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16+ People Who Got Played So Hard It Hurt

For a a lot of our early years, we would innocently go through life thinking we could take people at face value.

If someone told us that we might be at risk of cancer if our hand is as big as our face, many of us took it as serious medical advice and not somebody's else's opportunity to make us hit ourselves.

But alas, we soon learned that not everyone in life will throw straight dice with us and sometimes life itself likes to take its mean streak out on us.

And if these people hadn't learned that already, they certainly know now.

Someone accepted a return on a drill and if they noticed the weight seemed a little off, it wasn't their imagination.

Reddit | Beerbrewing

Unfortunately, it seems that somebody managed to walk away with both their money and their drill.

As for why they included a dumbbell instead of a rock, my guess is that they knew how somebody would feel after accepting this. Talk about adding insult to injury.

It's getting to the point where we can't help but treat any outlet we see in an airport with suspicion.

Reddit | ryusomad

It's a little strange that this always seems to be the target for any pranksters with access to these convincing stickers, though.

Presumably, they know we're tired and cranky, so we won't notice until it's too late?

Apparently, someone's roommate put ice in the bottom of this tub just to create that false sense of security.

Reddit | WedgieMaster69

Also, either the roommate pulled this stunt in the late 2000s or they decided to go with a vintage troll face for their little prank.

It's really hard to look at this bizarre urinal mirror and see anything but malice behind it.

Reddit | ForIAmYourGod

It's weird enough when hotels place mirrors in a way that gives you a full view of yourself pooping, but most people really don't want to broadcast their peeing to everyone else in the bathroom.

Sadly, this gas station's bait and switch claimed two unfortunate victims.

It's especially unfortunate because this would otherwise be one of the rare times that our grandparents actually understood the gaming-related purchase they were making.

Just because the company's called Sky News, that doesn't mean it's a good idea to watch it while you're actually in the sky.

Reddit | ShinobiKid

One could argue that whoever tuned into this played themselves, but it's still messed up to have to spend the next several hours fiercely gripping the armrest.

For obvious reasons, Nike's shoes left one golfer less than satisfied.

Reddit | wildgumbo

Apparently, one of the soles just straight-up fell off on one hole, and the other one followed by the time they got to the next one.

They were still fairly new, too.

If there's a good time to realize your roommates didn't bother to swap in a new toilet paper roll, 2:45 am definitely isn't it.

Reddit | paulochain

If nothing else, Paulo's awkward situation at least lends us a little insight as to why some roommates get so territorial about their supplies.

When you're the new guy at work, situations like this make it really easy to get paranoid.

Reddit | Frankthabunny

Although if he was seriously going to use the mop bucket for this, it's probably for the best that filling up the water fountain isn't actually his responsibility.


Unfortunately, even our sweet doggos aren't always above finessing us to get what they want.

Reddit | Thadudewithglasses

That said, it's way easier to be impressed than mad to learn the pooch is capable of this kind of trickery.

This probably didn't happen on purpose because it's a much bigger deal than the pranks we've seen so far.

Reddit | dr_funkenberry

Apparently, the tire shop forgot to tighten the lug nuts, which meant that three bolts came off while they were going 70 miles per hour on the interstate.


Although this could be a coincidence, it's hard not to feel disrespected when you open this package.

Reddit | OnceOnly43

Sure, it's possible that there was chicken under the label that shifted during transit, but that also seems like a convenient excuse not to put any where you can't see it.

Even if this driver was interested in whatever this was promoting, they probably won't be after they scrape this gunk off their windshield.

Reddit | luiscamara

So here's a protip: If you want somebody to like your event, don't clog up their windshields with flyers on a rainy day.

Once it dries out, presto! Instant inconvenience!

Of course, the only people more likely to play with your emotions than roommates are siblings.

Reddit | rockweiler

That's why it's good practice to treat any expensive-looking gift from them with a wry smile until you actually see it for yourself.

As you can see, there are some creative ways to be technically true, but wildly misleading.

They always say there's no such thing as a free lunch and it's harder to get more direct confirmation of that reality than this.

Reddit | Guevarra25

I can only imagine how satisfying it would be to see their faces as I turn up as an 81-year-old with record-breaking parents, though.

I'd definitely treat that as an all-you-can-eat special.

The saga of this person's struggles with ordering a TV starts off bad and ends up even worse.

Reddit | plastictank

Not only did it show up looking like someone threw it in a trash compactor, but it apparently got lost in shipping for about a week and a half.

And from the looks of it, everyone who handled it in that week in a half had just decided to try their hand at stunt driving.

It's a sad truth that sometimes even the person doing the playing didn't want to start the game.

Reddit | porkchopz-

For instance, take this person who needed gas, but forgot their wallet.

In a way, they're lucky that they even had $11 in quarters on them to do the job, but I doubt they feel lucky. And the cashier certainly won't.

That purple chocolate bar in the left photo is the only thing the uploader is trying to buy.

Reddit | cammonty1999

So yes, the woman buying enough to feed an army is the customer in front of them. I'm not sure even my fat self would want a chocolate bar that badly if it meant waiting for half the store's inventory to get scanned.

It's hard to tell who the player is here, but it's really unfair when the played person is in this vulnerable position.

Reddit | Me0Be0

We may think that we may never use this bathroom in a million years, but sometimes, we really do have to go that badly.

Some monster obviously wanted to make sure we never escape that awkward moment when someone walks into a stall that doesn't lock.

We have no reason to believe this trucker was doing anything wrong, but they were doomed before they started.

Reddit | fxsb83

Apparently, one paper company wanted to push their luck with how much they could load in at once and everybody lost big.

This doesn't seem like such a bad deal until you get to the till and realize how they got you.

Reddit | deathblow

It takes a close look, but you might notice that that there's a little "each" under that price.

That's right, the sign says "three for $2 each," which doesn't make any sense unless you speak evil.

We don't necessarily have to sympathize with the person being played to recognize how savagely it happened.

Reddit | theothertoken

It may be a little hard to tell, but this woman seemingly invited this guy out just to show him massive prints of his texts and make it painfully obvious that she knows he cheated on her.

He's just lucky that restaurant wasn't having a busy day.

This Airbnb played one nasty trick on anybody who came here expecting a view.

Reddit | point5_

Yup, it turns out that picturesque sunset was exactly that: just a picture. Granted, I suppose it's no great loss to discover you won't get a lovely view of...somebody's bike.

If we give Windows the power to update whenever it wants, it's guaranteed to find the perfect time to abuse that power.

Reddit | Crimpshrine27

For instance, this person had a conference call in 15 minutes, so they definitely didn't find that "this will take a while" message reassuring.

There are few things worse than realizing you're stuck in a two-player game where you're neither of the players.

Reddit | JD_RidesABike_ZA

Not only did somebody run a red light and clip this bike, but the insurance company said it's a write off because the new model can't use older parts and it would cost too much to repair.

This person had big plans for that bike, too.

When people are being played, the long game is often the worst one.

Reddit | ladyfair23

This person thought they found $100 in this vacuum cleaner and then managed their expectations when they realized they spent so much time digging out a $20 bill.

Unfortunately, they would soon drop to their knees and scream at the sky (at least, I assume they would) when they discovered it was one of those prank 20s that guarantees a fresh cup of spit in the food of anyone who uses it as a tip.

Well, at least this bottle rocket was fun for most of the people who showed up to this party.

Reddit | Restorer37

It may have seemed cool to do the honors of launching it at first, but it turns out that's just an invitation to play yourself.

To be fair, it seems likely that this girl didn't really play the guy so much as offer a little reminder.

Twitter | @scixpmas

"Ah yes, I can see it in my crystal ball now. We're going to be friends for life, emphasis on friends."

Something tells me she's not going to be as excited to put this on Instagram as she thinks.

Reddit | apu27

The only question is whether she's the type to see how it turned out as soon as she gets her phone back or whether this master troll will slip under the radar for the rest of the day.

It turns out that getting played in the ways we've seen today is a lot older than we think.

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Apparently, this postcard was put together in 1902 to convince people that they could catch gargantuan fish if they visited Arkansas.

It's amazing how much finessing they could do with just a fish and a model train.