15 Times Online Shopping Failed Us

Lex Gabrielle
Online Shopping
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Online shopping is convenient and easy for everyone. The luxury of being able to purchase things you need without having to leave your home is something everyone enjoys and appreciates.

However, the one downside of online shopping is sometimes, you never truly know what you are going to get. Sometimes, you get things that are just not what you expected at all.

A little long there, buddy.

Man posing in mirror
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That tank top looks like it should stop right around his waist. But, this tank top turns into a dress—it goes all the way down his thigh. I mean, it's a cute dress if he wanted to wear it out for a night out!

A bit creepy.

dinosaur pillowcase
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No parent wants to buy a pillowcase with another child's face on it sleeping. It's a bit creepy to have your child sleeping on top of another child on a pillowcase. And, it's just not what was advertised!

Welp, this isn't going to work.

wheel too small for car
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Ordering tires online seems to be an easy and surefire way to get what you need, but measuring what you want is always the best thing to do. Make sure you double-check because this is just not going to work for anyone in this car.

I mean, it's still cool!

Yeezy's are the coolest new sneaker that everyone wants thanks to Kanye West. But, they're retailing for more money than anyone wants to spend on shoes. So, many people try to get them on sites like eBay. However, it sometimes backfires.

These can work...for a dinosaur.

Online Shopping Fails
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The Reddit user shared that he ordered a pair of tweezers off of eBay but they were far too small, so he issued a complaint to the seller. The seller then came back and sent him these giant tweezers that are fit for a dinosaur.

Whose face is this supposed to fit on?

Online Shopping Fails
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Ordering face masks online is definitely cheaper than buying them in-store because retail prices can be crazy high. But, this face mask is not meant to fit any adult face, maybe not even a little kid, either. Possibly an American Girl Doll.

Did someone forget the bottom of the dress?

Online Shopping Fails
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The dress looks cute, in retrospect, but the sewing is totally messed up all over here. The top is missing half of it and the bottom is also missing a whole bunch of parts. Clearly, this isn't working for anyone.

A chair for Barbie.

Ordering a chair for $10 seems like a bargain, but it definitely is also a huge red flag. No one sells furniture for $10, at least not for a full-sized adult. This was a mistake from the jump.

The whole family can fit on this.

Sometimes, Amazon needs to post its dimensions when it comes to the sizing of products. This may have seemed like a regular-sized float, but it's definitely not. It's going to take up the entire pool and then some.

Technically, it's a "chain" saw.

If you want to get technical, that is a chain saw. The chain is attached to the saw, so in reality, it's literally a chain saw. Just, maybe not the exact type of chain saw that the person was looking to buy.

That's not the Apple watch we know and love.

apple watch fail
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I truly have to wonder just how much money this person spent on this "Apple Watch," because, that's not an Apple Watch in the slightest bit. The poor person probably got taken for a ride and then some.

Who can walk on these?

Online Shopping Fails
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These sneakers looked cute on the website, but the bottoms are totally insane and way too small for the shoe itself. No one is going to be able to walk on these—without falling, of course.

That's definitely not the right order.

Online Shopping Fails
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The Reddit user said that she ordered multivitamins from Amazon but instead, accidentally (or on purpose) received 72 Chinese finger traps. Who needs 72 of them and also, why do people still use these?

Can't find tissue paper? No problem.

Ordering things online from eBay or a third-party website is sometimes less expensive, but can be awkward when they don't have things to "wrap" their product in. Apparently, underwear is acceptable to some.

Old Navy has to do better.

Online Shopping Fails
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A Reddit user shared they had ordered two shirts from Old Navy online but instead received almost 400 security tags and a coupon for some money off. No shirts to be found. Just...what is happening.