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14+ People Reveal Their Worst Break-Up Horror Stories

Is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all? The answer to that question sort of relies on how you lost.

Break-ups are bad no matter which way you slice 'em. Whether messy or amicable, it is pretty much impossible to break a heart without hurting someone you once loved. However, not all break-ups are created equal, and there are definitely some forms of ending relationships that have a more catastrophic effect than others.

The people of the internet recently took to Reddit to share what they think are the most horrible ways to break-up with a significant other

All good things must come to an end, but these ends are particularly nasty.


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"I found out my ex and I weren't together after he posted an Instagram picture with his best friend of 3 years," this woman shares. " The caption was: 'It only took me 3 years to ask her out.'"

The Long Haul

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"Probably either on the second day of a 7-day trip, or on the second hour of a 9-hour bus ride where you still have to be within 10 feet of each other for the rest of the damn trip," this person writes. "Not that I'm bitter or anything."


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"My boyfriend broke up with me by texting me asking how my day was. I said 'fine, how was yours?' He responded with 'Great had a fantastic day with my girlfriend'" one woman writes. "I was at work all day. We had been together for 4 years, and been living together for 2. He had been cheating on me, and decided to leave me for his mistress. Good times."

Couch Potato

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"She started making out with another dude while we were at a party, all sitting on the same couch," this guy reveals. "That deflates the romance pretty quickly."

Mommy Dearest

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"She had her mom do it for her," one man writes. "My former girlfriend came from an obscenely wealthy family and never had to deal with any real-life matters herself; her folks handled everything. Her folks never liked me - the poor artist boyfriend wasn't a suitable fit for their daughter - and decided it was time for me to go. Girlfriend's folks had the locks changed on the doors of the condo I'd been sharing with her (which they owned), and her mom was waiting outside when I arrived home from work. She informed me that the relationship was over and that I should gather my things while she waited."

Bonn Voyage

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"Leave and never return, don't send any messages, block them from all social media, never tell them the reason," this person writes. "Losing someone who you thought was fine with you so suddenly in such a quiet and confusing way will really mess with someone's anxiety and self esteem."

Between The Sheets

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"You cheat on them and let them find out," one person shares. "So they end the relationship with you."

Mind Over Matter

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"I got served divorce papers while in a mental hospital," this woman shares. "Not the best timing."

Blue Valentine

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"Dude sent me a screen shot of him with my girl laying on his chest on Valentine’s Day," this guy shares. "While I was overnight in a hotel for work many hours away."


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"Christmas Eve my ex got all of her gifts because we wouldn’t see each other the next day because she would be busy," this man writes. "Turns out she had been cheating on me with another guy and she just wanted to get her gifts. After packing everything she says oh yea we are done I’m seeing someone else and left."

Slide To The Left

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"My over dramatic eighth grade self broke up with my first girlfriend via a power point made on a library computer," this guy writes.

Stockings Hung With Care

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"Handwritten note in a Christmas stocking," one woman writes. "The. Absolute. Worst."

Up In The Air

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"He was supposed to pick me up from the airport," one woman shares. "Texted to let me know he wouldn’t be there, and that we were done, as I was boarding the plane."

Class Act

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"In a high school yearbook," one person writes. "I'm still hurt by that."

Love Sick

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"Over text," one woman writes. "Right after they tell you they have cancer."

Moving On Up

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"Convince them to move out of state with you," this person writes. "Get them to put in their notice and help you pack. Break up the night before you leave."

Long Distance

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"On a Skype call, while they're 3000 miles way in another country," this guy shares. "Out of sight, out of mind. It screws you up."

Note To Self

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"The old note on the fridge," one woman writes. "At least be man enough to show your face, you know?"

Cap & Gown

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"By having her new boyfriend sing a song at graduation," this person writes, "about how you don't know that your girlfriend is cheating on you."

I Do

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"Bottle it, marry them, then spend 30+ years together," this person writes. "The American Dream."