20 People Whose Humor Was Basically A Gift To The Rest Of Us

Ashley Hunte
A painting of a duck on a wall.
reddit | hot_controller

There are some people out there who can find the humor in any situation. They can turn a boring day into one full of joy and excitement, just by telling a few jokes.

The pics in this list show that exact kind of person. Seriously, what would the world be like if people like this didn't exist?

"My son turned 1 yesterday. This was the topper to his space themed cake. Left is what we ordered, right is what we got."

An image of a clay spaceman next to an image of the same character, but made poorly.
reddit | Drewlyn

I'm glad OP had enough of a sense of humor to think this was funny rather than get upset. And I'm sure the kid wouldn't' really notice that much.

"She said I needed to start experimenting with more kitchen tools. Today I started with the baking tray."

A muffin tin full of cans of beer.
reddit | organicsmatter

Well, that's one creative way to use a muffin tray. I guess she didn't specify OP had to use the kitchen tools the way you're supposed to.

"Why I have a beard."

A pie chart explaining reasons why a person has a beard. The largest part of the chart is dedicated to "Shaving is work and you know what, I don't like work."
reddit | matts41

You know what? I've always wondered why some men have beards, and now I know. Though, I do feel like maintaining a nice beard might be just as much work as shaving every day...

"Note to self: Don't open up corn flour bag like a bag of chips."

A man standing in a kitchen. Both he and the kitchen are covered in flour.
reddit | pat_gatt

A lesson learned the hard way, but one he'll probably never forget. And here I was thinking flour mishaps like this only happened in the movies.

The perfect crime...

An Amazon review for 200 mini plastic babies where the reviewer talks about how she hides them for her unimpressed boyfriend to find.
reddit | Federal-Product2767

I'm not gonna lie, as much as the boyfriend must be annoyed, I really appreciate Jennifer's commitment to the bit. The boyfriend is going to be living in fear of those tiny plastic babies for a long time, I fear.

"Thanks, Apple. I’ll let her know."

The screen of an Apple watch warning about loud noises. In the background, a screaming baby is visible.
reddit | Parelius

Oh man, if only you could just tell a baby to stop screaming and have that actually work. At least OP has a bit of a sense of humor about the joys of parenting.

"I didn't think I'd actually lose in a hide-and-seek game with my nephew... (told him to pose for a pic)."

Two feet sticking out of a coat on a hanger.
reddit | NOCHNOY_

Oh man, I bet that kid thinks he's so clever. And he would be right because that's a hilariously amazing hiding spot.

"Just found this on my windshield."

A red and yellow card that says, "Hello! You suck at parking."
reddit | wellthenmk

The person who puts these cards on people's windshields is fixing bad parking one laugh at a time. I really hope the people who get these don't take them too seriously (but also learn how to park better).

"Coworker put a price on a beer in the fridge, I decided to haggle the price down."

A can of beer in a fridge. A small cup of sunflower seeds sits next to it.
reddit | zeeboguy

Look, this is really entertaining. But I can't help but wonder what kind of workplace lets you bring in beer to share (or sell) with your coworkers.

"We need this. Pronto."

A kids restaurant menu where all the options are titled phrases like "I don't know," and "I'm not hungry."
reddit | Apprehensive_Ad3071

I feel like there are a lot of kids out there who would love a menu like this. Either that, or they'd just get even pickier and angrier with their dinner options. But hey, they still gotta eat.

"This sign at a Buc-ee’s."

A sign asking people to pick up after their dogs, including a message for the dogs that consists of barking.
reddit | NotJackDorsey

I love it when people print stuff like this on signs. Sure, dogs can't read or anything, but I'm sure they'd love to be included. It's a sign about dogs, after all.

"I wouldn’t want my life to be put in that pot."

A plant pot with "please don't die" written on it.
reddit | shaabitz1010

I feel like there are a lot of people out there (myself included) who could make good use out of that plant pot. It's just so hard to keep them alive!

"Asked my 10-year-old to do some draw draw with her toddler brother. This was the aftermath."

A plastic sheep standing on a drawing of a pentagram.
reddit | baxterrocky

Hey, OP never told the kid what not to draw. I'm sure she was just joking around, and isn't really trying some kind of satanic sacrifice.

"I called out of work yesterday. This was my PTO request in the office today."

A PTO request that includes the lyrics to the Disturbed song Down with the Sickness.
reddit | Jym_Jamz

I'm not gonna lie, I was confused at first. And then I looked at the description and realized that this clown is literally Down with the Sickness.

"Someone put this on a mosaic tile wall in my school."

A Shrek graphic that reads, "You look very Shrexy today," set on a single tile on a wall with marker drawing on it.
reddit | ProGamerNG14

Strangely funny, strangely wholesome, and also just strange. I'm not sure who needed to see this today, but I hope the rest of their day ends up being utterly Shrektacular.

"This is the last straw!"

A single straw sitting in a glass container with a metal lid.
reddit | markjack513

You know what? This person saw the opportunity, and they didn't let it pass them by. And for that, I have to applaud them. It really is the last straw, after all.

"Everyone kept hitting their heads as they walked down my stairs, so I hung a sign as a warning."

A painting of a duck on a wall above a staircase.
reddit | hot_controller

I mean, it's a pretty amazing sign. And now when somebody hits their heads, OP can be all like, "I told you to duck."

"This is the picture Amazon sent my BIL to say the packages were 'delivered to a family member directly.'"

An Amazon delivery photo showing two packages set on the ground next to a dog.
reddit | mayorofutopia

I mean, it's not wrong. And look at that doggo doing such a good job at keeping those packages safe!

"There’s a yard sale!"

A yard sale sign that reads, "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. There is a yard sale on Raymond Circle May 14th 8-1. Prepare to buy!"
reddit | SupermanRR1980

This has got to be the most inventive and hilarious sign for a yard sale I've ever seen! Too bad it already happened (and is nowhere near where I live) or else I'd really want to go...

"I canceled a call mid-presentation because my 9-year-old told me water was running all over her bathroom floor…"

Shoes with water bottles in them on the floor of a bathroom.
reddit | Mahhhbster27

That kid is going to grow up to be quite the comedian. Even if her parents don't appreciate her jokes at the time.