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10+ Savage Elf on a Shelf Memes

We've been introduced to the more festive and traditional ways to put The Elf On The Shelf to good use during Christmas. But what about people who have a more twisted sensibility?

Well, the Internet has plenty of options for those people looking to make their Elf a little naughtier.

Wrecking Ball

Imgur / d8ve

Sometimes the Elf just wants to channel Miley, right? Give him what he wants.

Schweddy Balls

Nothing like co-opting an SNL classic for your naughty Elf scenario. Barbie and her pal have no idea what to expect.

Office Prankster

IstealmyGIFsfromdeadspin / Imgur

Just because it is the holidays doesn't mean you can just get away with not working. The Elf can, though, and he's ready to cause havoc around the office.

Cat Nip

Keep the Elf away from the pets, especially the cat. A tailless cat is just not a respectable creature to have around. It is unnatural.


IstealmyGIFsfromdeadspin / Imgur

The Elf and an electric razor? Quite the annoying prank if you're on the receiving end. But maybe this is his hairstyle?

Snowman Hate Crimes

As we noted in the positive Elf on the Shelf post, the official Elf seems to have a weird relationship with snowmen. This naughty version also has an issue, melting this once living snowman with a hairdryer and taking joy in it.


Suffikatie / Tumblr

He's no Patrick Swayze, but this naughty elf is earning his way into Heaven. Or he's just faking being a ghost.

More Snowman Hate

IstealmyGIFsfromdeadspin / Imgur

I think this proves that it doesn't matter if the snowman is big or small, young or old, male or female -- the Elf will savage it.


KombuchaMushroomPeop / Reddit

And if things don't go the Elf's way, he'll just light everything on fire and walk away. Nothing can hold him down or tell him what to do.

Snow Murder

Instagram / @laurieet1

The final proof that snowmen are the natural prey/enemy of the Elf on the Shelf. And their punishment knows no boundaries.

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