19 Really Weird Things People Said To Pregnant Women

Sarah Kester
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Society tends to treat pregnant people differently. 

While some things are cool — like people giving up their seat on a bus — there are downsides, like people touching your stomach without asking. Or when people say bizarre things, like "where's the father?" and "wow, you're so big!"

Essentially, boundaries are non-existent. Here are 19 really weird things people say to pregnant women.

The next baby

Pregnant woman
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When a Redditor was pregnant, she had someone ask, "when are you going to have another one?"

Um, there's literally one inside of her now! People shouldn't be demanding that a mother gives their child a sibling.

The groceries

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"You cannot buy that! You cannot take that! You cannot eat that! Those various things are bad for the baby. Oddest of all was getting Pepto for a family member and an older woman physically trying to stop me from buying it. She said I was going to harm my baby. She was truly distraught." - u/CirclePenguin

The dad

Pregnant woman and husband
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One woman who is a waitress had a customer ask her, "where's the dad?" after seeing her pregnant belly.

WHO ASKS THAT?! While some parents don't stay together, it's an inappropriate question from a complete stranger — or even a family member.

The breast size

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"I'm on my second pregnancy with twins. My aunt fondled my breasts in a room filled with family last week. She commented 'omg they're so small I thought they'd be bigger.' I don't think I've ever slapped a hand away so sharply." -u/theguerrilla_gorilla


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When one woman was in line at a gas station, a guy had the gull to turn around and say, "you might be the hottest pregnant woman I've ever seen." She turned a bright shade and couldn't find the words, so she just nervously smiled.

The pregnancy fetish

Pregnant woman and man with hands on her belly
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"Was a server. This weird guy told me my baby belly looked amazing (under my pressed, double-buttoned chef's coat) and kept trying to touch it. This progressed to the point where I stood across the table from him anytime I had to interact with him. Serious creep vibes." - u/Merides

The hookup

Grossed out
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This next one might make you seriously irked. A woman was at a bus stop when a random guy asked her if they could hook up. That's gross enough without him saying that they won't need a condom since she's already pregnant.

The baby number

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"When I was pregnant with my twins a worker at Buy Buy Baby asked me 'we are all wondering, how many babies are you having?' I was totally mortified but my quick thinking husband quipped 'what? She's not pregnant.'" -u/TeamUnicornFart

The psychology

Shut up

"It's all in your head."

This is often said to expecting mothers who are dealing with terrible morning sickness. People have the audacity to say that they can control how they're feeling. If that's the case, they should try it themselves and see.

The planned pregnancy

Pregnant woman
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"A stranger once asked me if it was a planned pregnancy (I had two other young children). Shocked at the audacity of her extremely personal question, I decided an extremely personal reply was needed, so I said that yes, we'd had sex fully intending to fertilize an egg." - u/xanthophylls

The plus-size woman


Since one Redditor is plus-size, she's gotten all sorts of rude comments during her pregnancy.

One of them was "was it hard for you to get pregnant at your size?" Ugh. Was it hard for you to learn manners?! Clearly.

The seat

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"'Why do you think you need a seat more than my cello?' from someone who was taking up a seat with a rather large musical instrument on a crowded 8am train when I was 35 weeks pregnant with my son." - u/DjangoPony84

The paternity test

Couple with baby picture
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Some women have heard, "Do you even know who the father is?" Clearly, these people were raised by wolves!

Unless you're on The Maury Show, there is no way that this is ever an appropriate question to ask someone.

The surprise

Pregnant woman
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"'I bet you were surprised!' I wasn't surprised and neither was my husband. It was nobody's business, but in spite of the years between the previous child and the last one, she was wanted, planned, and was a continuation of our family, not a 'do over.'" -u/MarsNeedsRabbits

The coffee

Giphy | Will & Grace

Many doctors approve their pregnant patients to have one coffee per day. Despite this, a woman got a shocked reaction from a barista when she ordered coffee.

He looked at her like she just strangled a puppy in front of him.

The prayer

Pregnant woman
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"A woman at the grocery store asked if she could pray for my baby. I'm an atheist but said sure why not. She seemed nice and I'm used to religion from my family. I thought it would be a quick in and out, but nope. She got a few seconds into the prayer and started crying uncontrollably." -u/maowsers93

The purchase

Ross and Rachel from Friends
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Remember that episode of Friends where Rachel lied about her boss wanting to buy her baby?

Well, something similar actually happened to one Redditor who wrote that a Russian lady asked if she could buy it. It's a weird world we live in.

The weight gain

Baby bump
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"Wow. You're pregnant? I thought you just gained weight. I hated when people would say that to me because since I was already overweight when I got pregnant, I didn't LOOK like I was pregnant, even towards the end. I just looked really fat and having people confirm they thought I just looked really fat instead of cutely pregnant made me sad." - u/KnockMeYourLobes

The mistake

Pam and Jim from The Office
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"'We all make mistakes.' It was a new manager who transferred into our store. He had only been with us for about a month and I think he was trying to joke around with me but it still made me uncomfortable." - u/Aribear

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