20 People Who Are Off To A Rough Start

There is nothing quite like getting your day off to a great start! Although, more often than not such starts are merely a pipe dream.

So, from people who smashed their way through the kitchen to individuals who woke up to a rather startling message from God, here are 20 people who are off to a rough start!

"This bike lane that was built in Cagliari built a couple of months ago..."

Well, I can only assume that someone got fired from their job as a result of this catastrophic disaster of a bike lane.

"This is the side of my house."

The person who owns house was less than excited by the family of eight skunks that had moved in under their house. I wonder why?

"Car got drowned on land in Mumbai."

I cannot fathom how confused this car's owner must have been when they got back. We all have those, "I could have sworn I parked here," moments but this is another level.

"Plane crashed in my buddy's back yard."

Of all of the things that I would never imagine to see in my backyard first thing in the morning, a crashed plane would be pretty high on that list.

"My car this morning."

"Hey Dave, is that a new electric scooter?"


"You must be made up with it!"

"Not exactly."

Tell Us How You Really Feel...

Sounds like Julia might have gotten under this guy's skin a bit. Although, stealing fish is bang out of order Julia, you ought to know better!

Separated Forever...Sort Of.

This unlucky person explained, "At my [apartment] you need a key fob for entry. Only problem is I forgot the key inside. I walked out and let the door shut behind me before realizing he wasn't outside yet. Now we wait."

"One of my kids brought poison ivy into the house, now my hands look like this. Every bump is a blister."

Kids always love to bring home wonderful stuff like poison ivy, and countless diseases from the other children!

"Two teams of builders building a bike lane 'on the right side' in the Ukraine."

Okay, the fact that this has happened once before is baffling, but for it to be happening frequently around the world is just terrifying!

"My keys decided I'm not going anywhere today."

If you're as confused as I am as to how this happened, this person explained: "Ran inside and left the keys in the door since I was heading out only to discover I couldn't open the door. I don't think I could make this happen again if I tried!"

They eventually got out after two hours thanks to brute force!

Screw Me I Guess...

I spend a lot of time thinking about how much I ruin everything in life, but I don't need my clothes reminding me of this fact thank you very much!

"Autopilot brain..."

This must have made them feel like a right asshat when they got home. Although, I can just about see what might have caused the confusion here!

"Sorry Joe..."

What sucks is that Ice-T probably won't even have seen this as he'll already have blocked poor Joe!

"Wife helped me put sunscreen on."

What did she do, flick it onto your back from a distance? This is a shockingly poor attempt at putting on sunscreen! They do kind of look like a tiger now though I guess.

"So I had a sneezing fit while driving yesterday and..."

Sneezing when you're driving is a uniquely terrifying experience. As a man with hay-fever, driving in the summer is always exciting to say the least!

"So, things are going great…"

You would probably be amazed by how often this sort of thing happens (deliberately!) in chain coffee shops. Humanity is going in a weird direction.

"Imagine getting arrested and a cat just comes along and sits on you..."

You never know though, it might have been the cat who took this guy down and the police are wondering whether to make him an official police officer.

Perfect Picture!

Seagulls love nothing more than butting in where they don't belong! I mean, have you ever been anywhere near a beach? They've got no sense of personal space!

"Just trying to wake up is hard sometimes."

Mmmm, nothing like a nice morning cup of floor coffee and ground glass to get you pumped for the day ahead!

"Thanks God..."

"I feel like I just need a sign. Oh...yeah well, screw you too God you big cloudy jerk!"

*Thunder rumbles...

"Ooooh, look at the big man with his thunder!"