13+ People Playing The Dating Game And Losing

If you have a significant other at the moment, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Ask any of your single friends, and they will tell you all about the nightmare we call the dating scene.

Oldies might argue that apps like Tinder or Bumble have made it a lot easier to find that special someone, and that might be true — if by "special" they mean specifically "plucked from the depths of f-boy/f-girl hell."

Keep scrolling for extremely illustrative examples of this hellscape.

1. You've heard of the drive-in...

Twitter | @fabfreshandfly

...now get ready for inside-the-drive! Where the seats and the screen are in your car.

Honestly, though, it's fine — this is basically Netflix and chill for iOS. AKA mobile. AKA no one asked for this and we are all cringing.

2. I have a lot to say about this caption-photo combo.

Twitter | @1followernodad

First off, taking a photo while driving literally defeats the purpose of this sign. Second — SHE IS NOT WRONG! There's nothing quite as terrifying as sending a risky text.

That's why they made airplane mode — so you can feel instant regret and then tap that button to stop the text from going through.

3. Major announcement alert!


I love a lady who can just embrace the beauty of her singleness. To be fair, even though her sign seems sad and a little pathetic in comparison, she's also the only person in the photo who can do whatever she wants whenever she wants, so there's that. #SingleNotSorry.

4. Honestly, "dam" is a power response.

Instagram | @textsfromyourex

This is a very polite rejection and a very simple yet powerful response to said rejection. But can we address the fact that this person actually wants to make their partner feel good, and not just themselves?

Blue-text-person is clearly ungrateful, and I clearly know much more about the inner workings of their relationship.

5. I get that over time, we learn the consistencies in our significant other's behavior.

Twitter | @Ristolable

But also, take your boo shopping 'cause he clearly needs the fashion help. Two shirts simply isn't enough!

6. We honestly stan a savage female clapback.


It's never made any sense to me when people fight each other, rather than their scumbag-cheating-waste partner. Band together like these three and go IN!

8. Is this mean? Kinda. Is it true? Well, yeah — y'all are twinning on a level never seen before.

Twitter | @tessa_denae

Or at least, never seen between an animated character and a human being.

If your boo doesn't drag you once in a while, are you really even dating? Practically all the fun in a relationship is saying borderline mean things with the understanding that it's all love.

9. Can't lie — going out for dinner on a first date is risky AF, and I'll tell you why.

Twitter | @dafloydsta

First of all, too nervous to eat.

Second, direct conversation with no buffer activity, with a complete (or near-complete) stranger? Worst possible scenario.

And finally, what if you can't pronounce the fancy food on the menu?

13. Imagine that your power move was using your famous aunt as your dating profile quirk?

Instagram | @kalesalad

I can't say this tactic would work on me... But who knows? Maybe there's a lovely lady out there dying to meet Angela from The Office — and willing to date her nephew to do it.

Kinda sounds like the plot for an episode TBH.

11. This is literally what every single middle-aged person on match dot com looks like.

Twitter | @toriidek

It also happens to be exactly what my parents' vacation photos look like every year.

I wonder how well photos like this work to attract other people, though. Like, do other middle-aged people see a front-camera selfie with one palm tree in the background and go "heck yup"?

12. Honestly, this is a major vibe.

Twitter | @thatdutchperson

The fridge will never ghost you. It's always straight-up, and even though there's an occasional misunderstanding of what's inside, it's never its fault.

Fridges don't lie, but Tinder dates sure do.

And this guy totally falls for it.

Twitter | @hannahhhxoxo

He is so invested in this girl that his common sense has been thrown directly into the trash, along with whatever dignity he had.

10. Kinda loving this approach to dating.

Twitter | @girlnarly

I like how the standards for a mate are now literally the lowest possible. If you have a pulse you're in the running.

Although now that I think about it, this girl might be more interested in harvesting your organs and selling 'em on the black market. But hey — that's a risk we're willing to take to find our bae!

14. Our parents always told us not to trust strangers on the internet.

Twitter | @hannahhhxoxo

But I honestly don't think it was because they'd trick us into texting ourselves. What kind of reverse-psychology, anti-intelligence stuff is this?!

7. It's imperative to have a slight overlap in musical taste, or else we risk long, uncomfortable car rides.

Twitter | @SJSchauer

As someone who barely likes the same music as my significant other, I support Jonas Brothers being this girl's deal-breaker.

I also love how dedicated this person is to trolling this guy.

Twitter | @hannahhhxoxo

She really seems shook.

Also "I wish I could call you" is the funniest, saddest thing I have read all week. Poor, gullible guy.

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