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16+ Times The Wild Side Was The Only Way To Go

Sometimes, we might find that the only way to get somewhere we really want to go is to head through a part of town we're nervous about setting foot in. This goes double if we're in a city we're not used to and are nervous about obliviously wandering through an area that people tend to steer clear of.

However, it's from those sketchy areas that we can get our best stories. Sure, it was upsetting at the time when someone cussed my mom out while somehow politely calling her "lady," but that little touch made the situation pretty funny in retrospect.

Hopefully, these odd situations will inspire some similar tales.

I suppose it's not hard to see how this guy is keeping warm, but I can't say that I needed a hard mode for shoveling snow.

Reddit | diablek

This guy is actually a local legend in Portland, Oregon called the Unipiper. And once you know that the fire is coming out of bagpipes here, it shouldn't be hard to figure out why he's called that.

This sign could stand to be a little more honest because there's nothing "private" about what's going on here.

Reddit | business2690

It may not be impossible, but it's certainly difficult to give people a look that tells them not to mess with you when your pants are around your ankles.

There are few things quite as aggravating as a fly we can't catch, which is probably why somebody hulked out here.

Reddit | zaca9

Sure, they might feel a tinge of regret when it's time to call the glass guy, but this must've felt incredibly satisfying in the moment.

It's pretty clear that this employee has no time for shrimp boy's shenanigans.

Reddit | SebastianLibrary

"Look, the last lady asked to see my manager for no reason and now this guy just keeps saying 'glub glub' while you take pictures. Are one of you gonna take this drink or do I have to throw it at you?"

Somebody happened upon a flash drive and this photo was apparently the only thing on it.

Reddit | ikilltheundead

This leads me to believe that this guy just leaves the things lying around just so a bunch of people can lose the circle game at once.

I have to admit, that's dedication.

Apparently, there's a pretty easy way to make a dog do this massive, goofy smile in photos.

Reddit | hlllzbth

Based on what the uploader says happened here, just have someone bring out its lunch right as you're about to take the shot.

You're welcome.

I'm not sure how the rider keeps the tendrils from getting caught, but lobster bike is looking pretty good.

Reddit | polacof

I'm not sure if I'd like them to be some strange lobster-themed superhero or your familiar rough-and-tumble biker who rides this thing with a straight face.

There are many reason to get mad at ATMs, but this one must've eaten his card to deserve such a majestic flying kick.

Reddit | Carsey0111

Whatever apology is written on that sign, it apparently wasn't contrite enough for the cash machine avenger and his taekwondo training.

I don't know about y'all, but this Ronald McDonald strikes me as the wrong kind of friendly.

Reddit | 5zalot

I don't know if it's the way he's looking at us or the way he's rubbing that M, but he's definitely giving off some uncomfortable vibes.

I guess I'll take my business to Burger King and...wait, no, they have the same problem.

Even a dentist might find this person's enthusiasm about teeth a little unsettling.

Reddit | TokenHillbilly

I'm not sure how brutal this Mad Max gang can get, but at least we can confidently say they have a great dental plan.

Google is known to blur out people's faces in its Street View photos, but I didn't know that also applied to people who weren't really there.

Reddit | rlow146

I suppose if there's one guy you don't want on your bad side, it's someone who's 50 feet tall.

It may not be pleasant to meet this Cat in the Hat, but the real one to pity here is the Lorax.

Reddit | colesnap

Just look at that face. That's the kind of despair that comes from having to stand next to this guy all day.

Yeah, I'm definitely at the point where if the snow dared to come back, this is the face I'd be making.

Reddit | GGezpzMuppy

This is the type of car that would boo Lightning McQueen before the race even starts.

Oof, I don't want to think about how badly I'd need to go to make using this thing seem like a good idea.

Reddit | tommyralston

Especially since the type of monster who would make this is probably also the type to add disturbing laughing sounds whenever it detects movement.

Oh good, it looks like we can add "unsettling mouth vest" to our list of nightmares we'll have a hard time explaining.

Reddit | KahiaNyaaa

At least there probably won't be a lot of people making fun of this guy. After all, who wants to hear 20 scorching clapbacks at once?

Many of us are no stranger to kitchen mishaps, but even the person who experienced this one might have a hard time explaining it.

Reddit | MisterManParts

Although pressure cookers have proven themselves as something to be feared and respected, it looks like the same goes for blenders.

I have to hand it to these two, they're definitely taking the "sanitary" part of sanitary napkins seriously.

Reddit | sidshembekar

Still, they must have seen something to inspire this. Unless somebody just got finished licking it or something, most folks would think twice before wasting a pad.

Your suspicions are correct, this is indeed a person eating cereal with sour cream.

Reddit | MichaelB572

I suppose their logic is that the cereal might be made from similar ingredients to taco shells, but it still seems hard to get used to doing this.

Pool party!

Reddit | Wles

I'm of the opinion that everyone needs a furry friend to spend time with, but maybe not this kind of furry friend.

Follow your bliss.

Reddit | nosnatef

Sometimes you have to be like this cat and just go for what you want when you see it. Don't let your dreams be dreams!

I wouldn't recommend doing ballet in slippers this heavy, but at least they have some practical purpose.

Reddit | seven_critical_blows

Dads everywhere, rejoice! Now you can have your comfy slippers AND all your tools all in one place: your feet.

While nothing in this picture is out of the ordinary on their own, we end up with a lot of unanswered questions if we put them together.

Reddit | Cermi135

It is really hard to imagine how this door got grass stuck in it. Even if someone sprayed their lawn clippings at it, they shouldn't stick in like that, right?

Are you ready for a sentence that, until this photo, was never used in the history of language?

Reddit | KilianExperience

This is a crab boiled in Pepsi Max for 2 hours served in a baguette. Why? I don't think the why matters when the what is so wild.

Cat sits where cat wants to sit.

Reddit | MaxTitanium

How did it move the cushion? Mind your own business. Cat moves what cat wants to move.

The dog's face says it all. Wait, which one?

Reddit | ssj300goku

When you really love your pets, you have to go ALL out. Even if your pet themselves probably doesn't appreciate it the way you imagined.

A dangerous combination.

Reddit | Cking333

Finally, a solution for people who love Oreos and are also lactose intolerant. Everyone should be happy with this one, right?

Unless their shower can go colder than any of us would ever want, I think somebody just built a sudman.

Reddit | atomicdragon136

How they managed to make it so tall and able to hold the brush and shower head is another question entirely, but at least we're not quite at square one here.

Can I get a price check for... um...

Reddit | anything_346

This is the set up for a math problem, I'm sure of it. If Timmy buys a hundred bananas, and gives a third of them away...

Time for a new debate.

Reddit | look4alec

We're all collectively over arguing about pineapples on pizza, so now it's time to argue about pizza on pineapples. Here, I'll start: pizzas definitely belong on pineapple.

When it comes to chess, they're #1 and #2.

Reddit | Vrancesus

When you're a chess lover, the urge to play might strike at any time, so you'd better be prepared.

When a little bit's not enough.

Reddit | Seth_Benson

When you live on the wild side, there's no room in your life for moderation. All or nothing, baby.