15 Things Women Feel Should Be More Normalized

Lex Gabrielle
society norms
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There are many things in society that are not seen as "normal" or "right" by the vast majority. When the majority of people feel that something is the right thing to do, or society stigmatizes a particular action or deed as "normal," everything else is seen as wrong and incorrect.

There are many things that women wish would be seen as normal and accepted as okay.

Not wanting to have kids.

Jocelyn from Schitt's Creek saying "not necessary."
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"I can't wrap my head around why so many people feel like they're allowed to want things for other people's lives, or to influence them in any way. Let's normalize minding our own damn business," shared stormy_llewellyn.

Going to libraries.

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-doobert- shared that so many people view libraries as a place that just collects old, dusty books. But, many libraries are a place for people to learn new things, and also they offer classes and courses, too.

Not having a super high sex drive.

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"People act like if you don't want sex every night that it's something broken that must be fixed. But everyone's sexual needs are different. Once a day might be normal for some, for others once a week or once a month," said crunchybigpotato.

Women also have body hair.

woman in bathtub
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Akemi_Otogame said that women having body hair should be more normalized and accepted, instead of being seen as gross or dirty. It should not be bad if women do not want to shave or wax.

You don't need a relationship to be happy.

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MissInfer said that people need to accept that not everyone is out there looking for a relationship in order to be happy or feel good. Some people are happy on their own and do not want to settle down and get married.

Men being "equal partners."

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Easy_Sherbert_9923 said it should be more normalized that men should be expected to be equal partners in a relationship and in the home. Most men are "praised" for doing the bare minimum and it shouldn't be that way, she said.

Mental health is a serious issue.

brain holding up a sign that says your mind matters and smiling
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"We need to globally recognize that mental health is a big issue and many people need mental health support. Veterans, are on the back burner when it comes to mental health. US Veterans are at high risk when it come to suicide. Kids in middle school and teens in high school, are at high risk for suicide now days," said Denisimo7.

Regretting choices.

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-doobert- said it needs to be okay to admit when you regret things in life, even motherhood sometimes. Women tend to bottle up how they feel about letting go of the life they once knew.

Saying you are done with a conversation.

Someone saying I'm done
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"I’ve had so many people flip out on me this last week because they dragged me into a tiresome argument and I said I had to go/was hungry/wanted to shower and they got some nasty jab in before I left the room," said timeandbeingand.

Not being in love with your career.

woman working on a computer
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starskyandbutch shared that so many people look down on those who aren't passionate or in love with their career choice or their job. Sometimes, work is truly just a paycheck in order to live life.

Not always wearing a bra.

woman wearing a vest with no bra
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"Not wearing a bra outside of home. Jeez, there’s nothing scandalous about women’s boobs for people to shame a woman just because she’s not wearing a bra. It’s just a body part," shared zenstyzy.


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gatherallthemtg said people need to embrace and understand those who do not want to be in monogamous relationships. For some people, polygamy is what works for them and what they like. There's no right or wrong.

Talking about periods, sex, poop, etc.

menstrual cups
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cactuscoolercat says it's time to stop making it out like having conversations about things like bodily functions is "gross" or inappropriate. It's a part of life and people should be allowed to discuss it and talk about things they please.

Deciding to go back to college or start college later in life.

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"It’s like if you don’t have your stuff together by a certain age society sees you as a failure. Or people don’t think very highly of you or are turned off that you’re getting your education in your 30s or 40s," said Guard-Flashy.

Blood doesn't always mean family.

argument with family
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Ok_Parfait_2304 shared that it should be okay to recognize that blood relatives and people who are genetically related don't always have to get along and you can cut people out of your life if you feel it is what is best for you.