15 Mistakes In 'That '70s Show' Fans Didn't Notice

Jordan Claes
The intro scene in 'That 70s Show'.
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In the late '90s, television audiences were transported back in time to the 1970s. Only they weren't traveling in a shiny silver Delorian, but a beat-up brown Vista Cruiser!

For eight seasons, That '70s Show kept audiences laughing and entertained, but as it turns out — it managed to get a lot wrong. Have a look below and check out these 15 mistakes fans of That '70s Show didn't notice.

Talk about a Boy Blunder!

Eliza Dushku in 'That 70s Show'.
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In Season 7's "It's All Over Now," Sizzling Sara can be seen conducting her radio show. If you look to her left, you'll notice a "Robin" comic book. That particular "Robin" logo wasn't designed until 1993

What's with all the Christmas episodes?

Christmas episode from 'That 70s Show'.
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In Season 1, the year is 1976 and in Season 8, the gang is shown ushering in the new decade. However, there are a total of five Christmas episodes throughout the series — even though the timeline dictates there should only be four.

Some of those cars look awfully new, don't they?

If you look carefully at the other cars sharing the road with the Forman's Vista Cruiser, you'll begin to see that a few of them are very out of place. When Hyde is in the front seat, a 1997 Ford F-150 can be seen out the passenger window.

The WWF didn't exist in 1976.

Donna, Eric, and Red Forman at a wrestling match in 'That 70s Show'.
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In Season 1's "That Wrestling Show," Red tags along with the gang to a World Wrestling Federation match. However, in 1976, the organization was known as the World Wide Wrestling Federation and wasn't renamed until midway through 1979.

Is Michael Kelso a time traveler?

Michael Kelso wearing a 'Dirty Harry' shirt in 'That 70s Show'.
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If you look at the shirt that Kelso is wearing in Season 5's "Trampled Under Foot," you'll notice there's a picture of "Dirty Harry" with the catchphrase "Go ahead, make my day." This wasn't said by Clint Eastwood until 1983's Sudden Impact.

Oh, Canada!

The gang being questioned by Mounties in 'That 70s Show'.
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In Season 3's "Canadian Roadtrip," the gang can be seen being questioned by two Mounties. Behind them is a map of Canada, depicting the territory of Nunavut. However, Nunavut didn't become a territory until April 1st, 1999.

Right brand, wrong packaging in Season 1's "Thanksgiving" episode.

Mrs. Forman  cooking in 'That 70s Show'.
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If you look closely on the counter, you'll see that Kitty is using Skippy brand peanut butter. While it's true that Skippy was around in the '70s, that branding/packaging is from a current jar.

The dates of Hyde's MAD magazine don't add up.

Hyde and Jackie in The Hub in 'That 70s Show'.
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After being interrupted by Jackie while reading a copy of MAD, Hyde tells her that he's right in the middle of reading "Smokey and the BAND-AID." However, the copy of the magazine he is reading is dated June 1976, and Smokey and the Bandit didn't come out until May 27th, 1977.

Judy Blume appreciates your support, Fez.

Fez eating cheese in 'That 70s Show'.
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On more than one occasion, Fez makes mention of his love for the iconic children's book "Superfudge," written by Judy Blume. As much as it makes me happy to hear that Fez and I share the same taste in literature, "Superfudge" didn't come out until 1980.

A multiverse of madness in Season 2's "Donna And Eric Sleepover."

Eric Forman lying on a 'Spider-Man' pillow in 'That 70s Show'.
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Eric Forman is a nerd at heart and often sleeps with a wide array of superhero sheets and bedding. However, the Spider-Man pillow beneath his head is the logo/design from the 1994 animated series — not the '70s version.

That's the wrong lightsaber.

Randy using a lightsaber in 'That 70s Show'.
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If you look at the lightsaber Randy is playing with in Season 8's "Son and Daughter," you'll notice that it is green. Up until the release of Return of the Jedi in 1983, all lightsabers were either blue or red.

There was no choice for Sophie to make in 1978.

Jackie Dressed in lederhosen in 'That 70s Show'.
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In Season 4's "Jackie Says Cheese," Eric jokingly says that Jackie and Kelso's breakup is "Like Sophie's Choice, but for morons." The novel "Sophie's Choice" wasn't published until 1979, and the movie wasn't released until 1982.

Wouldn't you like some pudding?

Fez and Hyde looking shocked in 'That 70s Show'.
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in Season 3's "Romantic Weekend," Kitty gives Fez and Hyde Snack-Packs in clear plastic containers. From 1968 up until 1984, Snack-Packs came in cardboard containers with a tin bottom and pop-off lid. After 1984, the company converted to plastic containers.

Where did they get a box of Krispy Kreme donuts?

Midge and Kitty in the kitchen in 'That 70s Show'.
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In Season 1's "Prom Night" episode, a box of delicious Krispy Kreme donuts can be seen on the counter in the Forman kitchen. However, Krispy Kreme donuts weren't anywhere near Wisconsin in the '70s.

Let's all go to Six Flags!

Old man dancing in the Six Flags commercial.
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In Season 4's "Everybody Loves Casey," the gang keeps on mistakenly referring to the theme park Great America as Six Flags. The park wasn't actually purchased by Six Flags until roughly the mid-80s.