19 People Who Failed Hilariously Hard

Sarah Kester
Jan and Chandler
Indulge Express | NBC

We've all had bad days.

You could be late for work, fall down in front of others, or send an awkward text to the wrong person. It happens to the best of us! Or, the unluckiest of us, if you think of it that way.

One cure for this is laughter. So when these 19 people went viral for their hilarious fails, we laughed along with them (and, admittedly, at them). Hey, it's all in good fun!

Here are 19 people who failed hilariously hard. 

The gas fail

So this is why gas prices are up! This man's hogging it all! But in all seriousness, what's he doing?

Once the tweet went viral, he hilariously tweeted, "this blew up."

The touchy therapist

Ah, therapists! Where would we be without them? In a psych ward, no doubt, but that's beside the point. They are so there for us. That is, until you touch them, as this Twitter user did. She's going to have a lot to talk about in therapy next week!

The "photography" book

While Brooklyn Beckham is preparing for his lavish wedding, some of us are still thinking about this photo fail... IN A BOOK OF PHOTOGRAPHY. This proves that celeb children shouldn't be given careers just because of their surname.

The late fee

This is a major fail on the apartment manager and a huge win for this Twitter user! We're going to be using this lawyer card whenever things don't go our way. Those slow McDonald's workers better watch out.

This sweet convo

Some people don't take too kindly to being rejected, like this fellow. After he DM'd a girl and she told him that he has a boyfriend, he tried to sidestep the awkwardness by making things infinitely MORE awkward. Nice save!

In one ear, out the other

They may have forgotten the name, but we need to know what they are! They look pretty good.

We're also wondering if this is an appropriate excuse to use whenever we meet someone, hear their name, and forget 10 seconds later.

The charcuterie board

As if dating wasn't hard enough! First, we have people ghosting us, and then we have guys like this who can't even commit to a charcuterie board date. In his defense, though, they do take a while to prepare.

The DM

This man was just shooting his shot all over the place! Beyoncé, this guy's girl, and who knows who else. But really, without knowing which girl this guy is talking to, he won't be able to stop.

The stolen food

Every parent knows this image all too well. Those small hands may be cute, but they get fast and grubby when they want to! We can't judge too much, though, since we still eat rice the same way.

This accidental follow

LOL. This is straight savage! He could've at least given her a pity follow after this, but Elon Musk doesn't have time for shenanigans. Her profile does say that she's a "space enthusiast"!

The wrong text

Yikes! With so many Chris' in the world, this was bound to happen one day. We're getting secondhand anxiety just reading this. He's lucky that he didn't divulge too much other information.

The third leg

Live TV is quite the doozy! This interviewer was clearly talking about the third leg of the race, but some of us aren't quite mature enough to realize that. Like these guys, our minds went straight to another "leg"...

The parenting fail

Oh, Ryan Reynolds! We can always count on him for hilarious parenting fails! The music of "Baby Shark" will never be played in their house again. The baby may never look at their mom the same either, though.

The latte art

First, we have baristas forgetting how to write our names and then this! The penis latte must be reserved for the customers who don't tip well. That, or this is the last latte this person served before they were fired.

The fallen car

Let's hear themselves talk their way out of this one! "It's all part of the process, ma'am" or "you can't even tell unless you stand very close." Yeah, yeah, where's the insurance payout?

This sandwich fail

What in the Sam Hill is this?! The poor sandwich was chewed by a spawn of Satan, no doubt. Who else would eat half of a sandwich this way?? Even Subway tweeted, "no seriously what is this."

This keen landlord

Yeah, this landlord will only see rent once he takes care of these rats! What is he going to say next? That the cockroaches under the sink are pets, too? Or that the psycho neighbor next door should be the property manager?

The hero

Aww! How sweet... wait a minute. Someone needs to check on this mom to see if she's still alive. She's looking a little worse for the wear.

Although, if she's only been a corpse for one month, she's looking pretty good.

This broken elevator

Boy, do we feel safe! This elevator even helps us get in our cardio for the day! How handy!

In the case of taking the stairs or taking this terrifying ride, the answer is a no-brainer: the elevator. Ain't nobody got time to walk.