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Vegetarian Restaurant Customers Surprised With Human Flesh in Food

Andrew Roberts 1 Nov 2018

Surprises in our food can sometimes be a delight. Think about how you feel when you find an onion ring mixed in with your fries at Burger King. It's bliss!

But the same can't be said when you find human flesh in your meal -- especially when that meal is meant to be vegetarian.

That's what happened at a vegetarian restaurant in Thailand, and the scene seems like something out of a horror movie. Diners started to see what they thought were pieces of meat -- possibly pork -- in their meals, complaining and eventually getting investigators involved.

This is where things get weird.

Deadly Argument


Not only was it not pork, but it would also seem that the kitchen of the restaurant was a bit of slaughterhouse. The meat that had been added to the dishes belonged to a person the owner of the restaurant had an argument with, leaving bits and pieces splattered all over the kitchen walls.

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On The Run

The owner is currently still on the run, which is understandable given the circumstances. When you start feeding customers other people, you run the risk of severe punishment.

The restaurant had also been abandoned by the time investigators arrived, save for the disfigured body of the victim.

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The Victim

The Daily Mail identifies the murdered customer as Prasit Inpathom, noting that he was a frequent customer of the restaurant. He was reportedly last seen having drinks there on October 21 by his brother.

The Daily Mail says that local reports claim Prasit was involved in a verbal altercation with the boss of the restaurant, likely leading to his demise.

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How It Happened


The details of the 61-year-old's death are quite grisly according to The Daily Mail:

According to the reports, the fight escalated and the 61-year-old sustained fatal injuries. He was hit in the head with a blunt object and had six stab wounds in his stomach and leg. Police allege the owner's intention was to get rid of Prasit's corpse by grinding it up and serving parts of it to customers.

Luckily, it doesn't seem like any customers ate the human flesh. That would be the benefit of trying to serve meat at a vegetarian restaurant.

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Hoax Territory

Typically these types of stories are hoaxes or severely tall tales spun out of real situations. A 2014 story about A Nigerian hotel serving human meat and having "roasted head" on its menu was a wildly fake story that began as a real report involving an apparent rivalry between the hotel owner and "business rivals planted two rotten skulls (as well as rifles and magazines) in one of his hotel’s rooms" according to Snopes.

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Legally Serving Human

Another story with similar aspects came out of Japan back in November 2017 -- just in time for those Thanksgiving discussions.

Snopes points out that this particular story comes from a July 2016 article from a satirical Spanish magazine.

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This doesn't mean that there aren't plenty of horrible restaurants out there, possibly serving things that should disgust you. They just aren't likely serving human meat.

Think about the Heart Attack Grill and you'll view horror of a different type.

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The End?

It is still possible that this particular story will be found out to be a fake too. It is easy to run with stories about cannibal restaurants and killer clowns because they tickle those dark parts of our brain.

And it if is true, hopefully the restaurant owner is brought to justice.

Just remember this the next time you sit down and aren't sure what you're about to eat.

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