People Online Share The Home Decor Ideas That Improved Their Living Spaces

Kasia Mikolajczak
Two people standing side by side holding paint supplies.
Unsplash | Roselyn Tirado

Some people seem to be great at picking home decor and using their DIY skills. I don't know about you, but I definitely think it's an art form. And, those who do it well need to get a round of applause.

However, not all of us have that decorating gene and need all the inspiration we can get in that department. So if you're the latter, I have some useful ideas for you. These folks have this home decor game all figured out. Check it out.

This DIY Patio Upgrade

DIY renovated patio before and after.
reddit | lucia_eoy

Who says you can't elevate the look of your small patio? You definitely can if you know what you're doing. This person was able to DIY this area and bring more life into it, and they did it on a budget. I love it.

This Fun Renovated Work Nook

DIY renovated work nook with a flower wallpaper.
reddit | eviesadoll

Working from home can get tricky, especially when you don't have the proper space to do so. But this person turned a laundry room closet into the cutest workspace I have ever seen. This DIY rose wallpaper is giving me all the right feels, and I don't even like pink.

This DIY Laundry Room Makeover

DIY laundry makeover before and after.
reddit | JadeR86

If you have a small space to do your laundry, it might be tricky to fit everything in, huh? But as you can see here, it didn't stop this person. Instead of building out horizontally, they did it vertically, and it worked out perfectly.

This DIY Breakfast Bar

DIY breakfast bar before and after.
reddit | dethjamz

Even if you think you don't have the right kind of DIY skills to elevate a space in your home, think again. This person here had very little experience with this sort of thing, and look how they changed this area between their kitchen and dining room. It looks fantastic, huh?

This DIY Stairwell Makeover

DIY stairwell makeover before and after
reddit | u/shananannana

Why settle on just a boring stairwell when you can have some fun with it, eh? That's exactly what this looks like to me. This person came up with the perfect color scheme, and I think that it looks quite fabulous. What do you think?

This Guest Bathroom Home Decor Upgrade

Bathroom renovation before and after inspiration photos.
reddit | HougeetheBougie

Whoa! What do you think of this awesome bathroom renovation here, huh? I think it looks quite elevated now. If I were a guest staying here, I wouldn't mind it at all. This is definitely some good inspiration for all of us.

This Laundry Room Inspiration

Laundry room makeover before and after inspiration home decor photos.
reddit | chelseacombs

I've got to admit something — I dream of having a nice laundry room. But until then, I can definitely take some inspiration from this amazing makeover. What do you think of this home decor renovation idea here?

This Simple DIY Bathroom Idea

DIY bathroom tile makeover before and after.
reddit | Ok_Read5043

This person moved into a new rental unit and absolutely hated the plain bathroom. So what did they end up doing to elevate the look of it? They went for a simple yet effective DIY adhesive tile, and now they love it.

This Kitchen Renovation

DIY kitchen renovation before and after photos.
reddit | Datelesspizza

A beautiful kitchen can make all the difference — at least that's what I think. So when I saw this kitchen renovation, I was definitely impressed. If this isn't home reno inspiration you can use, I don't know what is.

This Elevated Living Space

Renovated living room before and after.
reddit | mmkjustasec

Oh my goodness, just take a look at this space here. I have to say I wasn't a fan of all the brown in this living room, so I'm happy to see how different it looks now. What do you think of that?

This Fancy Bathroom Renovation Inspiration

Bathroom before and after a home renovation
reddit | sidmohan90

Whoa, talk about taking your bathroom renovation to a new level, huh? I really love what these homeowners did to this space here. And judging by the looks of it, the doggo approves of it, too.

This DIY Stairwell Makeover

From brown to light stairwell makeover before and after pictures.
reddit | mmkjustasec

Some people may not pay too much attention to details like their home's stairwell. On the other hand, some are very conscious of every corner of their house. I think this elevated stairwell look here proves my point. Do you agree with me?

This Impressive Kitchen Upgrade

From a brown kitchen to bright white before and after
reddit | mmkjustasec

Honestly, if I didn't know, I never would have guessed that this was the same kitchen here. What these folks have done to this place is quite impressive, no? Now there is so much light in this space that was lacking before.

This Accent Wall Home Decor Inspiration

A cocoa-nutmeg accent wall in the living room before and after photos.
reddit | Reddit

I don't know about you, but I love accent walls. They can really elevate a room, huh? This here is a perfect example of that. Don't you think so? This nutmeg-colored wall makes the room stand out, and I'm here for it all.

This Couch Library Inspiration

Couch set up with shelves that has books all around.
reddit | xXboxPlaysx

Most people resort to using end tables to store all their books in their living room. I don't mind that idea at all. However, I think this is so much more unique concept here. What do you think? It's giving me quite the home decor inspiration, alright.

This Incredible Kitchen Makeover

Kitchen makeover before and after.
reddit | izzzziie

One of my favorite things about somebody's home is an inviting kitchen. This very simple concept wasn't doing much for me, I'll admit. And, I think that was the sentiment of these homeowners, too. What they've done to their kitchen here makes such a big difference. Don't you think?

This Bathroom Renovation Inspiration

Bathroom makeover before and after.
reddit | decoapartment

My second favorite place in a home is the bathroom. I know I'm weird like that, but a gorgeous bathroom just floats my boat, haha. So when I saw somebody go to town in this space here, I got goosebumps. Doesn't it look so nice or what?

This DIY Dining Room Mural

Handpainted DIY crane mural in sombody's dining room with furniture around
reddit | Pinkpurplegreentea

Oh my goodness, get a load of this. Somebody actually handpainted this gorgeous crane mural on their dining room wall. I can't get over how amazing this looks, huh? I thought it was some kind of vintage wallpaper. It's quite impressive, no?

I hope you got some amazing home decor inspiration here.

home with dark gray cabinets and nice furniture in fron of a fire place
Unsplash | Spacejoy

Sometimes it takes grand changes to elevate the look of your home, and other times, all you need are a few small but detail-oriented touches. Which idea stood out to you the most, huh? I don't know about you, but this is the kind of DIY inspiration I needed to get off my butt and start decorating.