15 Pets That Are Definitely Jerks (But Hilarious Anyway)

Jordan Claes
Woman doing yoga with a cat on her face.
reddit | ninjasoundtech

Having a pet can have a profoundly positive effect on your overall mental health. It seems as if our cuddly furbabies have an almost magical way of picking us up whenever we feel blue.

However, at times they can also be moody, and antagonistic to point of appearing conniving. For those pet owners who know precisely what I'm referring to, here are 15 pets that are definitely jerks, yet still manage to come across as hilarious.

Have you ever been mauled by a herd of goats before?

Woman being "attacked" by goats.
reddit | davie1985

I feel like this is a play for dominance, plain and simple. Either that or this teeny tiny cuddly fella is just a downright jerk. How the heck did he even get up there, anyway?

Are you missing your underwear?

Cat with a collection of stolen underwear and socks.
reddit | benji

"We have discovered that our cat has stolen a large amount of men's underpants and socks from a neighbour. We live on George St. If it is yours, we are very sorry." - Reddit u/benji

The world is your scratching post.

Cat in bathtub ripping shower curtain.
reddit | baabaaredsheep

According to the Reddit post, the cat in question stopped shredding the shower curtain just long enough to issue a loud hiss before returning to the task at hand. If this were me, I'd have turned on the water full blast.

Only cat owners will understand.

Cat paws on a 15th century manuscript.
Fort Vancouver Historical National Historic Site | The Atlantic

This manuscript is from the 15th century. Do you have any idea how long it would've taken to painstakingly write this scripture by hand?! Only to have some rotten little furball come and scurry across it; I'm sure whoever the author was must've been furious.

I am the captain, now.

Golden retriever drowning teenager in pool
Imgur | GregEnsom

This kid was just lazily floating in the pool, totally minding his own business, when all of a sudden he's gulping for oxygen after nearly being drowned by a golden retriever. You at least could've asked first.

You're a real asshole, Rover.

Chewed tennis ball in a glass of red wine.
reddit | deleted

This is not what I had in mind when I said "Let's play fetch!" You're lucky that the wine I buy is never north of $10 a bottle — otherwise, there would be hell to pay!

We were literally sleeping in the next room.

Dog shreds couch cushion.
Imgur | everythingwasbeautifulandnothinghurt

I think it's safe to assume that after this incident occurred, sweet boy's owners made the switch from down to foam pillows. This sneeze-inducing catastrophe must've been an absolute nightmare to clean up.

I hope you're comfortable because that paper towel costs $5 a roll.

Cat sleeping in paper towel.
reddit | Elluztale

Are you joking with me? I finally splurged and got the double-ply quilted paper towel and you decide to spool out the whole roll just so you can nap on the counter; how could you?!

Come on, you totally did that on purpose!

Cat-print in a pie shell.
reddit | WashCapsFan

One single paw print — you just had to do it, didn't you? It's not like you made a mistake while walking, but rather that you made the conscious choice to dip your toes in my pie just for the hell of it.

A sucker for a heat lamp.

Cat in a terrarium.
reddit | Electric_Evil

You know, there are warmer and more comfortable spots to sleep in the house, right? You don't have to crawl into the terrarium and steal the heat lamp out from the bearded dragon's claws.

Classic sibling rivalry.

Yellow lab sitting on its sister.
reddit | Gracynvh

It just goes to show you that no matter the species — brothers and sisters are bound to squabble and not get along. The poor little thing looks as if she just accepts that her brother will be laying on her at this point.

What did the dog ever do to you?

Cat peeing on dog's food.
reddit | Olofstrom

I've got to hand it to you, cat — you're playing 3-D chess. The dog is clearly incapable of keeping up with the kind of psychological torment that you're willing to dish out.

And people ask me why I'm a dog person.

Cat lying on two slices of pizza, inside the pizza box.
reddit | k3vbomb

Come on, I was going to eat that! Now on top of everything else I get to experience the joy of trying to force you into the shower to wash crusty tomato sauce off your underside. Lucky me.

Well, at least he looks sorry...

Dog pooped in a bike helmet.
reddit | GallowBoob

You have an entire backyard to poop in and somehow you manage to squat into a bike helmet. I don't even know if I'd be mad — probably more impressed than anything else.

This gives the cat-cow pose a whole new meaning.

Woman doing yoga with cat on her head.
reddit | ninjasoundtech

When there's a cat roaming free in the apartment, there's no such thing as personal space. You might think you're practicing yoga, but to them, you're just a cat-post with legs.