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15 Things Women Learned The Hard Way

In life, we all learn lessons. Our mistakes may seem crazy and hard when they happen, but as we get older, we realize they were simply lessons to make us learn.

Sometimes, however, these lessons are a smack in the face and we have to go through a whole lot in order to grow and actually learn from them. Some women have been sharing the things they absolutely learned the hard way.

Be careful with specific men.

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Maleficent_Fly_6822 shared she had to learn to be careful of overly charming men. Many times, men who are far too charming are only out there for one thing—many times, it leaves you hurt and upset.

Not everyone is "you."

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BarIntelligent9156 said that one thing she learned was not everyone is as good of a person or has the same heart as you. You may expect people to react or act a specific way, because that's how you would, but in the end, they won't.

No one is going to save you.

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DisturbedOranges said that one thing she learned was that "no one is going to save me." Sometimes you may feel like you are drowning, but you have to be the one who is going to help yourself and fix what is broken. No one else can do it for you.

Don't go back to broken relationships.

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ancientevilvorsoason said that relationships always end for a reason. She had to learn the hard way that you shouldn't go back to a relationship that has already failed once, or even twice. Leave the past where it lays.

Don't impulse spend.

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RoaringFlamingo shared that making a budget is so important. Just because you have extra money doesn't mean that you should spend every dollar of it. Save money, don't splurge all of the time. You'll thank yourself later.

Sex and love are different things.

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chelpmepls shared that she had to learn that sex and love are very different. Just because a man has sex with you does not mean that he values or respects you. There are very different things.

Don't lend money so quickly.

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radioactive-sperm said that you should never lend money to people if you cannot afford to lose it "forever." There are always moments in life where people are so strapped that they cannot afford to pay you back and when it happens, you have to go on.

Real friends are rare.

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PewPewthashrew said that real friends and fake friends are hard to decipher until you go through a major crisis. Real friends do not leave you after one crisis, they stay around forever, no matter what happens to you.

Moving in with someone is all too telling.

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HighestTierMaslow shared that you don't really know someone until you move in with them. You may think that you know someone—but until you live with them, share your space, and see them every day, you don't really know them.

Getting pregnant is a journey.

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dindia91 shared that in high school, you think that everyone gets pregnant so easily—literally off of one sexual encounter. However, as an adult, you realize how hard fertility is and can be and how difficult it can be to get pregnant for some people.

Drama is an addiction to some.

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CountryDaisyCutter shared that you should be careful who you trust because there are some people who just thrive on drama. No matter what, they want to see others in conflict because they are addicted to it.

If he lies about the small things, beware.

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Quiet-As-A-Mouse2314 said they had to learn that if a guy is comfortable lying about small things, there's a big chance that he will also lie about the big things, too. A liar is a liar in the end.

If someone won't help themselves, you can't change them.

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AerobaticDiamond said that you cannot help someone who cannot help themselves. No matter what the problem is, big or small, the person has to want to help themselves and change. You can't change them.

Be who you are.

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The_Special_Teacher shared that faking who you are and trying to constantly be someone else will always leave you feeling empty. Be yourself, you are all that you have in this world—we start and enter alone, we might as well love who we are.

Pick a job you love.

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gloricle said it's more important to choose a career that you love than one that makes you a lot of money. You don't want to be miserable day in and day out just to have a bigger paycheck. Money is less important than true happiness.