20 Things That Came Pretty Darn Close To Perfection

Ashley Hunte
A car evenly parked in a parking space.
reddit | Theycallmemrmoose

Perfection basically doesn't exist. There are about a thousand ways something can go wrong or get ruined entirely. But sometimes, even if you can't get perfection, you can get pretty dang close.

And the things in this list are as close to being perfect as anything. And to be honest, they're really nice to look at, too.

"This chicken pot pie crust from KFC."

An unblemished meat pie crust.
reddit | CR1MS4NE

I'm not gonna lie, I wouldn't have expected this from KFC. Mostly because it's fast food, but this pie looks like it was prepared nice and slowly. Not that I'm complaining or anything.

"This really vibrant acrylic wave pour."

An acrylic pour painting made with rainbow colours, alongside black and white.
reddit | MEKYAS23

I love acrylic pours so much! Each one looks different depending on the colors you use, and they literally can't go wrong. One of the most satisfying ways to create art for sure!

"This perfect feather I found on the ground."

A perfectly smooth feather with a grey to white gradient.
reddit | someonerezcody

I think I like bird feathers a lot more than actual birds. For starters, you aren't going to get pooped on by a feather. And they look really nice. Plus, they don't make a lot of sound at 5 in the morning.

"The way the morning rain collected on the leaves."

Water droplets surrounding leaves.
reddit | Kaszelpuss

I just love it when nature does the thing. What thing? You know. The thing. When everything ends up looking really pretty and perfect even though a lot of what happens in nature is mostly random.

"Nicely arranged sushi platter."

A platter of various kinds of sushi.
reddit | PorkyPain

Sushi might be one of the best things ever invented, but it can almost be too pretty at times. I'd probably have a really hard time eating such a nice plate like this one. Actually, maybe I wouldn't.

"Pleasing little tendril on my cucumber plant."

A spiral tendril among a spiky plant.
reddit | OutlandishnessHour19

Cucumber plants are so pretty. Pretty, but also kind of prickly. They're definitely the kind of thing you look at respectfully from a distance, but try not to touch if you can help it.

"Reaching into your bag of Doritos Cool Ranch chips and pulling one out fully loaded with flavor."

A single Dorito chip with evenly distributed spice.
reddit | CountrymanR60

I feel like an even distribution of seasoning on a Dorito is really rare. Most of the time, there just isn't enough. Or it's all clumped in one spot and makes the chip taste kind of gross.

"A blade of this ceiling fan fades into the ceiling."

A ceiling fan with four blades that matches the white ceiling it's installed to.
reddit | Dirty-Electro

I don't know why, but something about this is super satisfying. Probably because of the way the one blade perfectly blend into its surroundings. At a glance, it almost looks like this fan only has three blades!

"The lay of these tires in the truck."

The back of a truck that shows tires stacked evenly, but in a way that makes them look woven.
reddit | bassilap

This is probably the coolest way to stack tires that I've ever seen. I'm not going to think too hard about how you'd get all of those tires out, though. It almost seems like a hassle.

"Soda bottle that can be filled with sand and used as a handle."

Bottles shaped like dumbbells, full of clolourful drinks.
reddit | egrick

Okay, that's actually a pretty neat idea for when you want to work out but can't get to the gym. There's also something really satisfying about the way these bottles look.

"The laundry in my dryer left perfectly molded lint in the trap."

Lint in the exact shape of the lint trap it came from.
reddit | Urbane_Cowboy

Who would've thought something so potentially dangerous as dryer lint could be so cool, too? Like, I'm very glad OP cleaned their lint trap, for more than one reason.

"Brought back the shine on an old Cadillac at work today."

A black Cadillac; one side is clean and shiny, and the other side is dusty.
reddit | anchovieMAN

I love being able to see before and after pics like this. The contrast between the dirty side and the clean, shiny side is so satisfying. Probably not as satisfying as watching the whole thing get cleaned, though.

"This life-size 3D embroidered atlas moth."

A large moth made from embroidery thread.
reddit | TeeteringCrockery

That has got to be one of the coolest things I've ever seen. That moth looks so real, and yet it's made out of thread! Who would've thought you could make something so detailed with embroidery?

"This folded Ritz cracker."

A folded Ritz cracker.
reddit | WhyDidIClickOnThat

I love how this looks, honestly. It's almost like a super teeny tiny taco shell that doesn't have any filling in it. I almost think it would be a little bit difficult to eat, though. Like, more than a normal cracker.

"This ice cream cone I was just served."

A chocolate vanilla swirled ice cream cone.
reddit | JephriB

I just love it when the swirl looks like that. I don't know why, but sometimes the swirl isn't so perfect, and just looks meh. But this one? It's, like, the Cadillac of soft serve swirls.

"I made my paints fit perfectly in my desk drawer."

A gradient of rainbow coloured paint tubes.
reddit | hannahdem96

Don't you just love it when the thing you want to use to organize a bunch of small stuff fits perfectly in the drawer you wanted to put it all in? Because I do.

"This perfect reflection."

A gas station at night where puddles on the floor create a perfect reflection of it.
reddit | Irate_Primate

I guess it's a combination of the amount of water on the ground and the amount of lighting at the gas station that makes this reflection as cool as it is. It's so hard to believe that isn't a painting or something.

"This giant eraser."

A large, unused eraser.
reddit | philipkd

I love the fact that this eraser hasn't even been used yet. Not only is it super big, but the completely intact surface looks extra satisfying. But erasers weren't exactly meant to be perfectly intact and untouched, so...

"Parked my car perfectly in the morning so that it would still be 100% in the shade by the afternoon. This is peak Arizona parking."

A car parked in between the lines and shade of a parking spot.
reddit | Theycallmemrmoose

Not only does that look super nice and satisfying, but just knowing that OP won't have to sit in a hot car is the icing on the cake.

"Seedless watermelon that is very seedless."

Two halves of a seedless watermelon.
reddit | TuxedoFloorca

I'm not gonna lie, I kind of like it when watermelons have a bunch of seeds in them. It makes them feel like a real summer snack or something. But the seedless kind is cool too, if you can find one that actually has no seeds.

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