woman Arrested After Breaking Into House Just To Pet A Dog And Do Dishes

When we come home from a long day, the only things we want to feel are safe and comfortable. On days when I've faced some bad weather or had to help clear out a truly disgusting house, nothing felt more satisfying than the familiar warmth of home.

So when someone tries to encroach on those feelings and make our personal space suddenly feel less secure, nothing puts us on high alert faster.

And when it seems, as in one Ohio case, that they did it all for nothing, our anxiety suddenly comes with a dash of confusion.

At 9:00 am on Monday, residents of a home in Hamden, Ohio witnessed somebody breaking in.

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As Fox 6 reported, the stranger had entered through the back door before making herself at home and sitting down on the couch.

While she was there, it appeared that all she wanted to do was pet the family dog.

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It's unknown how long she sat doing this, but she eventually had another impulse while she was there.

For some reason, she then got up and started washing dishes.

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After she was apparently satisfied with her work here, she left the house.

One of the residents said the woman was acting very strangely, which is certainly hard to argue with.

While police interviewed this resident, they received another call about a woman matching the burglar's description.

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This time, she had taken to knocking on people's doors throughout Hamden's Omar Street. It was here that police apprehended her.

Police would later identify this woman as Cheyenne Ewing.

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According to the Vinton County Sheriff's Office, she was charged with burglary and taken to South Eastern Ohio Regional Jail.

Her bond hearing is expected to take place on Tuesday.

However, it seems unlikely that Ewing gave up that name easily.

When Deputy Michelle Thomas approached her, Ewing initially gave her a fake name that police didn't disclose. It didn't seem to avail her any.

Swing had also let police know that she had been awake for two days.

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This fact in addition to her strange behavior at the house she entered led them to suspect that she was under the influence of narcotics.

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