15 Things Women Do When No One Is Looking

Lex Gabrielle
woman dancing alone in the street
Unsplash | Erik Brolin

There are many things that people do when they are in the privacy of their own home, or just not around other people. Despite how gross or weird people claim some things are, there are tons of things that we do on a regular basis, just don't always want to admit. Despite what you may believe, we're all secretly "gross" deep down inside.

Picking your nose.

close up of woman's face and nose
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Banana_boof said, and many agree, that picking your nose is that one thing people never stop doing. Maybe, we just stop doing it in public, but we definitely keep on doing it well into adulthood—at least, dozens of people believe so.

Picking that wedgie.

blake lively walking with the words "trying to pretend you dont have a wedgie" displayed
Giphy | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

YeetPeaa shared that she will easily pick a wedgie out of her behind in public if no one is looking directly at her. Let's face it, wedgies can be quite uncomfortable and no one wants to walk around with them all day.

The no-pants dance.

winston in new girl dancing in a bridal shop hoping a champagne bottle and a glass
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Princess-Xenomorph says she walks around with absolutely no pants as soon as she's home alone. When she's home, her pants come right off and she can relax in peace and free those legs.


woman on hammock smiling
Unsplash | Jordan Bauer

Many women share that while men accuse them of not "pooping or farting," when they are alone, they like to let it rip and enjoy the freedom, away from the embarrassment of having to admit it was them.


cat stretching out
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"Stretching like a cat (by getting on my knees, stretching my arms far in front of me and arching my back) when I wake up, which I've been doing it since I was a kid. It just feels so good when I wake up feeling tense," shared MissInfer.

Walking around in the nude.

woman in bed not wearing a shirt
Unsplash | Oleg Ivanov

"I’m pretty open I guess walk around naked, but if I was in a nudist group I might be willing to walk around naked. I have bad stomach issues and use to get bloody noses a lot so

said raven_heart1189.

Happy dances.

woman dancing outside
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CalmerKinderKarma says she dances a little bit when she is in a good mood or hears a good song playing, it doesn't matter where she is. Getting good news? Little happy dance. A good song on the radio? Happy dance.

Making up a fake life.

a woman saying i feel like im living in a fake life
Giphy | E!

"Fantasize about an imaginary life and acting it out. My favorite thing to do is to listen to some music on my headphones, imagine a specific scene where I am the hero, the badass, the lover or the femme fatale and... I give myself an Oscar performance," said Significant_Ear2726.

Rewatch old shows.

Watching TV
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VansAestheticBae says that they will rewatch old shows they like, like Sex and the City even if they've seen it a bunch because it reminds them of a time in their life when they were happy and it brings them comfort.

Break out in random dance.

woman dancing on a balcony
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"For no reason, I dance without headphones or music playing. If someone came home and saw me, it would look similar to Arthur Fleck in that Joker movie - just some weirdo dancing to imaginary music," said JubilantJayde.

Act out song lyrics.

Spotify song lyrics
Unsplash | charlesdeluvio

chortlana shared that when she is alone she acts out the lyrics to songs. Sometimes, it goes so far that she even embarrasses herself and she ends up blushing, all alone, in her acting job.

Take weird selfies.

woman taking selfie on phone
Unsplash | Cristina Zaragoza

TheTeaYouWant shared that when she is alone she takes weird selfies with a super weird and creepy smile. Just for her own entertainment, or maybe she likes to share them with close friends, too, to creep them out!


woman crying
Unsplash | Thought Catalog

"Lately cry lol. I got my paycheck today and I was in my bosses office and I just got in my feelings real quick about some private things that were bugging me and shed a tear while literally getting money," said marty679.

Pop some zits.

woman in jean shorts thighs
Unsplash | engin akyurt

Ezada said that when she is alone she gets into it and pops her zits on her inner thigh. That area can be pretty annoying to have a few zits so we cannot say that we blame her for her decision to do so.

Talk to yourself.

woman sitting on floor alone
Unsplash | Anthony Tran

Flat_Dream5070 says that she will talk to herself throughout the day when she is alone. Not "whole conversations" but she will remind herself of things that have. to get done and speak it out loud.