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People Love This Woman's Live Tweets She Posted From Stranded Cruise Ship

These people went through a nightmare at sea, and one woman on Twitter kept people updated and delighted her audience.

People Love Cruises

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It's safe to say that cruises are popular vacations for a lot of people. The novelty, ​accessible travel, and the all-inclusive packages make them a very appealing option. I mean, who doesn't love all you can eat buffets and lounging by a pool?

A Nightmare Scenario

That is until the ocean decides that it doesn't want to play nice anymore. That happened to the Viking Sky, a cruise ship off the coast of Norway, this weekend. After losing power and the engines, 1,300 passengers and the crew were left waiting to be rescued by helicopters and smaller boats.

Basically, a nightmare for anyone who watched Kate let Leo sink to the bottom of the ocean in Titanic.

Making The Best Of It

However, one woman on board, Alexus Sheppard, documented the events on Twitter, with her videos of the rough seas and shifting interiors going viral on Twitter.

Posting Shocking Videos

She kept everyone following along with the evacuation up to date on all of the steps being made to keep everyone safe, tweeting about it until she lost battery power.

People Loved It

Her tweets got thousands of likes and retweets, so it's safe to say that people were engaged, entertained, and definitely rethinking their next vacation plans.

Sheppard even communicated with people over Twitter DM to give updates. Truly, she was the hero that the ship needed.

Maybe Rethink That Cruise You Booked

Luckily, this story has a happy ending and everyone was safely evacuated. Sheppard left her newfound fans with an encouraging update after the Viking Star ordeal came to an end:

Thank you EVERYONE for your love and support over these difficult two days. We’re now safely docked in Molda, Norway and have happily been fed and watered.