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15+ Times Nature Surprised The Hell Out Of Us

You'd think by now that we would know what to expect from nature. It's going to throw crazy weather at us sometimes, but most days will be within a certain normal range. It's going to give us things that make our bodies unique and different, and it's going to give us some challenges, too, but basically people are going to be people, dogs are going to be dogs, and so on.

But don't ever imagine that nature doesn't have some surprises in store for us too.

This lemon grew a ridiculous amount of rind.

Reddit | MrFox360

Interesting enough to take a pic, useless enough to put it directly into the compost after that.

Have you ever seen such a tiny watermelon?

Reddit | rifleman55

They're usually hefty monsters you have to figure out how to fit into your grocery cart, but this little thing wouldn't be an issue. Wouldn't be very filling, either.

This guy says he was born without a bridge for his nose.

Reddit | fedorahitler

And it really does look like if there's any bridge there, it's low profile. Just the sort of thing most of us would want during a dodgeball game.

This person was born with pointy ears.


If you have ears like this, I hope it means that you'll live long and prosper.

Everything you need to know about this adorable pupper is on the back of his head.

Reddit | qwertyas123

He was born with a perfect heart on his head — and definitely inside, too!

Apparently when you're born with whorls in your hair that go in opposite directions, you get a natural mohawk.

Reddit | OmongKosong

Or faux hawk, at least. So it's naturally stylish!

This tomato received some mixed messages while it was growing.

Reddit | Lil_Brow_Wow

It looks like there are strawberries growing inside of it, which would be quite the trick. But those are just mutated, undeveloped tomatoes growing inside.

You've heard of having flat feet before, but holy smokes.


This guy has the Kansas of feet. Apparently it's not uncommon, and it's not a painful condition.

There is a condition in which people can have multiple pupils in their eyes.

Reddit | Miaaaou

No surprise, polycoria is associated with poor visual acuity, but there is surgery that can help.

We all find mushroom on our lawns sometimes, right? But not specimens like this.

Reddit | Sketchie

The sheer size of this thing makes me wonder what it's been feeding on.

Sometimes chickens lay eggs with soft shells.

Reddit | Jeph_Diel

Or not really a shell at all, just a membrane. It could be that the hen that laid that egg needs more calcium in her diet.

If you think your winter was rough, look what nature threw at this homeowner.

Reddit | insanezane777

I sure hope there's a back door, and that it's not frozen over too.

Winter can be pretty revealing sometimes, too.

Reddit | Doc_Crocolyle

For example, on this pathway, the snow has collected where patio stones used to be, even years after they were removed.

Another way winter can be revealing? With horses.

Reddit | Kelleykrider16

Thanks to the frost on the ground, it's clear just how still horses stand when they're sleeping.

Winter can be an artist, too.

Reddit | darkaotik

If you didn't have to scrape this frost off your car in the morning, you'd want to frame it and put it on your wall.

Happy little trees are on this windshield.

Reddit | Hiimhype

Bob Ross would be proud nature's brushstrokes in this frost, though he'd probably want to add a warm little cabin in the bottom left corner.

Usually when you pick a clover, it dies in a few days.

Reddit | dustxx

This one, placed in water, grew some roots instead. That's nature's determination to find a way to keep going for you.

This tree has a branch that grew out and then decided to grow back into the tree again.

Reddit | Treskater

Not only is that odd, but the tree looks a bit sassy because of it, don't you think?

At first this looks like someone holding their foot up to their hand, but look again.

Reddit | BeardedGlass

"I've been told my thumb is unusually large," wrote Reddit user BeardedGlass.

Well, this was unexpected.

Reddit | Pit_Mosh

The fact that the tiny second egg was discovered after being boiled just makes it even stranger. I wish there was a follow-up image of what the baby egg looks like inside.

Life finds a way.

Reddit | biglanga

When looking for a safe place to make its cocoon, this bug decided to create a pocket in an outdoor chair by stitching it together and then built the cocoon in the fold.

Speaking of life finding a way...

Reddit | buttchina

The moisture and humidity trapped beneath this piece of broken glass as created a tiny, accidental greenhouse. It's pretty, but unfortunately, someone should probably pick up that glass before someone steps on it.

"Oh, you want to put a sign here? FINE."

Reddit | 3yrlurker2ndacct

This plant wasn't about to let no parking prevent it from growing, so it just went right up the middle of the post.

Well, this is some terrifying hail.

Reddit | HeroTK

On that day, Mother Nature decided to show the Empire what a Death Star really looks like. Those could do serious damage.

There's no filter on this image.

Reddit | degolfer01

The light is just that pink. Different colors of daylight are caused by how the sunlight bounces over different molecules in the air. Usually, it's subtle, but when pollen is particularly bad or there's something like a fire sending more dust up than usual, it can be incredible.

This kitty has thumbs.

Reddit | bananamoonpies

Although it's unusual to see, extra beans makes it extra adorable, I'm sure.

This tree is melting over the gravestone.

Reddit | literal9

I've seen trees "eat" fences and other things placed too close, but this is rally off-putting. Also off-putting is that the poor woman buried there is just labeled as "Wife of Roland Blandes." At least put her name!

One of the body's odd reactions to chemotherapy is what it can do to your fingernails.

Reddit | mayyonnaise

In this person's nails, you can clearly see the lines where the nails stopped growing during treatment and where they started growing again after treatment.

Another unexpected chemo reaction is the uneven hair growth.

Reddit | zomborger

The poster says that there's "a distinct line where my short and long hair used to be." I'm guessing shorter hair lower down the head, longer hair on the crown — maybe something to do with the weight of the hair?

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