15 Very Bad Tattoos I Can't Unsee

Lex Gabrielle
tattoo shop sign
Unsplash | Maria Oswalt

Tattoos are something that many people enjoy getting and love to show off. While many of them are works of art that take time, effort, and talent, some people like to cut corners and save money by getting "bargain" tattoos.

In reality, you pay for what you get, and the less you pay, sometimes it truly means the work is going to be rather bad. These poor souls are just stuck for life with some bad, bad tattoos.

The irony is painful.

If you are ever going to get something written on your body, the very first thing you should do is spell-check the tattoo. Whoever did this has no knowledge of the English language and now this poor person is stuck for life.

Always check with someone who speaks the language.

chinese symbol tattoo reading turkey sandwich
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Ever so popular, getting words and symbols in another language can make you look pretty cool and unique. But, you should always check with someone who speaks the language so you don't end up with a weird food on your arm.

Why is this even a thing?

Nipple tattoo with hat
Bored Panda | Bored Panda

Everyone has nipples—boys, girls, others. Why this person thought that their nipple needed a party hat and a face is beyond me. That's also giving me major PTSD for pain and I think it had to have hurt more than it was worth.

Always go to a good artist for portraits!

Marilyn Monroe tattoo gone wrong
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Getting a portrait done is not an easy task. People really need to be perfect at their craft in order for the person to really show through in a tattoo. This is awful and really, I feel badly for whoever has this on them forever.


Some words are not hard to spell, especially one that are spelled out in an entire song that everyone knows. Why don't people Google things before putting it on them forever? Someone will have to pay an arm and a leg for laser.

Never seen this kind of tiger before.

bad tiger tattoo on chest
Bored Panda | Bored Panda

This must be a new breed of tiger because I have never seen it in the jungle, or in a book, or even on the web. That is a tiger that does not even exist in the world. A true, new creation.


jordan tattoo with pimple
Bored Panda | Bored Panda

Michael Jordan himself would be ashamed that this is tattooed on the back of someone's head. Plus, if you were looking to draw less attention to the bump on your head, you totally and completely failed.

They're supposed to be stars.

stars tattoo on chest
reddit | Reddit

Somehow, some way, there is an entire sky full of stars across this woman's chest. Maybe stars if you are looking from Earth into space. But, they look like someone had a seizure when tattooing her and went crazy.

Not sure which Frozen this Elsa came from.

Apparently, this was supposed to be Elsa from Frozen, however, that is not what Elsa from Frozen looks like. It's giving us Bratz Doll circa 2001 and we are not sure how we feel about it at all.

Imagine walking behind this guy.

monkey tattoo on back of head
reddit | Reddit

Unsure if this guy was trying to be intimidating to those who stand behind him or if he is just drunk and decided getting an ape on the back of his head was clever. Either way, it's a terrible choice.

That's not a compass I've ever seen.

wrong compass tattoo on back
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These are not the right compass directions—at all. Clearly, this woman is not going anywhere anytime soon, she will end up lost and possibly confused. That's also a large tattoo to ever get covered up.

That's not mom.

bad portrait tattoo of late mother
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Like we said, portraits are supposed to be done by artists who are specializing in portraits. You can't just go to any tattoo artist and ask them to recreate a photo or a picture. It takes a lot of talent.

Why is this even necessary?

glasses tattooed onto face
Flickr | Flickr

Why would someone tattoo glasses onto their face? We are not quite sure why. Clearly, these are not made for seeing out of, or else maybe he would have seen that it was a terrible idea to do this.

Prepare for the backlash!

face vegan tattoo
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Vegans, by nature, are always talking about being vegan. This is the ultimate "I have to let everyone know I am vegan" stance. I mean, there is no way you will ever be able to avoid that stereotype now.

The bananas threw me for a loop.

weird insides tattoo with bananas on stomach
reddit | Reddit

While the ink is done pretty well, we cannot get over how random this tattoo is. Apparently, she's pregnant with two cats but also why are there bananas inside of her hips? We are confused.