15 Things Couples Do That They're Surprised Others Don't Do

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There are some things that we do so often day to day that we might assume that everyone else does it as well. However, there are times when people see us and think—who does that? It leads us to realize that our "norms" are not always everyone else's norms. Some couples have things they see as healthy, special, and common that turn out are not common at all.

Talk to their children like people.

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"Talk to our children like they are people. We don't shy away from serious subjects, we don't use euphemisms. We're age-appropriate but truthful and it's really not that hard.

I don't understand why so many people work so hard to avoid telling their kids how the world works," said treemanswife.

Switch up tasks.

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Proof-of-existence shared that she and her husband switch "tasks" around the house. When a friend's parent died, she found out that the surviving parent had "no idea" how to survive without her spouse because they had done their own things for years. Neither she nor her husband want to ever feel as though they are "drowning" without knowing how to go on.

Talk about all finances.

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HappyGiraffe said that she was shocked to know how many people don't talk about finances with their partners. Whether it be about debt, their credit score, or anything in their savings. It's important to know where you both stand financially, especially if you plan to get married.

Talk about other people they find attractive.

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G_Ram3 shared that a coworker felt "weird" when she said she pointed out another male coworker she found attractive to her husband. She said both she and her husband have no problem saying who they find attractive and why—just because they do doesn't mean that they are going to sleep with them.

Schedule sexy time.

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Noseynat shared that she and her husband schedule specific nights for sex. It may seem weird to some, but life gets so busy and their schedules are packed that they want to make it a priority to get their time in together.

Say "I love you" often.

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strikes-twice said that many people feel as though saying "I love you" too much takes the meaning out of it, but she and her husband say it every day and every night, sometimes multiple times. It's important to them to tell each other how they feel.

Never talk poorly about each other to someone else.

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"Never ever speak poorly or complain about each other to other people, regardless of who they are and how we are feeling.

We always communicate our concerns with each other and try to see each other's point of view. Admittedly quite easy as we only have at most a couple of minor differences each year," shared Coloryourdreams2.

Sleep in separate beds and rooms.

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butthatshitsbroken shared that she and her husband sleep in separate bedrooms because she's an "aggressive sleeper." She would disturb her significant other if she were to sleep in the same bed with him because she tosses and turns all night long.


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tryingmom_ said that no matter what their day is like, they always cuddle at night. Even when life gets crazy (and they have an infant) they always cuddle up with each other, even if they fall asleep.

Game nights.

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"We set aside time every day for games together. Mario Kart. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza. Play Nine. Street Fighter. Exploding Kittens. VR. Old Maid. Trivial Pursuit. Doesn't matter to me, name it and it's a fun game and we'll play it. The kids are all in," said janearcade.

Talk about engagement openly.

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kare_beaar said that she and her partner spoke about getting engaged the entire process up until they did. She picked out her ring, they talked about their plans and everything. A friend of hers thought it was weird, but she's happy that they were always on the same page.

No boundaries, at all.

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Examination_Away said she and her partner are very "open" with each other. They fart, burp, and go to the bathroom with the door open in front of each other. They have no problems being 100% real—no matter what.

Respecting each other's independence.

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ilovepuscifer shared that her boyfriend respects her independence and the same goes vice versa. They never have to "ask" to make plans with other people—not like a friend of hers who always has to do just that.

Shower together.

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"Shower together. Almost every single day. It’s just our special alone time where absolutely no one or nothing can interrupt us or bother us. We wash each other. Talk about our days. How we are doing. Plan dinner. Plan our day out, etc.," said MilSimNerd.

Respecting friendships.

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LuunaMuuna shared that she respects her husband's "female friends" and he respects her "male friends." Even though they were all established before they were together and the two may have not known everyone before, they don't make them feel guilty for hanging out with them and having friends of the opposite sex.