Parents Love One Mom's Onesie Hack That Makes Life Easier

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Being a new mom can be very challenging and hard because many women feel they are kind of alone and on their own. Despite having friends and family helping, some new moms feel they are shooting from the hip, not having anything to look back on and use as a reference.

Fortunately, social media has created a village of new moms who share tips and tricks with other new moms, looking to help and support them in their journey of motherhood.

When having a newborn at home, changing can be a mess.

changing baby
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New moms all know that one of the biggest struggles with newborns is their bathroom habits and changing time. Having to get them in and out of clothing when they need to be changed can be a huge struggle—especially when you have to do it often.

While onesies are made for "easy access" sometimes, things are not so easy.

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Onesies are designed to be able to unstrap on the bottom so that parents can change a diaper without having to completely undress their baby. Of course, if only everything was that simple in life, right mom?

There are always the "blowouts" that we cannot get away from.

baby diaper
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Every baby has had a blowout in their life. You know—when they have a total diaper blowout and there is nothing but poop up their back and all over their clothing.

You want to change them, but you have no idea how to do it without getting their entire head and face smeared in poop.

Fortunately, one new mom found a way to get the job done.

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Mom Tellez Joanna on TikTok is a new mom who shares tons of tips, tricks, and advice on her profile page. Her videos follow her journey as a new mom and in her daily motherhood tasks, she has found some secrets we all need.

One video, that has now gone viral, showcases a way to change babies simply and easily.

Onesie baby hack
TikTok | TikTok l tellezjoanna

When putting your newborn in a onesie, you may notice the shoulders have little flaps on the two sides. I'm sure we've all wondered what they were for—because frankly, I have absolutely no idea what they were. I truthfully thought it was just a style choice.

The TikTok mom says it's instead for easy changing.

tiktok parenting video with the words "fold down flaps and pull down dirty onesie to avoid pulling over face"
TikTok | TikTok l tellezjoanna

The mom says you fold down the flaps over the shoulder so that the onesie simply slides off of your baby and you can get the onesie down from the top, rather than having to pull it over their head completely.

In the video, her baby is changed in less than 4 seconds.

tiktok parenting video with the words "fold down flaps and pull down dirty onesie to avoid pulling over face"
TikTok | TikTok l tellezjoanna

The mom folds both flaps over the sides and then wiggles both arms out of the sleeves. She then rolls the onesie down her baby's belly, sliding it off on the bottom. Now, no poop or anything will get on her baby's head. Genius!

People on TikTok were blown away.

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Just like me, people online were totally floored and shocked to see this. No one, and I mean no one, knew that this was possible.

"So, you mean this whole time I could’ve avoided getting it all over her and her face and arms and stuff," one TikTok user commented on the video.

Other moms said they had "some regrets."

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"So you’re telling me I didn’t have to cut her out of her onesie when she had her first blowout? I was not going to let it touch her head," shared another mom who was floored by this hack, clearly regretful over going through so many onesies.

Others shared they were on their 3rd or 4th child and this was news to them.

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Parents from all over were flooding the TikTok comments saying they have 2, 3, and even 4 kids and never knew onesie flaps were used for this—or, that you could use them for this. Many favorited the video to save and share with others, too.

While motherhood may seem tough, at least we're in it together!

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Motherhood, especially new motherhood, may seem crazy and chaotic, but at least there are other moms out here like Tellez Joanna who are sharing their secrets with us all. It takes a village, and sometimes, that village is other moms on TikTok!