19 Things We're All Probably Doing Wrong

Sarah Kester
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As humans, we will make many mistakes during our lifetime. While the memorable ones are the big mistakes — like marrying the wrong person or shopping your way to credit card debt — there are everyday things we are doing wrong on a daily basis.

And all because we didn’t know any better! From doing laundry to the direction the ceiling fan in your home goes, here are 19 things we’re all probably doing wrong. Oops!

Washing your hands

Washing your hands
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A Michigan State University found that 73 percent of people wash their hands for under 20 seconds. That's a lot of people washing their hands wrong!

You're supposed to wet hands first, lather with soap, and spend 20 seconds washing it all together. Humming "Happy Birthday" can help.

Not changing the direction of your ceiling fan seasonally

Jimmy Fallon
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You want to change the direction of your ceiling fan to turn counterclockwise in the summer.

This will create a downdraft, which pushes cooler air from the AC down toward you. Now, the ceiling fan will properly circulate that cold air.

Not change the fan to clockwise during the wintertime

Ceiling fan
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By running the ceiling fan clockwise at a low speed, it will move the warmer air from your heater or fireplace back toward you.

This should help reduce your heating costs, which can quickly add up during the cold months.

Storing your wine glasses upside down

While doing this helps prevent dust from dirtying up your fancy glasses, it also makes the glass more prone to breaking since the rim is the weakest part of the glass.

Plus, storing it upside down results in moisture getting trapped inside, which can smell funky. Fast.

Storing eggs and milk in the fridge shelves

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Did you know that the fridge shelves on the side of the door are actually the warmest spots on a refrigerator?

This causes foods to spoil more quickly, which is why you're better off storing eggs and milk toward the back bottom shelf where it's cooler.

Trimming your fingernails

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If you've been cramming your nail into the clip and clipping it straight-on, you're actually damaging your nail.

You want to take advantage of the clipper's subtle curve instead to perform small single-snip actions all around.

Pouring detergent on top of your clothes

Pouring detergent
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For an all-around clean on your laundry, add the detergent to the machine first, and then add the clothes.

Placing detergent on the top doesn't evenly distribute the liquid.

Using cotton swabs in your ears

Cotton swabs
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Get this: cotton swabs were primarily created for beauty purposes (i.e. smudging another failed eyeliner attempt) and not to clean your ears. Doing so could actually damage your hearing!

Washing your sheets

Bed sheets
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According to Sleep Foundation, you should be washing your sheets once per week. Bed sheets can accumulate significant amounts of dirt, dead skin cells, body oils, sweat, and dust mites. This includes dust mites' carcasses and fecal matter shudders.

Not washing bed sheets often enough in the summertime

Dog on bed

Since you sweat more during the summer months, it's recommended that you wash your sheets every few days.

If you have pets sleeping in your bed (guilty), aim for every three to four days to wash away pet dander.

Using a cutting board

Cutting board
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At one point, most cutting boards were made of wood. A lot has changed since then with the invention of plastic cutting boards.

Now, they're actually more recommended to cut meat on since wood cutting boards are tougher to sanitize. Think of it this way: veggies = wood; plastic = meats.

Cleaning your blender in the dishwasher

Tired of your blender not coming out sparkling clean from the dishwasher? Dried-up food is most likely to blame, which is why you should fill your blender with warm water and dish soap and run it for a few seconds.

Using aluminum foil and plastic wrap

Foil container
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The days of your foil or wrap falling out of the box are over! You simply need to press the "press here to lock roll" on both sides of the box.

Waiting for food to cool down before storing it in the refrigerator


There's a sweet spot you want to hit with freshly-prepared food. According to the USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service, you shouldn't leave food out for more than two hours.

Drying wet nail polish

Nail polish
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If your nail technician has ever asked you to wash your hands after your nails are done, there's a reason for this. It's been said that the cold water helps "set" your nails.

Using your oven's warming drawer

Unsplash | Erik Mclean

Prepared a meal but don't want it to get cold? Instead of placing it in the microwave or wrapping it in tinfoil, pop it in the warming drawer below the stove door. Yes, the place where you normally store pots and pans!

Removing the green leaves from strawberries

Unsplash | Olga Kudriavtseva

Stop using your fingers like a fool! This just makes a mess on your hands and doesn't ensure a clean cut. Instead, use a straw to hull the strawberry from the end up.

Storing ice cream

Ice cream

The next time your ice cream craving kicks in, don't leave the container on the counter to warm up.

If you place the ice cream container in a sealed, freezer-safe plastic bag, it hardens less and will be much easier to scoop.