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15+ Viral Pics That Really Show What A Crazy Week It Was

There's just so much in the news these days, it's impossible to keep up with everything. Nobody has enough attention to go around and still get all their work done, eat meals, and keep a relatively clean home. It can't be done!

So here's a roundup of some of the viral goings-on from this week's internet.

Spring is such a weird season.

Reddit | geisslereliz

You don't know whether to expect rain or sunshine most days, but rusty snow is off the charts. Yeah, brown snow fell out of the sky in Minnesota, in April, thanks to a dust storm in Texas.

Talk about a happy accident.

Reddit | dogslife456

It's not unheard of for a tree to take out a fence when it comes crashing down, but what are the odds that that falling tree would also mend the hole in fence in the process.

Changi Airport in Singapore is an absolute gem.

Reddit | KenBagan

A glass dome, a huge waterfall, lush greenery - you'd almost want a lengthy layover here!

So, here's an excellent argument for having some kind of water filter in your home.

Reddit | Thank_Mimes

That's a fresh filter on the left, and on the right, a filter that's been in use on city water for all of three months.

Obviously the big news of the week was the tragic fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Getty Images | Geoffroy Van Der Hasselt

No picture quite captured how shocking and surreal an event it was like this one, taken by Geoffroy Van Der Hasselt.

Just before Notre Dame caught fire, a tourist caught this sweet moment out front of the cathedral.

Twitter | @brookeawindsor

She later took to Twitter to try to track down the man so she could pass along the pic. After a couple of days of hunting, with the help of followers, and followers of followers, and the media, she did connect with him.

Folks in Montreal spotted a mini-horse with a pink mane out on the streets.

Twitter | @hassinhadi

Which would have been magical in a way, except that it turned out to be a hoax perpetrated by a local TV show trying to see if they could make this mysterious horse go viral.

Space flight never really gets boring, especially when you see a rocket launch as majestic and mighty as this one.

Reddit | johnkphotos

This is a SpaceX Falcon Heavy taking off, captured by John Kraus in amazing detail.

This pic, taken just this week, shows that this laptop, still in use in 2019, will be able to handle Y2K.

Reddit | unlocked_gym_locker

A situation that was handled so well that nothing happened - and apparently helped this computer survive well past its replacement date.

Apparently foldable phones might not have been ready for market just yet.

Twitter | @margurman

Some folks have reported that after just a couple of days of use, their Galaxy Folds are breaking and unusable. Unfortunately for Samsung, a lot of those reports are coming from journalists who have the units to write reviews about them.

A salesperson posted this image of a card on Reddit after serving an elderly couple.

Reddit | clambakefortwo

"I work in sales and had an elderly couple as clients today," they explained. "The husband was generally quiet apart from asking the same couple of questions a few times. As they were leaving and I was answering his questions again, his wife handed me this."

These fires in France were not tragic in the least - rather, they were necessary.

Reddit | Mono_420

Welcome to the rolling hills of French wine country, where all those little fires are protecting the precious vineyards from frost damage.

Just a good reminder here that unsafe ATMs look like safe ATMs.

Reddit | FreeWinn

If you jiggle the card reader before entering your info, you might save yourself a heck of a headache.

Moments don't get much better than this, at least for this woman.

Reddit | breemarie99

Ringing the bell to signify the end of cancer treatments is always awesome. She's spent the previous 51 days in the hospital after a bone marrow transplant, so it has to be huge to get to ring the bell.

In the University of Virginia's Alderman Library, there's a plaque commemorating it as the birthplace of Reddit.

Reddit | sharrows

It's definitely a historical site for a sizable subsection of the internet, and the founders must be proud.

A child drew this not-so-flattering portrait of their aunt's boyfriend.

Reddit | chronically_varelse

That's not just fridge art - you have to frame that, I'm pretty sure.

I guess that's one way to get more range out of your electric vehicle.

Reddit | VanGoghXman

But towing around a gas generator just in case you need to charge your car kinda defeats the purpose of owning an electric car, doesn't it?

On the pro motorcycle circuit, riders get umbrella girls on the track before the race.


However, as this shows, female riders get 'brella fellas. It's only fair!

In the category of "unlikely best friends" this tortoise and dog are pretty much inseparable.

Reddit | wifobafo

They've been raised together since birth, and it shows.

All trees are works of art in their own ways, but this one goes the extra mile.

Reddit | smol_dragoon

Or, more likely, someone went the extra mile for it, weaving all those trunks together before it grew, and likely as it kept growing, too.

If this person had any doubts that that finger was infected, a thermal camera confirmed it.

Reddit | Patronsilver505

No need to do any other tests - that's a no-doubter now.

The final season premiere of Game of Thrones got fans all worked up, and put some to work, too.

Reddit | FMstonecarving

One stone carver spent six days working on this House Targaryen sigil, and it's a keeper.

This full-color pic hasn't been edited or re-touched, and that's not ink on the finger - it's blood.

Reddit | 9w_lf9

That's what happens when you take a pic so far underwater that red light can't penetrate - blood appears to be green, not red.

This looks like a normal after-dinner photo until you realize who these folks's booth backs up onto.

Reddit | kcgg123

Not sure if this is what she's on her phone about, but peering over her shoulder is billionaire Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Yes, this is an incredibly large thumb that went viral recently.

Reddit | BeardedGlass

"I've been told my thumb is unusually large," wrote Reddit user BeardedGlass. Yeah, I'm not really surprised there.