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15 Things Women Did In Their Relationships That They Deeply Regret

Many people make mistakes in past relationships that they look back and learn from. When you're in a relationship, it's hard to see the bigger picture. But, once you leave and move on, you can look back and grow from things you may not feel were the best decisions. We've all been there, and now women are sharing their own regrets that they have from their past loves.

Staying far too long.

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"Knew we should have split years before we actually did. I always talked myself out of it with a myriad of “what ifs”. Waited until I was physically sick with anxiety over the relationship to finally break it off," shared none_pizza_leftbeef.

Giving too much.

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Bean-blankets said she was in a relationship where she gave too much and got far too little in return, for a whole six months, until she finally decided to break things off. It can feel terrible to feel as though you aren't getting anything in return.

Settling for someone.

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embarassed25yo said she regrets settling for someone nice over someone she was more attracted to. She enjoyed his company, but she mistook that for "love," and instead ended up leading him on. She said she regrets hurting him.

Having poor communication.

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"Instead of clearly communicating your expectations and/or desires in a relationship, we made it a contest of who 'won' more arguments. An obvious recipe for disaster but I only learned the lesson after it was already over," said vpsj.

Trusting him instead of your gut.

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jollycanoli said that she should have never trusted someone that she felt deep down was not to be trusted. Now, she says she'll never let someone force her to second guess herself and she'll know when things are off.


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"4 years into our relationship at 21 years old I was fed up, sad, and kissed a friend of mine at a party. I instantly regretted it. My bf didn’t leave me and instead spent the next 16 plus years mentally abusing me, manipulating me, and pretty much taking my life away because of that fateful night," shared lulu-bell.

Spending money on someone.

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spxcegurl said she spent far too much money on someone else when she should have been saving it, or even investing it. In the long run, it might have paid off so much better for her.

Trying to force them to say.

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Sleep-Agitated confessed that she regrets trying too hard to force them to stay and change their mind when they said it was over. Never beg someone to stay with you or be with you, it's not the best feeling.

Idealizing them into someone they are not.

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"It's one thing to think about possibilities of you and them, but to get lost in that thought without seeing the reality of the relationship is really dangerous. It made me susceptible to manipulation and abuse because in my mind, this isn't the man I was with," said wildwood1q84.

Not healing yourself first.

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fayetal4u shared that she regrets not working on herself before she got into the relationship. She was not "ready" or fully healed from her past, so she felt as though she brought a broken version of herself into it.


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"I lied. I tried to get even with a partner that constantly cheated and lied and broke my heart. But it just made me feel worse. Like I was as bad as him. I regret what I did. And I’m trying to be a better person but I think I’ll regret it the rest of my life," said Pursuitofhappy95.

Said things they didn't truly mean.

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Interesting_Peace940 confessed that she said "I love you" to someone when she didn't really mean it, which is a big regret. She said that she got her partner "excited" for plans that would never truly happen.

Slapping him.

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"We were on holiday, and this girl was going to come to the hotel with us. However, she was incredibly drunk by the end of the night, so I wanted to call it off. He disagreed, and I slapped him. We were both also drunk," shared loverlose.

Sending nudes.

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Wynonna99 said that she regrets at a young age that she allowed someone to emotionally manipulate her into sending nude photographs of herself. Clearly, now that she's older, she realizes that it was not right or fair for them to do.

Rebounding too long.

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"Getting into a rebound that went on way too long. I had to convince myself I loved him, and believed I should hang on because at that age (36) with two children nobody else would want me," said Vyvyansmum.