20 People Who Captured Something Pretty Cool With Their Camera

Bubble in a pool refracting light and distorting design on pool floor
reddit | notsurewhereireddit

Virtually all of us carry around a smartphone that contains a camera with a million billion megapixels. With this in mind, there's really no excuse not to get out there and start snapping some pics, even if you're the shy type.

If you're looking for some inspiration, you've come to the right place. These pics aren't really about the composition, but they are all about capturing something cool.

"Ken Jeong was a physician at the hospital I work at."

Portrait of comedic actor Ken Jeong from his time as a physician
reddit | tim_mcmardigras

Before he was everyone's favorite unhinged side character, Ken Jeong was a licensed physician. While he was completing his medical degrees, he took the time to take some theater classes at UCLA, and the rest is history.

"Soda bottle that can be filled with sand and used as a hantle."

Beverage containers designed to be filled with sand and used in weightlifting
reddit | egrick

I'd never seen the word 'hantle' used to describe these weights, but, sure enough, it's a legit word. This is both a cool way to upcycle old bottles and a way for the beverage manufacturer to get away with putting less in a bottle.

"I made this robin out of wool and I think it turned out im-peck-able."

Woman posing with realistic robin she made out of wool
reddit | growup_andblowaway

I'm a simple person. If I see a cool pic with a caption that includes some fun wordplay, I try to include it in a Diply article.

"My cousin’s samurai sword shift knob."

Hilt of a samurai sword used as a shift knob in a car
reddit | MarkHAZE86

If you're the kind of person who has a bunch of cheap swords lying around that you bought from some guy at the mall, this is a decent way to reuse them. There's nothing like channeling the ancient spirit of the Samurai as you tool around in a Ford Fiesta.

"The sunset from my plane seat."

Sunset viewed from a plane
reddit | [deleted]

Flying can be such an unpleasant experience that it's easy to lose sight of the fantastic views it offers. The cool part here is knowing that, at ground level, the sun already set a long time ago.

"This gravestone of Internet Explorer."

Gravestone honoring Internet Explorer
reddit | artistXenon

Internet Explorer never got much respect. It was ridiculed as an inferior alternative to more popular options like Firefox and Chrome, and was put out of its misery in 2022. Now, Microsoft has replaced it with a similar browser that uses a similar logo.

"This slug drew a snail."

Slug trail forms the rough shape of a snail
reddit | wollowman

My understanding of slugs is that they're basically snails without shells. If that's the case, I admire this little slug for creating aspirational street art. It may never be a snail, but that isn't going to stop it from dreaming.

"I'm working for my state's abandoned mines program. Here's some of the interesting stuff."

Entrance to an abandoned mine
reddit | fithdawn

Abandoned mines tend to stay in pretty good condition, as many of them are located in dry, arid areas far from human interference. Sure, there may be the odd ghost, but otherwise they're fascinating.

"Got to work on the Wienermobile today."

Oscar Mayer Weinermobile brought to garage for servicing
reddit | DeBray3

If you're a mechanic who also loves hot dogs, I would assume this repair would be somewhere on your bucket list. I mean, this has to be the most famous car shaped like a hot dog in the history of the world.

"The cat, the scorpion and the field."

Scorpion and a tabby cat in the foreground, chimney flare in the background
reddit | EhsanBerwari

I was a little worried about the cat and scorpion not getting along, but I think they're chill with each other. In fact, it kind of looks like they're about to drop an album together.

"TV remote in Peru has a button for soccer."

Peruvian TV remote has a button specifically for soccer
reddit | Dep1385

TV remotes are full of buttons we never use (seriously, why do they all have colored buttons that can't be programmed or used for anything?). With this in mind, it's kind of refreshing to see such a useful button.

"Wild boar chilling with humans."

Large wild boar sitting near a group of people around a table
reddit | YungSoo

This wild boar looks pretty serene, and the people aren't too concerned, either. But just remember this: if wild boars are willing to attack Shakira herself, they're probably willing to attack anyone. Proceed with caution.

"The parking lines at this dentist in Dublin are toothbrushes with some toothpaste."

Parking lines at dental office resemble toothbrushes
reddit | seantack

I think we can all appreciate some attention to detail when it comes to areas that are often overlooked. With just a little bit of extra paint, this dentist has found a way for a boring parking lot to be on-brand.

"A firework behind an old tree."

Firework behind bare tree gives the appearance of glowing leaves
reddit | mtojay

This tree is quite clearly bare, with no leaves whatsoever. But thanks to this specific angle, it looks like it has the coolest leaves possible. If this pic were a little less blurry, it would be a perfect phone background.

"I did this at the last chalk festival."

3D chalk art of monsters in a glass
reddit | mnhaverland

Chalk art never ceases to amaze me. The 3D effect (with shadow!) is impressive enough on its own, but what really gets me is the lighting effects. It truly looks like a real glass that's realistically reflecting light.

"These 2 UPS trucks trading packages."

Two UPS trucks parked back to back to exchange packages
reddit | XRedcometX

I don't want to accuse these UPS drivers of anything untoward, but this looks kind of sketchy — almost like they have something to hide.

Realistically though, it's probably way easier for these drivers to exchange packages by pushing their trucks together like this.

"A pair of eagles interlocked. Been after this shot for years."

Two eagles interlocked at the talons as they fly
reddit | rajmon503

Eagles are impressive predators, and most animals (humans included) know not to mess with these birds of prey and their sharp talons. Apparently, eagles should also know not to mess with eagles, because this looks like a fierce struggle.

"These kiwis undergoing mitosis."

Kiwis undergoing mitosis which changes their shape
reddit | phonemannn

Mitosis occurs when individual chromosones are separated into two new nuclei. The definition hardly matters, though. What does matter is that mitosis has a way of making kiwi fruit look really weird. Like, some of these kiwis are trying to make a number 8.

"The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee flyover."

Planes forming the number 70 in honor of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee
reddit | Dillythedino

Fun fact: dating back to ancient times, every time an English monarch has reached the 70th year of their reign, the event has been commemorated by fighter jets forming the number 70 in the sky. This statement is technically correct.

"The effect of refraction and this bubble in my pool."

Bubble in a pool refracting light and distorting design on pool floor
reddit | notsurewhereireddit

The grid pattern on the bottom of this pool is fairly plain, but it turns into something altogether different when you add a bubble into the mix. It looks like a futuristic security camera.