15 Things People Should Never Ever Do At Weddings

Lex Gabrielle
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At one point or another, we have been (or will be) invited to a wedding. Somewhere out there, a person is getting their very first wedding invite ever, whether it be a friend, family member, or even a colleague.

There are a few rules that every guest should follow when attending a wedding. However, some of those rules are unspoken and just pretty well known. So, here's your go-to guide for being a solid wedding guest.

Announcing any big news.

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buttonsarethebomb shared that you should never announce any big news at someone else's wedding. That means engagements, pregnancy news, or anything else that could take away from the bride and groom's day. Wait until it's not someone else's big day.

Smash cake in your spouse's face.

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cecikierk shared that the whole "smashing the cake in each other's face" is a huge no-no unless you both agree to it. Sometimes, the couple doesn't want to and someone else comes by and does it, instead. Bridal makeup is expensive and hard to fix.

Bring kids and leave them to fend for themselves.

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"Bring a baby who constantly cries and not go outside to try calm him down. Or bring kids and not parent them, just allow them to roam around freely and being a bother to everyone," shared mjigs.

Embarrass people by making them do the bouquet toss.

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youmewlingquim said that not everyone wants to be involved in the whole ancient act of the bouquet toss. It's an outdated notion that not many women want to do. Don't force them and blow up their relationship status in front of the entire party.


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"You’re a guest. Shut up, go enjoy the food, celebrate the couple. And if you have shit to complain about you obviously don’t like the couple/family that much and should not be going," said Alaska1789.

Talking badly about marriage when you're at someone else's wedding.

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abv1401 said that it always happens that bitter and unhappy people love to talk down on marriage literally at someone else's wedding. It's just a bad look and makes you look like a jerk.

Don't hold your phone up the whole night taking photos.

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Molehunter2022 pointed out that when you think you're doing the right thing and taking photos of the happy couple, what you're really doing is getting your phone in the way of the professional photos that the couple paid to have taken.

Wearing anything white or bridal-looking.

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"Wearing a dress the same colour as the bride's, anything too extravagant, or anything too revealing/alluring. Don't take the attention away from the bride in terms of looks," said ann0ying_p0tat0.

Don't let everyone have the microphone.

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Dogmum77 shared that the moment you let people "say a few words," you end up having the entire wedding turn into a slew of speeches that seem to never, ever end. People want to celebrate, not have to listen to speeches all night.

Get way too drunk.

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pebblesboomstick said it's pretty disrespectful to get way too wasted and drunk at someone else's wedding. No one wants to watch you stumble through the wedding and possibly say very dumb things to others.

Make it a laughing stock.

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"Tell embarrassing stories about either the bride or groom during the speeches. What's funny to the speech-giver and the audience could be mortifying to the subject of the speech," said My_genx_life.

Never use the "I object" as a joke.

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seasonweatherpepper reminded everyone, that the whole "I object" thing that everyone thinks is a funny joke, is definitely not. It's not cute and it really can be awkward if it derails the ceremony.

Don't use weddings as a place to pick up someone.

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"Especially if you're just being sleazy about it. It's gross. Yes, socializing is encouraged, and it would even be sweet to know that someone I love met their partner at my wedding. But trying to hook up is tacky and rude," shared HalpWithMyPaper.

Don't show up late.

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OnceAnAverageGeek shared that the wedding invitation has a time for a reason, and most of the time it gives you a thirty-minute window before it actually starts. Do not show up late and interrupt the process and make a whole scene. It's not your day.

Don't bother the bride.

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"People shouldn’t ask the bride and groom technical questions. Please ask ANYbody else. Somebody who works there, the best man, the maid of honor, anybody in the wedding party, the parents of the bride and groom," said pbd1996.