17 Mistakes In 'The Princess Bride' Fans Probably Didn't Catch

Sarah Kester
Westley and Buttercup
Criterion | 20th Century

The Princess Bride is a cult classic, through and through.

While the characters alone are iconic ⁠— there's Westley, Princess Buttercup, and the proud Inigo, to name a few ⁠— there are also quotable lines and the perfect mixture of action and romance.

All and all, it's a film you could rewatch, again and again. While doing so, you just might notice these 19 mistakes.

1. The knockout

Westley getting hit on the head
reddit | 20th Century

Although it's just a movie, actors have been known to put themselves in danger on set. This happened to Cary Elwes, who played Westley and the Man in Black, during the scene where Christopher Guest (Count Rugen) had to tap him on the head with his sword.

According to Cary, Christoper was being too gentle at first. This made it difficult for Cary to react properly.

Westley saying "as you wish"

So Cary suggested that he tap him on the head for real to get the scene right. When Westly was knocked out in the film, this was the actor actually getting knocked out. He later woke up in the hospital with stitches on his head.

2. The modern houses

Modern homes
Unsplash | Alexander Andrews

Since the film was set in the year 1788, the last thing you'd expect to see are modern houses ⁠— even in a fantasy world. But that's exactly what you see when Buttercup is taking to the Man in Black on the hill.

3. The fairytale book

Grandfather holding the book
Looper | 20th Century

Grandfather couldn't make up his mind when he was reading the book to his grandson. When he said he was going to read it, the book is in his left hand. But when the camera cuts away and back, the book is in his right hand.

4. The mouth lib

The Princess Bride cast saying "inconceivable!"
Giphy | Disney+

You'd expect to see an actor's mouth moving differently than their words in a foreign film, not an American one! But that's what happened with Fezzick. While the Man in Black is on him during their fight, his line is heard but his lips didn't move.

5. The black gloves

Westley holding a drink
Metro | 20th Century

You'd expect the Man in Black to be wearing all black. He was wearing black gloves when he was talking to Buttercup at the top of the hill. But when he starts falling down the hill and loses his mask, the gloves are also gone.

6. The sash

Buttercup on a horse
Metro | 20th Century

The Man in Black wasn't the only one missing something after rolling down the hill. After Buttercup throws herself down on him, her sash falls off. But when Westley goes to talk to her, the sash is back around her waist.

7. The majesty

Prince from The Princess Bride

Royal titles should be honored, even in a fantasy world. This mistake happens when Prince Humperdinck gets his men to escort Buttercup to her room. The captain of the guard, Yellin, accepts the request and bows and says, "Your majesty."

But since Humperdinck's father is still alive, he should only be referred to as "your highness."

Unsplash | Markus Spiske

Getting called "Your majesty" is an honored title that is reserved for Kings, Queens, Emperors, and Empresses. Prince Humperdinck wishes he was that important!

8. The goblet

Man drinking from goblet

Before glasses were called, well, glasses, there were often referred to as goblets. These are drinking glasses that don't have a handle. But right before Westley and Vizzini drink from the goblet with wine and Iocaine powder, Vizzini calls them "glasses."

9. The fake dirt

Fight scene in Princess Bride
Giphy | Disney+

The fight scene between Inigo and Westley is one of Hollywood's best. But if you weren't too busy intrigued by the fight, you would notice a big mistake. When they are making big jumps, the mat AKA "dirt" wrinkles with their landings.

10. Buttercup's beard

Buttercup's stunt double
Movie mistake | 20th Century

Yep, Buttercup had a beard! But it's not why you think. It's because the actress, Robin Wright, had a male stunt double. So when her character went rolling down the hill, you will notice the hair that isn't hers.

11. Westley's hair

Westley and Buttercup
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While Buttercup's hair wasn't entirely hers (the beard), Westley's was 100 percent his. It did, however, keep changing when they traveled through the Fire Swamp. In one scene, it's slicked back, and then in another, it was in his face.

12. The fire

Buttercup and Westley near fire
AC | 20th Century

Remember when Buttercup got burned in the fire swamp? Well, it's pretty much impossible that this happened as you will see that the fire spurt was several feet away from her. This made it too far to reach.

13. The disappearing blood

Inigo saying, "prepare to die"

Inigo's duel scenes were nothing short of iconic in the film. But there was a mistake wedged in when he was fighting Count Rugen in the banquet room. If you watch the Count's sword, you'll see that the blood on it constantly appears and then disappears.

14. The rock

Fezzik holding rock
Fandom.com | 20th Century

After Fezzik falls to the ground after his duel with Westley, you will see that there's a large rock next to him. But since the rock is too close for Westley to roll over Fezzick, it's much farther away in the next shot.

15. Buttercup's stockings

Buttercup waking up
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Homegirl needs to get her wardrobe straight! First, it was the sash and now it's her stockings. When she's wearing a red dress on horseback to Fire Swamp, you'll see that the red stockings she's wearing disappear and reappear.

16. The glasses

Grandfather taking off his glasses

In addition to the mistake of grandfather holding the book, there was a blunder involving his glasses. After he takes off his hat and shows his grandson the book, he takes his glasses out of his pocket. But when the scene cuts to a front view, his glasses are on and the book is closed.

17. The knife

Man holding knife next to Buttercup
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When Vizzini is sitting beside a blindfolded Buttercup, a knife is beside an arrangement of apples. But when the Man in Black appears and says, “if there can be no arrangement…,” the knife is gone. How about those apples...