15 Things Men Didn't Know Until They Lived With A Woman

Lex Gabrielle
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Many men think they know everything when it comes to women. They believe that just by dating one or even having female friends, they know everything that there is to know.

However, you can learn a lot about a person once you start to live with them, whether they're a woman or not. The truth is, you never really know someone enough until you spend every waking (or sleeping) moment with them.

How bad uteruses can be.

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AslanFucks admitted that until he lived with a woman, he didn't realize how bad the reproductive system can be to women. Watching his partner try to deal with all the changes in hormones from before, during, and after her period was certainly a journey.

Bras can go anywhere we see fit.

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"How many household items can become a bra hanger. From doorknobs to TVs to bedposts to end tables. I grew up with all sisters and never saw this until I lived with my ex-wife," said DarcSystems.

Women use "so much" toilet paper.

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neoshadowdgm shared that he was never aware of how much toilet paper women go through. If you think about it, we need twice as much toilet paper than men do because we wipe not just the back, but also the front.

Chores are basically strategic.

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"That there are chores for men and for women. The chores for men are the ones she doesn't want to do. So, garden, job for the man, painting the wall, job for the man, anything remotely technical ditto.

Since I have lived alone for years, I am actually better in almost all household tasks," said justagigolo4u.

Getting ready for bed is a 10-step routine, always.

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random39642899 shared that when women are getting ready for bed, it's more than just brushing their teeth. Most women will spend a lot of time in the bathroom before bed. It's all about that skincare.

Hair goes on the bathroom wall.

woman taking a shower
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WerdSmither shared that they never realized that there needs to be a garbage bin by the shower. Women shed a lot of hair, and it's easier to put that in the garbage rather than sticking them on the shower wall.

Women take so much time on their appearance.

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"The amount of time, work, and money each woman would spend on their appearance was/is astounding. I used to be weirded out by it, but I guess makeup is a hobby, and I am an avid fitness person, so I suppose it’s nice to have a hobby you like, while doing things to keep yourself healthy, even if for vain reasons," said ctophermh89.

Most women's pants do not come with pockets.

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Timothy5509 was shocked to find out that many women's pants do not come with any pockets. To be honest, I still can't even believe that, even though I've been dealing with it my entire life.

Women can never have enough bobby pins.

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sensitive-cherry-398 said that it's a now-known fact that no matter how many bobby pins a woman has in the house to do her hair with, there is also room to get more bobby pins at the store.

There is a place for everything.

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"Everything lives in one place. Bags. Pouches. Bags to hold bags and pouches. Bags that hold multiple pouches, but no bags. Bags with pockets with pouches inside hidden zipper pockets. Purses. Purses with pouches with tiny Ziploc bags," said ReeMini.

Women cannot just grocery shop.

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tomato-eater said grocery shopping is more than just picking out what you bring home. The job continues when you get home too. It becomes about rearranging what is in the fridge and the panty. It's a whole ordeal.

Periods are more than just bleeding.

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benzozapine shared that he learned a woman's period is more than just bleeding a bit every month. The entire cycle throws them off, and they can often feel like everything is falling apart around them. Dropping a pen on the floor can turn into a full-blown mental crisis.

Women plan things—without you even knowing.

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"If you go to bed with a woman and her bra matches her knickers, you weren't the one who decided you were going to have sex that day/night. She decided that when she was getting ready," vee1977.