20 Wedding Pics That We Only Wish Weren't Real

Ashley Hunte
A coffee pot covered with bride/groom wedding toppers.
reddit | Zoutezee

So many of us dream of that "perfect" wedding, which is definitely going to differ from person to person. But some people have really weird or unrealistic expectations on top of the typical wedding stuff.

And those kinds of strange, tacky, and downright disrespectful moments (from both the wedding party and guests) are why these pics exist. They're honestly making me never want to go to another wedding.

"Why get married in the first place then?"

A groom holding a phone behind his back, which shows part of the phrase, "help me."
reddit | -Oatmilk-

There's this whole culture around men acting like they hate their wives (or literally just hating them), and it feels like they only get married because they don't want to die alone. Joke or not, this is just tasteless.

"God forbid, I don’t cater MY wedding to you."

A wedding invitee responding to an invite, saying they won't go because it's on a Friday, they'd have to dress up, and they can't bring their kids.
reddit | meseekslookatme_01

Sounds like the people getting married dodged a bullet, there. Who would want somebody so self-absorbed at their wedding? A guest like this would just make the night all about themselves.

"MOB Upset that she can’t have full control."

A mother of a bride complaining about how she should have control over a wedding guest list and all the details because she's paying for it.
reddit | piggyequalsbacon

She must've missed the memo where this isn't her wedding. See, if I had to choose between a selfish parent or in-law paying for my wedding, or going to a courthouse, I'd choose the latter.

"The poor bride, I really, really feel for her."

A bride's story about how her now-husband has been texting his ex behind her back.
reddit | Spaceinvader-

To be clear, this isn't the bride's fault. It seems like her husband isn't trustworthy, and it really sucks that she didn't know until after they'd already gotten married. Shame on him!

"Bride/groom wants to play a DnD-esque game with just the bridal party at the reception for an hour."

A person asking how they can play tabletop games at their wedding with just the bridal party.
reddit | hobbyjoggerthrowaway

"Refuses the idea that this would be more suitable at a rehearsal dinner or afterparty. 'If people are bored, they can leave.'"

Why... why would you want to play Dungeons and Dragons on your wedding day?

"This makes me deeply uncomfortable."

sign with profanity
reddit | hungry-caterpillar-83

I genuinely don't know what's worse; calling your girlfriend a derogatory word, the terrible grammar, or the fact that there are no spaces between the actual proposal on the bottom. I'm really hoping she said no...


The more you look at it, the worse it gets. She's in a nice dress, while he's wearing cargo shorts? I don't even want to think about the camo Crocs...

"'Jealous' and 'insecure' bridesmaid chooses bachelorette party date on same day as bride’s shower."

A bride's story about how a bridesmaid got engaged and decided to throw her bachelorette the same day as the original bride's bridal shower.
reddit | larenardemaigre

I think the only real solution here would be to kick her out of the bridal party. The bridesmaid getting engaged isn't a problem, it's the fact that she's actively trying to one-up the bride whose events are all already planned out. So selfish.

"Can you tell the groom’s mom did not like the bride…"

A bride and groom standing with the mother of the groom and presumably the father of the groom. The mother is wearing a white dress.
reddit | MediumArmadillo340

I'm confused as to why you'd want to dress like a bride... to your son's wedding. Like, there are way too many layers of weird to unpack here.

"How dare a bridesmaid have a surgical procedure near your wedding date, the audacity."

A bride asking how to kick a bridesmaid out of the party because she wants to get surgery too close to the wedding.
reddit | Spaceinvader-

I mean, it definitely seems like this bride cares more about the wedding than her friendship with her bridesmaid (who's going for surgery!), so...

"I don’t even want to know what the mains are being served in."

An inflatable pool filled with 30 pounds of pasta salad.
reddit | PunnyPopcorn23

On one hand, I suddenly have a craving for pasta salad. On the other hand, I'm incredibly concerned by any wedding that needs this much pasta salad. I also really hope they cleaned that pool out before they put the pasta in...

"She looks absolutely gorgeous.... except she’s not the bride."

A woman seemingly dressed as a bride, attending a wedding where she isn't getting married.
reddit | DBear423

I'm not gonna lie, if somebody showed up to my wedding wearing a literal wedding dress, I'd kick 'em out. If you want to wear a wedding dress, have a wedding (or go to a costume party, or dress up for fun, just not at someone else's wedding).

"Umm… it’s a no from me… Serial killer themed center pieces for Halloween wedding."

A Facebook post where a Halloween themed wedding has table centerpieces with real serial killers' faces on them.
reddit | Sulleys_monkey

This is actually beyond disgusting. There are so many really cool and creepy ways to make a horror/Halloween wedding shine. Using real serial killers whose victims' families might still be living through the trauma is... just plain mean and tasteless.

"I googled seating chart ideas and realized wow...some people must really hate their guests."

A confusing seating chart that has lines connecting numbers from one column to names on the adjacent column, but not in any order.
reddit | narlymaroo

Not only is this seating chart ugly, it's needlessly confusing. I think it would've just been easier to group names by number, or scrap this whole thing and put cards on a table or something.

"Had to share this one from r/brittanydawnsnark."

A post where a person is asking for donations to fund their wedding.
reddit | fionathehwchamp

I don't know who needs to hear this but... if you can't afford your "dream" wedding, maybe don't have it. Take more time to save up, or wait a few years and have a party after you've already been married. The actual marriage is the more important part, anyway.

"You’re probably wondering why this is shameworthy. Well, how do you feel now that you know she was ***NOT*** the bride?"

A woman wearing an off-white, lace covered dress to a wedding.
reddit | Ladeboobop

I genuinely didn't realize how many people showed up to weddings dressed like the bride. You really have to have some nerve to do that.

"The groom’s idea of dressing for the occasion…"

A bride in a dress, and a groom in cargo shorts, cutting a wedding cake with a katana.
reddit | margnaheglish

I feel like if you've spent a lot of time and money on your wedding dress, and your groom-to-be shows up in a tee and cargo shorts, just run.

What makes this one worse is the katana. Yikes.

"MIL insists cursed wedding gift be displayed."

A coffee pot covered in dozens of bride/groom wedding toppers.
reddit | Zoutezee

I hate this thing so much, that I'm actually starting to like it a little. Not enough to want it in my house, of course, because it's almost definitely filled with cursed energy.

"I paid for the first slice after it was announced on the day we'd be helping to pay for their cake!! Apparently didn't count for the second."

A text from someone who just got married, asking a guest to pay for the second slice of cake they had.
reddit | Unlucky_Low_6254

Again, if you're nickel and diming guests because you can't actually afford that "dream" wedding, maybe reevaluate why you're throwing it in the first place.

"We sent you this card so send us money."

A card telling someone they aren't invited to a wedding, but still asking for monetary gifts.
reddit | sar0025

This feels like the wedding equivalent of when you apply for a job and they email you to tell you that you aren't getting an interview. Except it's also asking you for money.