15 People Share Their Weird Kitchen Habits

Jordan Claes
Woman cooking in kitchen.
Unsplash | Jason Briscoe

When you have the right ingredients in the hands of the right chef, anything is possible. However, when you have someone in the kitchen who cooks with reckless abandon — all bets are off.

Below is a collection of 15 people sharing their weird kitchen habits. It's enough to make you never want to leave the safety and sanctity of your own home for a meal, ever again.

Measuring spoons only need to be washed after measuring certain things.

Measuring spoons with spices.
Unsplash | Calum Lewis

"Measuring spoons immediately go back into their place if they were used to scoop salt or sugar...and maybe flour and perhaps cornstarch after a gentle wipe out." - Reddit u/seaofluv

That doesn't sound sanitary at all.

Old frying pan.
Unsplash | Helinton Fantin

Reddit user linengray admits that they don't always wash their non-stick frying pans after each use. They believe that by simply rinsing the pan, it retains its "residual" flavor — whatever the hell that means.

It's like you're licking the inside of my mouth.

Jim Carrey gagging in 'Dumb And Dumberer'.

Redditor 1008oh has the nasty habit of putting the sample or tasting spoon from their mouth, immediately back into whatever it is they happen to be cooking. I sincerely hope that you never host a dinner party.

You have brought great shame upon your entire family.

Plate of spaghetti.
Unsplash | Joice Kelly

Reddit user ______HokieJoe______ begins their post by explaining how he and his wife are Italian. When they have to cook for family gatherings, they also resort to using store-bought pasta sauce.

Takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'.

Judge Judy yelling.
Giphy | Lifetime Telly

"Mine is that I've read all the advice on how to clean, use, store, maintain and re-season my cast iron pans. I ignore it all. I'm not doing anything I'm supposed to, but they just keep working." - Reddit u/Accipitridaen

A little bread batter never hurt anyone.

Kneading dough.
Unsplash | Jeremy Yap

When Redditor Reasonable-Writing uses a knife to test whether or not her baking goods are done, she then simply wipes the knife off and sticks it back in the drawer. I would suggest trying toothpicks — much more sanitary.

Rebel without a cause.

Rapunzel hitting herself with a frying pan.

For most people, the sound of metal scraping metal is enough to put their teeth on edge — but not Redditor bw2082. According to their post, they use metal utensils on all of their metal non-stick pans.

No fridge? No problem.

Condiments on restaurant table.
Unsplash | Charisse Kenion

Reddit user Parking-Restaurant-2 claims that they never refrigerate their condiments. Ketchup, mustard, butter, and even pickles. In fairness, restaurants certainly don't refrigerate certain table condiments — but pickles?! That's just gross. Who wants a warm pickle on their burger?!

There's nothing tastier than last night's teabag.

Tea cup.
Unsplash | Drew Jemmett

Redditor Veganhemeroid says that she uses the same exact mug for tea every single day and that she hardly ever washes it. She says that the only thing she'll seldom do is rinse the cup with the excess boiling water from the kettle.

Not my pig, not my farm.

Scene from 'Suits'.

"When I am wiping down the counters at the end of the day, all the crumbs or whatever just go straight to the floor. I figure the dog or the rumba will get it, not my problem." - Reddit u/Familiar_Teaching215

I'll keep you my dirty little secret...

Collection of wooden spoons.
Unsplash | Gaelle Marcel

Reddit user willowintheev doesn't mince words when they said that they put their wooden spoons in the dishwasher after use. In all honesty, I didn't even know that we weren't supposed to do that.

You make me wanna cry.

Chopping an onion.

Redditor bubblemint19 admits that they only buy pre-chopped frozen onions at the grocery store. They claim that it's due to the fact that cutting onions always makes them cry — I thought that happened to everyone?

Maybe you should try rinsing with warm water?

Woman with cold hands.
Unsplash | Some Tale

A Reddit user who goes by the handle Cguercio says that they never wash their coffee cups. According to their post, they're prone to getting "cold hands" and try to avoid running water at all costs.

No, I'm not making that last part up.

I like to live dangerously.

Scene from 'Austin Powers'.

We've all made egregious kitchen mistakes at one point or another, but Redditor KillBotzKel might just take the cake. According to their post, they claim to not wash their hands when preparing food solely for themself.

What exactly constitutes "icky" for you?

Finger on lips; signaling silence.
Unsplash | Kristina Flour

"If I drop a piece of vegetable or meat on the ground that is still to be fried I'll happily throw it back in the pan if it doesn't look icky." - Reddit u/Rolten

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