Wedding Guest Asks For Gift Back From Couple After Making An Awkward Mistake

While weddings are supposed to be joyous affairs, but sometimes they just become a mess of awkwardness and hurt feelings.

A Seemingly Generous Gift

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In a viral Facebook post, one young bride recounts a gift that she and her husband received on their wedding day.

"After my wedding, my husband and I opened gifts and cards. I opened a card from my husband's aunt and uncle and they had written us a £160 cheque. We were like 'whoa, but okay he makes good money'."

An Odd Request

However, they eventually received word that there had been a "mistake."

"Three months later we get a phone call and the 'generous' uncle said he only meant to write a £16 cheque and we need to give him £144 back. Like who does that?!"

While this seems like one of those situations where just letting the money go would be the best option, but the uncle apparently thought otherwise.

An Awkward Response

The couple and the mother-in-law (the uncle's sister) are apparently furious at his rudeness and were so upset that they sent back the entire sum of money instead of just his request.

Something tells me that the next family holiday is going to be awkward.

Weddings Make Things Weird

As wonderful as they can be, weddings bring out the weird or even cutthroat tendencies in people. For example, one bride is considering not serving any food at her all day wedding in order to cut down on costs. No. Food. All. Day.

Drunk Relatives

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People also tend to get drunk at weddings and forget their company manners, like this woman's grandmother.

“My grandma got sh*tfaced at my sister’s wedding and went and cut the cake with her credit card. It was horrible! It’s hilarious now, especially since that marriage was kaputz. But when it happened everybody was mortified. Good ole grandma!"

Not Your Day

Or, you know, the guests who forget that this day is not about them.

"Someone else proposed marriage. Without the groom and bride’s blessing. In the middle of the reception. Drunken cringing ensued."

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