20 People Who Aren't Getting An Award For A Job Done Well

Ashley Hunte
Screws drilled into a metal sheet, missing a wooden support.
reddit | Xander395

It feels really nice to know you did something well (and it feels even better to be rewarded for your work). But I guess some people don't like the satisfaction of a job well done, or else you wouldn't see things like the pics in this list.

Seriously, who did these people think they were trying to fool? Because they ain't really fooling anyone.

"Has Soleil ever seen a pineapple?"

A pineapple flavored beverage with pictures of a strange looking fruit on the can.
reddit | beauxnasty

I don't know what those fruits are supposed to be, but they sure ain't pineapples. They almost look like kiwi wedges. Or... melon wedges. Maybe they're some kind of kiwi melon hybrid? Either way, not a pineapple.

"Volvo's new campaign has a scorched-earth policy."

A Volvo ad on a truck that reads, "We will leave nothing for future generations."
reddit | Ikbeneenpaard

I'm sure they meant that they were going to leave zero emissions so that future generations can live in a greener Earth. I'm pretty sure.

They could've worded it differently, though. Like, used phrasing that wasn't quite as menacing as how this seems.

"Need to get rid of those leaking scratches? Just put the bottle in front. Out of sight out of mind. Nailed it!"

A wood scratch repair kit where an image of the product covers the "after" section of the box.
reddit | IntelligentPudding24

You know, I would've had more respect if they just badly photoshopped the scratch out of there. Or badly photoshopped a scratch in there for the before picture.

"I didn't understand why I keep stumbling when going up, then I took a closer look at the stairs."

A set of stairs, where one step is taller than the rest.
reddit | FuriouslyChonky

There's a standard height for stair steps, you know. And, uh, they're all supposed to be the same height. Or else you end up with a tripping hazard like this one.

"Tiny Model for Green Screen Chroma Key Product Wears Green Blouse."

A woman in a green shirt sitting in front of a green screen.
reddit | ElMonstroDeCarne

Not wearing green when you're planning on being in front of a green screen is, like, one of the most basic things ever. How can you advertise a green screen while showing someone wearing green?

"It says America, with the US flag and the Statue of Liberty, but with the map of Mexico."

A map of Mexico on a folder with U.S decorations.
reddit | DragonHorse001

Okay, so maybe other continents around the world use America to describe all of the Americas. But this still seems pretty careless, like whoever made it doesn't actually know geography.

"This clean sink looks like it’s dirty."

A sink with a design that makes it look stained.
reddit | big_gloveguy

I'm convinced that this clean sink isn't actually clean, and this is all just a conspiracy to get out of cleaning it. "No, it isn't dirty, it just looks dirty." Talk about a bad design.

"Outside a local grocer's. Sidewalk is too narrow for my wheelchair to pass on either side of support."

The exterior of a grocery store that holds a cart corral.
reddit | crawlerz2468

This design could've been a lot more accessible if that cart corral was literally anywhere else and if there were more ramps. Like, don't most grocery stores have a spot inside where they keep carts?

I get what they were going for but it still makes no sense.

A sign that says "Parking @ rear," but the parking part is backwards and below the rear part.
reddit | PrezzyBell

I'm sure for most people this is good enough to get the point across, but that doesn't make it look any less stupid. And, uh, it looks pretty dang stupid. Like, what the heck is a "Rear @ Gnikrap?"

"Oh my, that’s terrifying."

A real estate sign featuring a picture of a woman that's strangely edited.
reddit | EpicTall_YT

It almost looks like they photoshopped that woman's actual face out of the picture, and then drew a new one on. Like, it's just edited so weirdly that it can't be real. It's definitely giving some uncanny valley vibes.

"My hotel room, in addition to providing curtains for a window, has provided curtains for a blank wall."

Sheer curtains in front of a window and wall.
reddit | arcedup

That seems like such an unnecessary waste of curtains. But at least there's also a blackout curtain that goes... along the entire wall, too...

"Good luck trying to get out."

A woman sitting in an airplane seat that has a leg rest underneath an elevated set of seats in front of her.
reddit | N00b22

Honestly, just looking at that is stressing me out. After a while, your legs would get so stiff, and it would be so hard to get them out of there. That's a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Ah, the art of bricklaying is alive and well.

Two people laying bricks on a wall. The brick are all wonky and uneven.
reddit | Ridiculousendings

Did you know that humans have been using bricks to make structures for thousands of years? Well, that means we've had countless generations to perfect the craft. And yet, these guys go and pull this kind of nonsense.

"Walking through Athens and spotted this beauty. Definitely getting my door mat 'prited' here. I’m sure they’ll nail the text."

A doormat that reads, "name priting [sic]."
reddit | Warnie_ate_the_pies

Name printing? Nah, I want name priting. What's the difference? I guess one is a bit more careful than the other.

Don't get chocolate and vanilla mixed up, now.

Two ice cream dispensers; one dispenses vanilla but is labeled as chocolate, and the other is labeled as chocolate but dispenses vanilla.
reddit | scientooligist

I mean, if you're just looking at what's coming out, you probably won't get mixed up. But I also feel like there are plenty of people who would get tripped up but the way those labels were misplaced.

"Was it so hard to get a dog?"

An image of a vet with a cat, accompanied by text talking about dog heartworm statistics in Michigan.
reddit | fplanellas

Somebody really said, "What picture should we use for our dog heartworm poster? Oh, this one of a vet with a cat should do!" I feel like I should be mad, but I can't stop laughing.

"Workers drywalled the temporary lighting on our job site."

A wire for a temporary light that's been fed through newly taped drywall.
reddit | TummyPuppy

If they did this, I wouldn't be surprised if they also "forgot" to cut out the holes for the light switches and outlets. They might have just not bothered marking them.

"I guess I can't park here."

A sign that reads, "No unortherised [sic] parking, the committee."
reddit | roblox_exploiter8

I think the funniest part about this sign is the fact that they failed so hard at spelling "Unauthorised" (which is correct with a Z or an S), but managed to get "committee" right on the first go. That's a way trickier word.

"How not to install a metal roof."

Two images showing screws drilled through metal sheets, directly next to a wooden support joist.
reddit | Xander395

You just know whoever did this really thought they did a good job. Instead, they did everything but secure that metal roof to its frame. I don't even think it'll take a big storm to tear that roof off.

"Non-slip strips where you don't step."

Slick stairs with non-stick strips attached to the wrong ends.
reddit | ahhhhhwut

I guess they were for decoration? Because they sure as heck ain't for keeping people from slipping. I mean, unless we've been walking on stairs wrong this whole time (and we're supposed to actually defy gravity instead).