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13+ Things That Tried To Disguise Themselves As Other Things

Every now and then, we might notice a pattern or shape in an object that wasn't added to it on purpose. If you've ever had to wait by a road at night and noticed some cars' headlights make them look happier than others, then you know what I'm talking about.

This is a psychological phenomenon called pareidolia and, as Livescience reported, it's unclear whether we developed it so we could recognize potential threats in the fog or whether we just really want to see something important where it doesn't exist.

But for whatever reason it happens, the world has no shortage of fun examples that seem to dare to see something else in them.

This paper towel dispenser's job seems to be taking a toll on it.

Reddit | DuskyJam

Having to clean public bathrooms is hard enough, but imagine having to stay in them all day no matter what kinds of smells people make in there.

No wonder it looks sick.

Sorry to disappoint, but this is not how people can get their own dinosaurs.

Reddit | lucao_87

These are actually known as coati, which are kind of related to raccoons, and those "dinosaur necks" are actually their tails.

It's a little easier to spot their true forms on the path than it is on the grass.

If someone tries to have this for breakfast, it might turn out a little sweeter than they're expecting.

Reddit | [deleted]

Despite how it may seem, this isn't an egg yolk, but rather a canned peach half in some syrup.

This is just a crack in some bark, but it looks like its own little tree.

Reddit | Elmtom

Of course, now the question is whether we'd be able to see yet another tree shape on this one if we looked at it through a microscope.

It's a good thing this plane is in a museum, because there's no other context where it would feel safe to see it like this.

Reddit | Groumi

After all, not only would it seem like it's coming right for us, but its "face" would also suggest that this isn't by accident.

It's a good thing Pac Man didn't eat red cabbage because this one would have an unpleasant surprise for him.

Reddit | Lepinkain

That said, if this is how everyone experienced hauntings, all those ghost hunting shows would probably be a lot more adorable.

This would be a great aerial shot over some frozen lakes...if it was taken by a fly.

Reddit | SigmaNukem

Yeah, as soon as your eyes wander into the background, it becomes pretty clear that these are just icy puddles.

Oh, well.

Hmm, would the folks responding to the inevitable animal control call be relieved or disappointed when they see what this really is?

Reddit | chucho-jones-fan

I suppose that depends on how friendly this dog is, but something would really have to annoy it to give it the attitude of an enraged tiger.

In this case, it's a little clearer that any cat lover who visits this house is going to be disappointed.

Reddit | chang-kyun

Here they think they've just made a new little friend and it turns out to be a plastic bag. It's hard not to feel like this is a bait-and-switch.

I guess it's up to you as to whether these bins look more like friendly robots or friendly ghosts.

Reddit | manojkathuria1090

For that matter, I guess even the "friendly" part is assuming a lot about these. I'm sure there are many animals with large eyes that would take a bite out of us on sight.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that someone took this to show off their pet polar bear.

Reddit | attheisstt

But of course, it's just a dog, which is probably much better suited to not only most of our local weather, but our neighborhoods in general.

Chicken tenders in the shape of dinosaurs are definitely nothing new, but they're usually made on purpose.

Reddit | BrungBakDaFlug

And like the last one, this is all a matter of perception. It could be a dinosaur with its head bent, or it could be a happy, chubby Tyrannosaurus Rex.

It's going to be hard to find a happier sky than this.

Reddit | AkashX1

Not only are the sun and the clouds coming together to form a bright, beaming smile, but the birds have managed to end up looking like a more relaxed, contented one.

Two kinds of happiness in one.

It's too bad we can't see what this ceiling is looking at because it's apparently pretty shocking.

Reddit | natotater

Either that or it just happened to overhear someone make a shocking revelation. If these walls could talk, they'd spill all the tea.

From this picture alone, it's very hard to tell whether this is a cloud that looks like a feather or a feather that looks like a cloud.

Reddit | mrashtail

I'll stop any probable debates between friends before they start and just tell you that it's a cloud, though.

This bacon seems to have an image on it that a lot of us will recognize.

Reddit | dogwatchingporn

And it's actually pretty fitting since a lot of the biggest examples of pareidolia Livescience outlines have involved people seeing Jesus and other religious icons on food.

Bacon is a new one, though.