25 Things Women Would Ask Or Tell Their Moms Given The Chance

Jordan Claes
Mother and daughter looking at each other while lying on the grass.
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Regret is a horrible thing to have to live with. That's why it's so important to always speak your truth, whenever possible. Otherwise, you may never get the chance to say it again.

When it comes to regret, some of the most painful things left unsaid occur between a mother and her daughter. So if you've been wanting to get something off your chest and need some inspiration, here are all the things women would ask/tell their mothers if given the chance.

"You should have gotten mental healthcare." - Reddit u/queenoreo

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Seeking out help is not a weakness, but rather a strength. If you or anyone you know is suffering, don't stay silent. There are people who love, care, and who depend on you.

You are not the victim.

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Reddit user Interesting-Land-678 wants to tell her mother that just because she makes herself into a victim, doesn't necessarily mean that she is one. The emotional manipulation has gone too far and it needs to stop.

You would have made an incredible grandmother.

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Reddit user bigmamma0 wants to tell her mother just how good of a grandmother she would've been, and that her biggest regret is that she'll never be able to meet/hold her grandson.

You did your best, and I love you for it.

Mother and daughter putting their heads together in a loving embrace.
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Reddit user LifeBlo0m would be the first person to tell you that her life was far from perfect. That said, she'd still thank her mother for all that she gave to her and for all of the sacrifices she made in order to put food on the table.

Thanks for nothing.

Phoebe in 'Friends' making a grand proclamation.
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Redditor Louisianimal0418 has no love for her mother. If she could tell her anything, it would be to thank her for leaving. In the end, her mother's decision to leave ended up being the best thing that ever happened to Louisianimal0418 and her father.

"Just take some responsibility and say you're sorry to me." - Reddit u/Spiritual_Lemonade

Scrabble tiles spelling out "Say sorry."
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I don't need you to own it all, but you have to be accountable in some capacity. Otherwise, our relationship will remain stagnant and never be able to realize its potential.

Relationships are a two-way street.

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Reddit user bleakstitch would tell their mother that mother/daughter relationships have to be reciprocal. Ever since she moved away, her mother has been to visit her new home twice in the span of five years.

I want to tell you who I really am.

Woman wearing red saying "This is who I am."
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Redditor SpicaAi wishes that she could express to her mother that she's both a-sexual and a-romantic. Because of this, she feels that she'll never live up to the impossible expectations her mother sets out for her.

Don't believe everything you see on TV.

Gif of a woman saying you're right, i dont believe it
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Redditor bokatan778 has profound love and respect for her mother. However, her obsession with all things Fox News is making it harder and harder to do so. She understands and respects her opinion, she just wishes her mother didn't need to make hers known every waking hour of the day.

Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Melissa Gorga telling Teresa Giudice to apologize to her.
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Reddit user OriginalRaspberry_ would tell her mother that she's sick and tired of her constantly talking about wanting to change the past. Instead, she wishes she'd acknowledge exactly what it is she'd change and simply apologize.

You deserve better.

Mother and daughter walking in a field.
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Redditor overstiches would tell her mother to leave the man she married as soon as possible. That her mother deserves so much more and that her own personal happiness is something that she should prioritize above all else.

"I didn’t succeed because of the way you raised me; I succeeded in spite of the way you raised me." - Reddit u/PrincessButterface

Jocelyn from 'Schitt's Creek'.
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You don't get to take credit for the person I turned out to be. You didn't care then, and I don't care now.

You could never be a burden.

Mom holding baby's hand.
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Reddit user nvrsleepagin's mother needs a lot of care and attention and often feels guilty as a result. Redditor nvrsleepagin wants to tell her mother that no matter how much help she may need, it could never be enough to make up for all that she's given her family.

Go ahead with your own life, and leave me alone.

Woman asking "What do you want from me?"
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Reddit user SunflowerShakes would tell her mother how badly she wanted to hear the phone ring over the course of the last 26 years. That just once, she'd be able to hear her mother's voice without the sense that she had a hidden agenda.

Why are you the way that you are?

Used needles amid a pile of garbage.
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Reddit user eastdino was abandoned by her mother when she was just a little girl. If she could ask her anything, it would be why she felt compelled to choose alcohol and a life of substance abuse over being with her children?

Love yourself.

Woman giving herself a hug.
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Reddit user Regular_Anteater wishes she could tell her mother to stop talking so negatively about her own body. Years from now, she will inherit all of her mother's features and will be stricken with insecurities based on the harmful things that she's said.

What did I ever do to make you feel that I wasn't deserving of your love?

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Reddit user annathetravelbanana would tell her mother that she felt demonized and neglected as a child. Also, she never understood why she so blatantly favored one of her children over the other.

Love me, but let me go...

Margot Robbie in ''Pan Am'.
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"I love you but this is exhausting. I wish you hadn’t set such a self sacrificing[sic] model such that I feel guilty even thinking that we’d both be happier if you were in a nursing home." - Reddit u/chicama

I miss hearing the sound of your voice.

An old orange-colored dialer phone.
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This is a reminder to call home. According to Reddit user Lilah_Vale, if she could tell her mother anything, it would be that she's sorry that she didn't call more while she was still alive.

You don't realize how much you're hurting me.

Woman lying on her bed, upside down, with her hands covering her face.
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Reddit user Competitive-Pizza-92 would tell her mother just how much she's affected by the harsh words and criticism she bestows upon her. Her mother is always hurting her with her words and the pain sticks for a very long time.

Have you found a new place to live yet?

Woman with blonde hair in a red dress saying "Get out."
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Redditor amandaplease2021 loves her mother deeply, but if she could tell her mother anything it would be to find somewhere to live and move out. It's been more than a year, and it's time.

I wish that you didn't have to leave so soon.

Woman waving behind a rain-spattered window.
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Redditor No-Ambition5170 wishes that her mother would've allowed her to call the doctors; that she could hug her mother just one last time. But most of all, she wishes she could say how much she misses her.

I hope that one day, you learn to quiet your mind.

Woman watching the sunrise over the mountains on a bench, alone.
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Reddit user Ceceriot hopes that one day her mother will find inner peace and that in time, she'll be able to free herself from the chaos that currently occupies every waking hour of her existence.

Dear Mama, you are appreciated.

Scene from 'Manifest'.
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"I don’t know if I’ve ever met someone who works half as hard as you do and still manages to keep a focal point on her kids. You did amazing, you’re still doing amazing, and I see you." - Reddit u/JayzieDreamSquare

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