10+ Movie Mistakes In 'Twilight' Nobody Noticed

The Twilight Saga seems to have more ironic fans than haters nowadays, so that's kinda nice.

That being said, the movies obviously aren't without flaws.

Aside from literally every second of all the movies, here are some of the mistakes made in Twilight. How many of these did you catch?

Schrodinger's Backpack

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Bella drops her bag when she and Edward are in the woods.

In a later shot, it has completely disappeared. Any ideas where it went?

Bella's Breathing Tubes

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Bella is hospitalized and has her breathing tubes over her eyes. A weird place for them if I'm honest.

And in a winder shot, they have managed to fall off onto her cheeks.

Upon Reflection

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Bella drives into Forks High and as she's parking, you can briefly see a boom mic reflected on the windshield.

Maybe there were some really dedicated theatre kids nearby.

Self-Cleaning Truck

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When Emmett leaves the baseball game, his jeep is covered in mud.

In the next shot, he's apparently gone through an invisible carwash.

Indecisive Cuff

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Again while in the hospital, Bella's medical equipment can't decide where they want to be.

Her blood pressure cuff disappears and reappears several times.

Fashion Fail

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Tyler compliments Bella's car on her first day at Forks High, and he's wearing a red hoodie.

A grey vest over the hoodie materializes and disappears again a few times.

Contacts Craze

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Bella has a flashback memory of Edward's eyes.

In the close-up, the color contacts he's wearing are visible if you know what to look for.


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When Edward and Billy drive past each other, some crew members are visible in Edward's window.

This reflection is barely a second long.

Spelling Bee

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Bella's research leads her to a page about "Apotamkin", but when she opens it the spelling is different.

Now it's "Apotampkin" for seemingly no reason.

Hospitals Mess Edward Up Too

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Edward falls asleep with his head leaning on one shoulder but in the very next shot, his head is leaning on his other shoulder.

Also, something weird is up with the windows behind him.

Alarming Armadillo

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Bella looks at Edward when she enters their biology class and the shelf behind him seems to be missing something.

When she sits down a few moments later, the armadillo appears.

Magic Hair

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After almost being crushed by a van, Bella's hair switches between being swept back and tucked inside her hood.

Maybe she's just really fast at adjusting her hair.

Edward's Double Stunting

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Edward has his sleeves rolled up when he and Bella are up in the tree.

But when stunt double was up there to take his place, he had his rolled down.

Loosen Up My Buttons, Babe

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During the scene where Edward tells Bella he's a vampire, some of you may have been distracted.

By Edward's buttons. The shoulder of his jacket starts off unbuttoned but is buttoned in the next shot.

Ouija Book

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Bella enters the classroom and the book on her desk is facing one way.

In the next shot, it's rotated by itself.