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People Have The Best Responses To This Photo Of A Model In A Weirdly Tight Shirt

They say any publicity is good publicity, though I'm not so sure that this clothing company set out to illicit such a wide range of responses from their audience.

The people of the internet love themselves some sexy lumberjack action, but they quickly realized that this particular ad is a little...different.

The clothing company Father & Sons posted the photo on their Facebook page.

Facebook | Father & Sons

The ad features model Shaun Rezaei sporting a piece from the company's new Super Slim Ultra Stretch Shirt collection.

The internet is having an absolute field day with this photo, but not for obvious reasons.

The shirt is...um...a little small.

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Did they build the shirt around him? Seriously, the buttons look like they're hanging on for dear life.

Super Slim is certainly one way to put it. I'm getting claustrophobic just by looking at this.

The responses have been nothing less than masterpieces.

Facebook | Father & Sons

Some of the best include:

"Does that shirt come in a spray can?"

"Do these come in adult sizes?"

"Shirt so tight it would prevent the hulk from transforming"

And they just get better and better.

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Another commenter came to her lumberjack prince's defense:

That man would be gorgeous in a burlap sack. They don't need to put him in a shirt with buttons that look like they're angry with him.

Don't lie—you sang the next part out loud.

Facebook | Father & Sons

As it turns out, Get that man a carb is Father & Sons' new slogan.

I'm kidding. Sort of.

Commenters even created their own narrative to make some sense of the odd situation.

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"His father got him this shirt when he was 5, 25 years ago!" one person writes, "He loves it so much and won't wear anything else!"

Ever tried to fit into your retro kid clothes as adults? Yeah, me too.

We've all got that child-size Winnie The Pooh turtle neck lurking at the back of storage somewhere, though I wouldn't suggest trying to wear it today. Maybe cut it up and make it into a purse?

Saturday Night Live should honestly start recruiting writers through Facebook comments.

Facebook | Father & Sons

Maybe he was a child when he started putting the shirt on? That would explain the size.

I don't think this model has exhaled since the shoot began.

One person asked the question we were all thinking...

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Do they sell clothes that fit?

The answer is: Kind of?

Father & Sons sells products other than their super ultra mega tiny weeny itsy bitsy extra strechy snuggly buggly that you can look at here , and even though they're still pretty form fitting, we have to admit that they look gooood.

I just feel like the model is uncomfortable? Does he know that there are bigger sizes?

Facebook | Father & Sons

Let's start a Go Fund Me to get this man a carb, a bigger shirt, and maybe like a mug of hot cocoa to help with his stress level.

This man showed us the reality of the tight shirt trend.

Facebook | Father & Sons

We can't help but relate.

What looks good on a beefcake model isn't necessarily going to look good on us.

Spill that truth tea!

A lot of Thor related jokes are being thrown around and...wait a second...

Marvel | Thor the Dark World

Forget the carbs and cocoa—someone get that man a hammer.

I'd be lying if I said that I thought Thor would win this fight. Look at this guys arms.

The photo even found its way onto Reddit, where the comments got even shadier.

"One good sneeze and he'll take out everyone in a ten foot radius" wrote @Iliketofindthe answers.

Another Redditer dubbed the size of the shirt an "XXXSmedium". Want to bet that Smedium is the coolest word you've heard all day?

Rezaei isn't just a model—he also owns his own fitness company.

Facebook | Father & Sons

Fiveo Life is a company that focuses on "inspiring people to live a healthier, happier, more energized life by minimizing unnecessary body fat and building solid muscle mass."

The Fiveo lifestyle involves striving to achieve below 5% body fat.

Instagram | @shaun_rez

"It is not a short term diet," he explains, "It is a long term lifestyle change".

The three main goals of the diet are as follows:

Lowering unnecessary body fat in the most effective and healthy way.

Building all natural, solid lean muscle mass.

Increasing daily energy, happiness and productivity.

As it turns out, his model counterparts at Father & Sons also wear tight shirts in the name of fashion.

Facebook | Father & Sons

Fitted shirts are their brand. The Super Slim Ultra Stretch Classic shirt is available on their website for $45.77.

Everyone's got their own style preferences.

Facebook | Father & Sons

Whether you prefer your clothes tight fitting, baggy, or just your size, there's something out there for everyone.

Though if you're going to go with a shirt like this, you might want to take some sewing lessons.