19 Times People Had To Do A Double Take

Sarah Kester
Scooby Doo outfits on doors
reddit | sizzzarah

There are many things in life that require a double-take.

A person who you thought you recognized in a crowd, spotting a store you want to check out, or recreating that meme of that boyfriend who checks out another girl while his girlfriend looks on, furious.

Miraculously, people have been able to capture these photos for the internet to see.

So whether it's a perfectly-timed photo or unique things no one noticed before, here are 19 times people had to do a double-take.

Batman awaits

Crime fighters in Yellow Pages
reddit | TekTomm

This, right here, is reason enough to bring out the Yellowpages. You know, that big book that no one uses since we all have easy access to the internet? But if Batman is really in here, we must call him!

The space coaster

Roller coaster that looks like it flys into space
reddit | u/deleted

"The contrail makes it look like the roller coaster launched off into space," this Redditor wrote.

Imagine going on this ride! You're going to need to say goodbye to your loved ones, buckle in tight, and prepare for blast off!

The signs

Funny construction sign
reddit | u/deleted

Maybe working in construction isn't so bad? Not when the workers get cool signs like this!

They can stand in their red high heels and ugly orange jacket and get a chuckle out of it while they're being watched.

This artsy-fartsy pic

Cat smelling a cat's butt
reddit | u/Sleevenotes

"The cats decided to pose for an artsy-fartsy picture this morning," this Redditor wrote.

Emphasis on the fartsy! It's hard to understand why cats choose to do this. You could always interpret this pic in a different way by imagining a swan.

The squeaker

Squeaker and dog
reddit | starsailor40

This dog toy is pretty witty. It says "Game Over. Your Dog Won" on the squeaker. But did they really win, though?

If anything, we'd say that the owner won since this means they don't have to hear that squeak anymore!

The happy stone

Stone painted as cat
reddit | Pajacykowatyyy

"I am visiting my family that has just bought a new home," this Redditor wrote. "I helped them tidy the garden and found this pebble in one of the bushes. I turned it over and... LOL." So cute!

This valid message

Coffee package with clever message
reddit | TiscaBomid

Just when we couldn't love coffee anymore! One company goes and creates this clever packaging that's so valid in the morning when we're still tired.

They just know our brains can't function until we've had our morning coffee.

The hipster pelican

Pelican statue with hat
reddit | nannerooni

"Mom put a hat on a local sculpture to keep him warm. Nobody has removed it yet," this Redditor wrote.

No one removed it because it makes this guy look so warm and hip! He's the most stylish pelican statue around.

The dog stick library

Dog stick library
reddit | Spiffinit

You may have to do a double-take, but your dog won't! They already zeroed in on this dog stick library the second they spotted it from down the road.

It's heaven to them! Maybe even as nice as a pup cup from Starbucks.

The beer lamps

Beer lamps
reddit | sinmantky

"Ebisu, Tokyo has street lamps in the shape of beer mugs, as there used to be a beer factory there," this Redditor wrote. This is such a creative way to honor the town's former history. Cheers to that!

The cat food box

Cat food box with message
reddit | bekkins

This is the kind of cat food company worth buying from. They clearly understand cats!

They know that no toy will draw the same attention from cats as a random box would. Cats could live there!

The first pair of shoes

Toddler shoes with message on the sole
reddit | misterpep

"My first ever shoes (from the early 1980s) with some useful instructions on the sole," this Redditor shared.

How sweet of the shoe company to make! This will make it even harder to part from a toddler's first pair of shoes.

The tag

Thyme plant tag
reddit | Sgt_Lackluster

Most of us never give a double-take to tags. We rip them off our new purchases and throw them in the trash.

Well, one person was able to give a tag a new life when they saw this message.

The Flying Dutchman

Flying Dutchman boat
reddit | u/deleted

"This picture of Sutro Tower in San Francisco makes it look like the top of the Flying Dutchman's floating ship," this Redditor wrote. It just goes to show all the possibilities a perfectly-timed photo can bring about!

The elephant in the room

Elephant stew recipe
reddit | skussin

You've heard about the elephant in the room, but what about in this stew? This Redditor received this 1979 cookbook from their parents. It came with this very interesting recipe that we can't say we've ever tried...

The good kind of testing on animals

Shirt tag with funny message
reddit | vimsee

"I have had this t-shirt for way longer than I want to admit," this Redditor wrote. "I hear a capture sound from my gf`s phone taking a picture of my neck and she shows me this."

The lost spouse

Aisle sign with lost spouse on it
reddit | u/deleted

Every grocery store needs this! I don't know about you, but men have a special habit of wandering off in the grocery store. One second, they're looking at vegetables with you, and the next, they're off running amuck.

The touchy man

Selfie with man's hand looking like it's on girl's shoulder
reddit | u/deleted

"The man in the back of his picture looks like his hand is on the girl's shoulder," this user wrote. This is a very polite way of photobombing! Instead of someone giving bunny ears, he gave the photo a hand!

IT guys like to joke, too

Computer mouse in mousetrap
reddit | graphixs6

When IT guys aren't busy getting frustrated and asking people, "did you turn it on and off?" they're having fun! That's how they came up with this clever idea to put a "mouse" in the mousetrap.