18 Very Bad Gifts Moms Received

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There's never a bad time to honor a mom in your life. This could be Mother's Day, a baby shower, or their birthday. Gifts are a tangible way to show them how much you love and appreciate them

Unfortunately, moms have received some bad gifts over the years. Everything from mean-spirited cards to items straight from the garbage.

So when the internet asked, "what was the worst gift you've received," moms and moms-to-be gifted the world with these shocking stories.

1. The card

Unsplash | Oksana Berko

You thought you had a bad sister-in-law? Just wait until you read what one woman got her sister-in-law for her baby shower.

She gave her a card that said that the new mom was not ready to be a parent and a note that says she hopes that she doesn't "damage the child." So sweet!

2. The food poisoning


“He and the kids made me breakfast in bed. It gave me food poisoning. We think it was the spinach they used. At the time, I was in agonizing pain, and stuck in the bathroom for hours at a time, so I just kept cursing them out to myself." - Lisa, 42, California

3. The crib

Unsplash | Ömürden Cengiz

One Redditor was so excited to find a major steal for her baby: a gorgeous turquoise pottery barn crib on craigslist for $75.

But when her baby shower came around, her brother-in-law and sister-in-law decided to buy her a new crib instead.

This gesture would've been fine had they not said something so rude in front of everyone.

Sad girl
Unsplash | Luis Galvez

They said, "this is so that you don't have to use that street crib, cuz let's be honest, it's a street crib."

Since the Redditor grew up on second-hand items, it was a slap in the face that made her cry.

4. The gift card

Unsplash | José Ignacio Pompé

“A gift card to his favorite restaurant, which is a steakhouse. I’m a vegetarian! His response was, ‘They have salads.’ I was equal parts pissed and impressed that he had the balls to even try that." – Ann Marie, 35, Connecticut

5. The gnome jars

Giphy | Brooklyn Nine-Nine

One woman regrets telling her husband that she likes Lord of the Rings. That's because he got her spice jars shaped like gnomes that he thought were from the film.

Although the gift showed genuine thought, she had to toss them out because they were so creepy.

6. Used and opened items

Unsplash | Annie Spratt

"Came from my SIL’s brother-in-law and his wife. I am all for hand-me-downs, but like..open containers of baby power and butt cream that are half used, as their present…lmao. Oh, and it was all packed in a dirty, used diaper backpack." - u/Saassy11

7. The onesie

Giphy | The Good Place

Some parents are subtle in their wishes for grandkids, and others are about as subtle as a gun.

Like this one parent who gave their daughter a onesie that says "every dog needs a baby." Thing is, she doesn't even have a dog...

8. The recall

Baby toy
Unsplash | Tai's Captures

Recalled baby items are not something you want to gift a loved one, let alone your worst enemy.

So when one woman gifted a new mom a Fisher-Price Rock 'n Play sleeper, the mom had to return the item through the recall claim. Get this: the friend got mad over it!

9. The condoms


"My husband's family thought it would be funny to give me a box of condoms, this was a shower for our second son. I was NOT pleased as a 38week pregnant woman. 1 because sex was the last thing on my list, and 2 how tacky and rude can you be." - u/madommouselfefe

10. The choking hazard

Unsplash | Colin Maynard

Yikes! This next gift certainly missed the mark.

It was a decoration covered in ribbon strung with loose beads to hang on the wall of the baby’s room.

Since nothing was knotted or secure, several of the beads fell off when the gift receiver lifted the box. This made it a choking hazard for her baby.

11. Onesies with tacky sayings


"'I’m not milk drunk, I’m tit faced.' 'If you like my mommy, you should see my aunt.' I have never worn a graphic tee. And we are rather conservative people. Why would we want our newborn son to wear a shirt that says these things??" - u/commoncheesecake

12. The spa day

Judd Apatow's This is 40
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Some gifts are more of a curse than a blessing.

Like one woman whose husband gifted her with a day-long spa package.

Sounds nice, right? Well, it turned out that he just wanted his wife out of the house so he could watch college football with his friends. When she returned home, the kids were crying and the house was a mess.

13. The garbage lamp

Phoebe from Friends with her painting
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“My husband got me a really beautiful lamp one year. It had a vintage look to it, was colorful – which I love – and seemed like a really thoughtful gift. Yeah…he garbage picked it. I’m not snobby when it comes to spending money on gifts, but I kind of draw the line at garbage." - Anna, 37, Wisconsin

14. A giant six-foot wide activity play mat/carpet

Giphy | One Chicago

"We live in a tiny NYC apartment and have nowhere near 6 feet of open floor unless we wanted to swap out our living room carpet for a foam play mat." -u/StrictAssumption4949

15. The backrub

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One woman had to pretend that she loved the gift that her husband gave her: a coupon book for free backrubs.

Unfortunately, she didn't have the guts to tell him that he gives TERRIBLE backrubs. Suffice to say, she hasn't cashed the coupons in yet.

16. The Dremel

Unsplash | Louis Hansel

“My husband got me a Dremel. It’s got all sorts of attachments for everything from cutting, to filing, to drilling. Honestly, I use it a lot. I’m a big DIYer, and it’s very practical. But…what does it have to do with Mother’s Day?" - Heather, 40, Massachusetts

17. The football tickets

Giphy | Aminé

It's no secret that men aren't always the best gift-givers. This was made evident when one Redditor's brother-in-law gave her a card for her baby shower.

In the card, he wrote that he bought two football game tickets: one for him and one for her husband... and nothing for the baby.

18. The makeup

Amy Schumer makeup

“He got me makeup. Guys, makeup is both an art, and a science. A woman is very loyal to her favorite products, because she’s probably spent a long time finding ones that exactly match her skin tone, skin type, and so on. So, unless you really, really know what your wife uses – my husband didn’t – don’t even bother." - Holly, 37, Ohio

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