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19 Silly Beauty Concerns Manufacturers Put On Women

Beauty concerns have gone on for decades.

Every time we pass by a mirror, we may stop and think about how big our pores are our how annoying it is that our stomach doesn't have abs.

But where did these concerns come from? If you were to look back, iconic women like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor even had some extra weight on them. And, as far as we're concerned, we never saw them worrying about things like stretch marks or strawberry legs.

These concerns were manufactured by the media and society. It's time to blow the whistle on them with this list of 19 silly beauty concerns manufacturers put on women!

Hip dips

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This is a term given to the inward curve along the side of the body. Sounds pretty normal, right?

Well, many women have been led to believe that only full, round hips are attractive. We can think of many celebs who perpetuate this.

Body hair

Madonna with hairy armpits
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"The need to be hairless everywhere except your head, eyebrows and lashes. As a hairy girl, it is soo much work and money to keep up with that standard and I've been put to shame about hair or stubble ever since I was 12." - u/Sudden-Stable3608


Although filters and photoshop may hide it on influencers and celebs, we all have it! Some even as young as 10 years old.

Cellulite is simply the result of the way your body stores fat. This comes down mainly to something unchangeable: genetics.

A completely flat stomach

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"It is really hard for the average woman to have a flat stomach. You have to be blessed genetically or work out like crazy and stick to a strict diet. Not to mention if you have a tilted uterus there is not amount of crunches that will get rid of it and that's ok." - u/ginns32

The color of any private parts

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This could be your vulva, anus, nipples, and so on. Some people even agonize over the color of their knees!

If the private area is too dark and not "perfectly pink," some people feel subconscious and may even get things bleached.

VPL, or visible panty lines

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"God forbid somebody can tell I’m wearing underwear???? I personally prefer wearing thongs during the daytime but I will die on this hill fighting for women who want to wear the underwear that is most comfortable for them!!!!!" - u/Dwn2MarsGirl


Khloe Kardashian
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"Making women feel like their genitals are not normal or unattractive and then preying on them making millions off of the surgery. I fell victim to it and lost all sensation or ability to function sexually. After research it’s so corrupt and dangerous but keeps happening." - u/Used_Conversation_81

Stretch marks

Stretch marks are perfectly natural. Some women get them after weight gain or while going through pregnancy. Either way, it all comes down to this: our bodies change! This is something that should be embraced instead of punished.

Darkened underarms

Priyanka Chopra underarms
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"For the longest time, I thought I was dirty or not cleaning well because everyone on TV would have these white spotless underarms. Took me a long time to be comfortable with myself, ngl." - u/scaresyourmama. Why should underarm color matter?!

Super bright teeth

Ross teeth
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Despite popular belief, smoking isn't the only cause of yellow teeth. You could never touch a cigarette a day in your life and still want to hide your smile.

This leads people to try harsh whitening strips or get expensive veneers.

The need for Botox

"Beauty dies fade, it ages. A beautiful woman will still be a beautiful old lady, it just looks different. But no, somehow society just up and decided that what beauty is at 20 is all it can be and we all are supposed to just believe it." - u/SallyHeap

The perfect distribution of fat

Kylie Jenner pose
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Think big boobs and a butt but no belly fat, and then a little bit of fat in the thighs but not too much.

Unless someone is hurting their health or getting surgery, this body type isn't realistic.

Any of those online challenges that are popular on Instagram and TikTok

Eye roll
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"One was whether you could reach around your back and touch your belly button from the other side. And if you can’t you’re faaaaaaaat. Insane. Or whether you can balance a roll of quarters in your collarbone." - u/TerribleAttitude

Smooth hands

Smooth hands
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Society has deemed that a woman's age shows in their hands. That's why a lot of women lather on lotion every night or even hide them.

Sadly, celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker have also been criticized for having wrinkly hands.

Perfect skin

Smooth skin
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"Poreless, even-toned w/ no redness, no darkened skin around your eyes or mouth, no eyebags, no acne or scarring. Just be a blank mannequin whom has no evidence of smiling or laughing or living." -u/pringle_llama. Doesn't sound fun.


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"We’re literally 'supposed to' put on a whole slew of makeup products to erase everything on our face that looks like skin. Blemishes, eye circles, redness, fine lines, even our fricken pores. Then we need to add depth and shadowing back in through contouring." - u/on_cloud_one

Blue/green eyes

Megan Fox selfie
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Those with brown eyes may feel the green-eyed monster spring up when they see their blue-eyed foes.

Sadly, society has basically made it known that brown eyes are boring, common, and even ethnic. This has led to a rise in colored contacts.

Strawberry legs

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"Strawberry legs are so weird to me. Didn’t even know that was a thing. You want me to shave but not look like I’ve shaved? I don’t even have that coarse of hair but of course, you’re going to see my hair follicle? It’s just like expecting to not see pores on a face." - u/Aromatic_Invite5421

Bouncing back after pregnancy

Thanks to celebs who are genetically blessed and have a team of nannies to help them, they're able to pop out a baby and look like nothing happened.

This is not what's normal, as our bodies are meant to recover after giving birth.