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Mom Loses It Filming Dad Carry Their Stubborn Child Inside Like A Duffle Bag

Kids do the craziest things, don't they? Here's one family having a fun time after his daughter, Juliette, came home from school. Looks like everyone's on the same page here -- dad's ready to go inside, but she's not.

It's hard to pick your body up from the ground when you don't want to

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Juliette, 2, didn't feel like getting into the house with her dad after she got out of the car, so she just lay on the driveway.

Pushing the envelope is what kids do

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Dad wasn't gonna play that game. He decided it would be easier to just pick her up like a duffel bag and carry her inside. Juliette didn't seem to mind, as the mom , who found the whole thing comical, videotaped the moment.

Fine, have it your way

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Quick and easy. The weight from the other packages and the weight from the child must have balanced out nicely.

Here's Juliette getting a free ride

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The question is, did he leave Juliette just inside the front door or over to the timeout mat?

Alright, time's up

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The responses to this dad's actions from other parents ran the gamut.

Moms will go the distance for a few hours of peace


One mom wrote in that she has to carry her kids every night while quietly screaming inside.

Parenthood is full of these fun moments


The mom who said she's done that at Macy's brings up a salient point: besides riding in cars and going to school, kids really don't like not being in charge. This is why it's such a milestone when kids get their license or graduate high school.

Kids are bright and know how to get what they want


Some moms were just not having it, while others looked at it from a more whimsical angle.

Great Wedding Gag


As Karen says, this would make a fun memory to look back on at this girl's wedding. If there is one. Maybe she'll be too tired to walk down the aisle and just cancel the whole thing.

Reinforce Those Jackets!


For these type of moments, it would be helpful if they did reinforce parts of the clothing that could tear. You want to be able to give the kids the ride they are yearning for, but also ensure they don't rip their nice stuff.

Real Man!


Delilah here claims this is what a real man looks like. Bringing in all the groceries with one trip, the kids under his arms, dogs attached to his legs, and the keys to unlock the door in his mouth.

Cut his hair, though, and this all goes out the window.

Acting This Way For A Reason?


Of course, we can't have a viral video without someone coming in to correct the parenting. That's what Lizzy seems to be doing here.

Remind You Of Anything?

This whole incident should remind you of another viral dad who has had enough and just wants to get through the day.

Kids These Days

If anything, kids love to be playfully dragged these days. It's when it turns into abuse that we need to worry.

But if it's out of love, why not, right? It's not you're dragging them across the coals.

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