15 Times People Acted Like Complete Karens

Sarah Kester
Woman yelling
Unsplash | Julien L

There are monsters afoot in this world. No, it’s not Godzilla, Vecna, or any of the other monsters in Stranger Things.

It’s something much, much more terrifying. sinister sound of clock chimes. Armed with a booming voice to call the manager, a book of state laws, and a horrendous haircut, it’s The Karen

Here are 15 times people acted like a complete Karen.

The eyesore

Karen's post about ugly car
reddit | u/SomeRandoSwedishDude

This Karen has got far too much time on her hands! In addition to calling the police and an office, she looked up the car's market value.

This is well beyond a first-world problem. This is an entitled 1 percent problem!

The toothbrush

Male Karen's tweet about toothbrush
reddit | u/Ron_Swanson12

"Male Karen Verified Twitter user posts photo of Target employee who won't honor a 0.01¢ price tag on display for a toothbrush and calls the police," a Redditor shared. Not the "per Massachusetts law!" Someone should give them 1 cent just to quit it.

This review

Woman's review of restaurant
reddit | u/42words

It's one thing to dine at a place, hate it, and leave a bad review. But this Karen didn't even step foot in the joint! She simply looked at the outside in disgust and tried to ruin this man's business.

The poor morals

Review of Victoria's Secret
reddit | u/Motorsped

"Karen wants to SUE Victoria’s Secret because her 9 yo son saw their catalog which has 'poor morals," a Redditor shared. The lack of accountability is so strong here. The woman brought the lingerie magazine into her home!

The principle

Karen's post about free money
reddit | u/Xyreo

Karens use a certain type of language. It's a lot of big words they pulled out of their butts, like "the principle" and "according to page [blank] of state law." This Karen got free money and still complained.

The anti-masker

Anti-masker review
reddit | u/neeforshort

"Business owner covid Karen's leaving reviews around town, hopes she 'reached one person in that full waiting room," a Redditor shared. In addition to the Covid-19 pandemic being, well, depressing, the anti-mask Karens were out in full force.

The seizure

Male Karen's review
reddit | u/Meynse

This is just the lowest of the low! It's one thing if the male Karen didn't know that the server had a medical emergency and couldn't complete the order. But this man went to the store, saw what happened, and still decided to be a terrible person.

The nightmare customer

Customer note from eBay
reddit | u/WitchUWereWarnedBout

"Absolute lunatic from eBay is lying that a brand new shirt I sold her for the large price of $14 has a scent," this Redditor wrote. "I never wore it, washed, or anything and I'm allergic to scents. I'm guessing it just doesn't fit, so she's throwing a fit. I don't accept returns."

The lawsuit

Woman wanting to sue kids
reddit | u/bartarton

It doesn't get more Karen than this! Wanting to sue children for mocking her hairstyle and calling her a Karen. Sorry, honey, but you're just proving them right. Also, we'd love to hear the lawyer's response to this.

The donation money

Anti-masker article about Karen
reddit | u/limache

"This lady in San Diego didn’t want to wear a mask at Starbucks and flipped out," this Redditor shared. "Posting her story online, most people sided with the employee and donated 50k to him. She also wants part of the donation money too."

The National Parks

Woman's complaint about animals
reddit | u/ladybugthefirst

This woman loves the concept of zoos so much that she was probably raised in one! How else would she lack common sense and good manners? It's a national park lady. You're lucky these animals let you walk on their turf!

The dinosaur

Karen's post about removing dinosaur
reddit | u/Revealed_Jailor

Imagine picking a fight with a dinosaur! You surely wouldn't win if it were the real thing, that's for sure. So this Karen picked the next best thing: this fun statue that she has determined is "blasphemy." face palm

The knife

Review about sharp knife
reddit | u/fourNtwentyz

What's next? Complaining that a microwave did its job? Returning a kitten to the animal shelter because it meowed? Blame the people using the knives in this scenario, not the knife! It was just doing its job. Use a butter knife next time.

The restricted area

Karen sitting in restricted area
reddit | u/Eyitsstormy

"Karen sits in stool against sign saying not to in order to pull her mask down and micromanage her order in a Starbucks," this Redditor shared. Nothing is off-limits to a Karen! Their red, beady eyes zone in on a "do not sit" sign and then they proceed to do whatever they like.

The bridal gift

Post about bridal gifts
reddit | u/YellowTonkaTrunk

What a sweetheart this person is! They were so thoughtful to buy their bridal party engraved gifts. Wait a sec... we read the last part. Never mind, this person deserves a gift with the word "jerk" engraved on it.