15 Things Society Deems 'Normal' But Are Actually Creepy

Lex Gabrielle
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There are many things that happen in society that we deem normal because they happen so often, but when we stop to truly think about it, are truly strange and creepy. There are many things that people do on an everyday basis without truly thinking about it or considering it in the long run. Fortunately, people are able to see past "norms" and truly get down to what should just stop entirely.

Counting down the days until celebrities are "legal."

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JPMoney81 said that the notion that many people have their own countdown until celebrities turn 18 is just gross and creepy. Celebrities that grow up in the spotlight as children and then become adults should not be sexualized and preyed upon.

People who share photos of other people's kids online.

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"My aunt. She keeps posting my kids' photos because she never had any and she's living vicariously. We've asked her to stop and she does for a while but then there'll be a family get-together with photos and then that's it, kids are on someone else's FB.

Weirdest part for me is all the strangers who comment on those pics. Gives me the creeps," shared twicethetoots.

Touching a pregnant person's stomach without permission, or at all.

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Mo-Cance said that touching a pregnant woman's stomach without permission, or even at all, is totally awkward and strange. No woman wants a stranger's hands all over her body, especially when she is already uncomfortable.

Kids who are part of a family YouTube channel.

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"Family YouTube channels. Just parents putting their child’s entire life on YouTube is so weird to me. Family TikTok accounts too. Anything where the parents try to get their child famous is so weird, creepy, and honestly, just wrong," said shoe_whithout_the_s.

Introducing someone as your "gay friend."

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OrangeAlarmed said that it is wrong and creepy to introduce someone by their sexual orientation. They shared that they are constantly introduced as their "gay friend" to people who do not know them. There is more to someone than their preferences.

Obsessing over celebrities.

Unsplash | Jarvik Joshi

"Having a massive obsession with a celebrity. Like stalking their social media and having fan accounts dedicated to that particular celeb. I once had a friend who was obsessed with Miley Cyrus," said SirWatson344.

Always asking people for hugs.

Unsplash | Priscilla Du Preez

lame_username23 shared that it's awkward and uncomfortable when individuals ask people who do not like touchy-feely things for hugs. It's rude to constantly want to touch someone who is uncomfortable with it.


Unsplash | Timothy Hales Bennett

cookie_powers said that people who share absolutely everything on social media, especially Facebook. They constantly use social media to keep tabs on people and also know everything that is happening in people's lives—even if their own is not good.

Warning people against specific family members.

short skirt
Unsplash | Zeny Rosalina

"When a parent says to a female child, 'Don’t wear that when [adult male figure] is over.' That’s such a shitty thing to put in a girl's head in the first place. Secondly, why TF is this man even coming into your house," shared DustyBrutus.

Using "daddy" in a dirty way.

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rochefort799 said that people who use "daddy" in a sexual and dirty way is super creepy and weird. Daddy is clearly associated with a father, and wanting to sleep with your father is just wrong and strange.

Venmo's main page.

Unsplash | Tech Daily

FormerTesseractPilot shared that if you have ever seen or used Venmo, you'd know that most transactions between people are public knowledge. Seeing who is paying who for what is just kind of weird. I don't need to know what people are spending their money on, to be honest.

Joking around about kids dating each other.

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itsjustmo_ said that when parents who are friends joke around about their kids dating or getting married, it's very "arranged marriage" and also creepy because it doesn't take the kids into account. Even if it's a joke, it's rude to do.

Underage kids on social media.

social media
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"Underage kids posting pics of themselves in revealing clothing online. Don't look for it, but occasionally do see some online. Especially celebrity kids," shared Qing92.

Telling people to "smile."

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whitepawn23 shared that constantly asking a woman to smile, or anyone to smile at that rate, is wrong and awkward. Let a person do what they wish with their face, as they wish, and don't force them to do something because you want it.

Naked baby photos.

baby photos
Unsplash | Michal Bar Haim

"Pictures of naked babies. There's pictures of me, my brother and my cousins naked in our respective parents' houses and in our grandparents' house and they've shown them to other relatives before. They think it's fine, I think it's fucking weird," Yzard27.