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15 Parents Having A Very Bad Day

Being a parent is a full-time job. We are constantly trying to crisis manage our children, ourselves, our spouse—and also run an entire household. We cook, we clean, and many of us also have other jobs aside from running the home. There are those days that just sum all of our stresses up and showcase that parents are overwhelmed and drowning.


Parents Bad Day
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There's nothing that says "bad day" like seeing your child's legs coming out from your ceiling from the attic. It seems that they took the playing around a bit too far and now they need a contractor to come and fix this house!

Nothing to see here folks.

There's nothing worse than having your child tell you that they're seeing dead people. Some of our kids creep us out with the things they know and the things that they say about their "past lives" or the people they see. Maybe we don't need to sleep ever again.

Better invest in some white-out.

Parents Bad Days
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This mom didn't know that when she was ordering cards online, her cat happened to walk right across the top of her desk—and keyboard. That means, the inside of the card has a little cat message on all of the prints that she ordered. Oops!

The ultimate burn.

There is a time and a place for kids to interrupt you in the bathroom and for kids, that's anytime, anywhere. Kids don't know boundaries or personal space and sometimes, we truly do need some privacy. Like, when we have our periods. Yikes.

Happy Easter, kind of.

Parents Bad Days
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Due to Covid-19, this mom decided to ship everything Easter-related in the mail to her daughter to decorate with in her home. However, she didn't bubble wrap it all and everything arrived broken. Time for a hot glue gun, fast.

Always take the diapers out of the wash.

Parents Bad Days
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In case you ever wondered what would happen if you ran a diaper through the laundry—this is what it looks like. This dad said he spent "hours" trying to scrape the gell and goop out of the washing machine after realizing his grave error.

Broken computers are not the best.

Bad Days PArents
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In case you thought your day was bad, this dad accidentally ran over their son's computer bag with their car. And, the outcome was a completely cracked and shattered MacBook screen and computer that definitely does not turn on.

Mom-0, Stairs-1.

Parents Bad Days
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Mom wanted to bring the potato salad downstairs and the stairs decided it wanted the potato salad instead. This is an entire bowl of homemade potato salad totally done. Looks like the mayo is going to make it smell like woah.

That's a reputation no one wants to have.

There is one type of reputation that no one wants to have and that's the reputation of someone who has a drug problem. This mom had her 3-year-old tell everyone that her allergy medication happens to be her "special nose medicine" which leads them to believe the worst.

Toilet paper definitely belongs in the water.

Parents Bad Days
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This mom said on the height of the toilet paper shortage in the pandemic, her child decided that the toilet paper needed to get washed off and go for a swim in the bathtub. Bye-bye, toilet paper for good.

Can you be quiet for once?!?

We all want to get a good deal on everything, even if it means telling a little white lie. But, if we are going to lie about our kids, make sure that they are out of earshot before they ruin the entire thing altogether.

Note to self: put the car in park.

Parents Bad Day
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This dad is easily having the worst day ever when he discovered he forgot to put the parking on his truck, which, conveniently ended up right in the lake. That car is done. Yikes.

Talk about TMI.

Remote learning led our kids to spill and share our home life with dozens of their teachers and classmates online. Like, when this child decided to put their Zoom camera on while their mom was in the shower and then proceeded to tell everyone she was indeed, in the shower.

Nothing says "bad day" like spilled coffee.

Parents Bad Day
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We all need coffee to get through our day. Our morning coffee is what wakes us up and jumpstarts our day and gives us the energy to get up and get moving. When we spill out coffee, by our own doing, it's a nightmare.

That means, of course, he did.

If you ever want to know what your child did do, you should always listen to what they said that they definitely did not do. Kids will rat themselves out rather quickly if you pay attention closely and just listen.