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14+ Funny Pics For The Target-Obsessed

Target: the happiest place on earth. Oh, you thought it was Disney? Think again, my friend, because a Target trip is a happiness you can experience over and over again for the low, low cost of...whatever you buy there.

(If you don't live near a Target, my extreme condolences.)

Anyway, since we're all aging and our idea of excitement is going to the big red circle, let's dive in and meet our fellow enthusiasts.

1. Someone cross stitch this!

Twitter | @Ean_withanE

Ean you're valid. Sorry about your tweezers. Maybe buy a notebook.

I mean, from Target, of course. Maybe in that really dangerous dollar section up front, where money just disappears in red and white flames.

And this, too.

Twitter | @Target

You know what would have been just as good as a haiku, Target? Giving Ean some free tweezers. It's what he deserves after gifting the world with such a good tweet.

2. Thanks, I hate it.

Reddit | zeeboguy

Whoever did this was out to scar some people. The thing I wanna know is why Target is selling freestanding Spongebobs to just buy? That seems like a product that is too dangerous for us plebs to own.

3. Legends marry legends.

Twitter | @marielove611

What's better than being at Target? Uh... Getting your engagement photos done at Target, I guess? I mean, the great lighting is already there, and if you work there and red is one of your wedding colors... This is a lot of ifs.

4. Hello, bullseye.

Imgur | slotpink

Tfw you're in such a tight relationship with Target that it greets you like an old friend every time you roll up at like 10 p.m. needing to buy toilet paper but knowing you're going to end up in the accessories section with a cart full of stuff.

5. You've heard of three kids in a trench coat...

Reddit | Stolengoose get ready for one kid in three boxes. If this were my kid, I wouldn't even be mad. I'd be looking to try and help cut eyeholes in the middle of the store. This is also probably why I don't have kids.

6. She has a valid tight.

Twitter | @haley_copeland

Let the Target force flow through you, young Padawan. Let it guide you to the cookie aisle, where you'll buy five different Oreo flavors just because you can. Or to the shoes, where another pair of slides await you.

7. This guy went in with the wrong shirt.

Twitter | @RoryDiamond

This is like wearing black and red in a Sephora. This poor guy just wanted to wear his red polo in public, not be asked where press-on letters are. Guess that's the price of fashion.

This is well-known meme territory.

Like, it took me two seconds to find this.

People of the world: how many of you have made the mistake of wearing red in the mystical land of Target, and why have you not learned? Tell me the tales of your bravery.

8. A hero.

Twitter | @imaginator1d

Sure, you're definitely going in for one item. You have no need for, like, new pillows for your couch, or a new lamp, or a popsocket, or a new dog bed, or a whole stationary bike...but you're gonna buy them.

9. Put that thing back where it came from.

Reddit | Teggert

What's the opposite of a 2319 aka humans found in the monster world? 9132? Anyway, Mike and Sully apparently decided to stop by and check out the famed land of Target. You can't unsee it now, can you?

10. This is Target.

Reddit | Kuchufli

This display is good from August to December 31st, let's be real. No one can decide whether The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Halloween or Christmas movie, so why choose when to put up your really creative fan art?

11. It's called croc-leisure.

Imgur | MagnusMan

Okay, so I have two theories here: either this crocodile-human hybrid decided to get into modeling REALLY late in the game, or the future of fitness is wearing crocodile skulls as helmets.

12. What savings!


Ugh, all I wanted was a good deal on Mission yellow thin corn tortillas. Is that too much to ask, Target? I only needed 24 of them. I would have taken any sale you had. The betrayal is real.

13. We've all been there.

Twitter | IamEnidColeslaw

I just wanna say, if I ever run into someone I know doing this, I want them to tell me the truth. Not only because it's amazing, but also because I probably would be doing the same thing. Thanks.

14. A real big mood.

Twitter | @MoneypennyNaked

Qualifications for this job must also include the ability to walk through Costco without spending over $100, impeccable expiration date memorization, and the willpower to avoid the clearance section.

15. Pam! Pam! Pam!

Reddit | Bendrake

What would you do if you were in Target and just randomly saw Jenna Fischer? This is so cute, especially because it was taken in the toy aisle. Awww.